Friday, August 1, 2008

Aug 3, 2008
... is a previously unknown ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The predator dinosaur, given the working name “Dragon”, lived around 200 million years ago, ...

Ancestor of T-Rex dinosaur unearthed in Poland
Reuters UK, UK - Aug 2, 2008
By Gabriela Baczynska WARSAW (Reuters) - Palaeontologists digging in a brickyard in southern Poland have discovered the remains of a dinosaur they say is a ...
Tyrannosaurus ancestor discovered in Poland, United Kingdom - Aug 2, 2008
By Ben Herman Palaeontologists excavating in Southern Poland have discovered the remains of what they believe to be a previously unknown ancestor of the ...

Winnipeg Sun, Canada - 8 hours ago
The show this year involves the Beijing Olympics, but the pavilion's official theme is Dragon Seeds, which notes the spread of Chinese culture. ...

New Dragon Asia Corp. Reports Steady Growth in Second Quarter 2008
MarketWatch - Aug 4, 2008
Li Xia Wang, Chief Executive Officer of New Dragon Asia Corp. said, "Our revenue growth in the first six months of the year was driven by both our ..

A green light to attack the Red Dragon
Spiked, UK - 4 hours ago
It seems to have given a green light for attacks against the Red Dragon. No doubt, Western activists had in mind polite political boycotts or stirring ...

Bill Clinton: AIDS is "a very big dragon" but it can be slain, UK - 2 hours ago
"AIDS is a very big dragon," President Clinton said yesterday. "The mythological dragon was slain by St George, the original knight in shining armour, ...

Dear All;

Phil Berg the Congressional candidate for CD 8 - running against
Nancy Pelosi came across this excellent short 8 page description of
what's titled: " The Sad Road To Socialism " It's an excellent short
read and would be good as others pointed out for hand outs and so on
when you have a table at events and so on.

It may take a little time for the pdf to download and open up as the
server appears to be a little slow.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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The Mummy The Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor
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