Sunday, August 10, 2008

Georgian President Calls for U.S. Intervention & A New World Order

Is this World War 3 in the making? Will US attack Russia to protect it's precious oil pipeline that runs through Georgia? 1,000,000 million barrels of oil a day roll thru Georgia. That's US oil like the rest of the worlds oil and natural resources right?
Or how about this script taken from the Video Game 'Fuel of Wars'being played out for World Domination?
As supplies of oil and natural gas wane, diplomatic relationships between the East and West were strained, causing new alliances to be formed. The two major alliances in the Frontlines era are the Western Coalition, consisting of the United States and the European Union, and the Red Star Alliance (who launched a surprise attack on the Western Coalition in retaliation to proof of the Western Coalition launching a Coup d'état in oil rich Red Star country), made up of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. As the last oil fields start to go dry, the countries move to secure what resources are left, leading to several small outbreaks that turn quickly into full scale war.'

U.S. citizen, African American mercenary captured

In South Ossetia captured American mercenary

In South Ossetia captured Georgian group suicide, which is U.S. citizen, African American. It is reported "Osetinskoe radio."

The group arrested in the vicinity of the village of Zar, who is on the "road of life" - Zarskoy road.

It is anticipated that U.S. citizen - one of NATO instructors. At this time, he transferred to Vladikavkaz to ascertain all the circumstances of his stay in the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia.

As Rosbalt "previously South Ossetia in the Russian Federation Dmitry Medoev has already reported that among the corpses in Tskhinvali was found several bodies of black people who fought on the side of Georgia.

Operation Immediate Response begins in Country of Georgia

All U.S. trainers in Georgia accounted for

Operation Immediate Response begins in Country of Georgia
Story by Lance Cpl. Edward H. Currie VAZIANI TRAINING BASE, Georgia (July 12, 2008) – Marines are used to training in foreign climates, preparing themselves ...

2/25 Learns to Defeat IED Threat
Operation Iraqi Freedom and spent roughly 20 years in explosive ordinance disposal field. 3rd Platoon, Company D will attached to 2nd Battalion, 25th ...

3/25 Marines meet, greet the Georgian army
Story by Lance Cpl. Edward H. Currie VAZIANI TRAINING BASE, Georgia (July 13, 2008) – Marines are taught to deal with any situation, and the ...

Israel backs Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia

What if Israel and the U.S. were in the first stages of placing a Strategic Missile defense Shield in Georgia as like the one proposed for the NATO allies in Poland and Russia's uneasiness with a Reverse Cuba Missile Crisis?

Fearing a crisis with Moscow, Jerusalem officials said that Israeli defense ties with Georgia were scaled down months ago.

Israel's annual military dealings with Tbilisi are worth approximately $200 million a year, a defense source said, adding that this is dwarfed by Georgian purchases from other arms suppliers such as the United States.

While Israel previously sold Georgia some tactical missile systems, its more recent sales are exclusively defensive, the source said.

Putin's comments reflect Russia's longstanding anger over NATO expansion, U.S. support for the admission of Georgia and Ukraine to the alliance, and the Bush administration's plan to build missile defense facilities in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Israel 'has a hand in S. Ossetia war'
PRESS TV, Iran - 1 hour ago
According to the report, the Israeli advisors also helped Tbilisi with military intelligence and security operations. Georgia also purchased weapons, ...

US-Israeli Anti-Missile Programs to Be Fully Integrated by 2013

Russia expands bombing blitz in Georgia
Auburn Citizen, NY - 3 hours ago
Georgia said it has shot down 10 Russian planes, including four brought down Saturday, according to Lomaia. It also claimed to have captured two Russian ...
Video: Did mercenaries help Georgia? RussiaTodayall 9,409 news articles »

Report: Israel considers halt of arms sales to Georgia
Xinhua, China - 6 hours ago
JERUSALEM, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli foreign ministry has proposed to completely halt the arms sales to Georgia amid fears of Russian retaliation, ...
Israel plays down defense ties with Georgia
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - 8 hours ago
Israel is seeking to play down its defense exports to Georgia, which is battling Russia in a border war. As fighting intensified over the weekend in ...
Israel mulls halting arms shipments to Georgia: report
AFP - 11 hours ago
JERUSALEM (AFP) — The Israeli foreign ministry has recommended a complete halt to the sale of arms to Georgia for fear of spurring Russia to increase its ...
War in Georgia: The Israeli connection
Ynetnews, Israel - 11 hours ago
The fighting which broke out over the weekend between Russia and Georgia has brought Israel's intensive involvement in the region into the limelight. ...

Israel Has $1 Billion Invested in Georgia 10 Aug 2008 The Israeli-Georgia connection is estimated to be worth $1 billion, according to a former Georgian ambassador to Israel. The Jewish state and private investors have provided military assistance and advisors to Georgia, where pipelines pump oil destined for Israel. A new pipeline is being built to bypass Russian territory. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Israeli companies in Georgia have begun evacuating their staff and that Israeli tourists are leaving for home.

Peacekeepers say Georgian forces shelling apartments in S.Ossetia 10 Aug 2008 Russian peacekeepers in Georgia's breakaway republic of South Ossetia said on Sunday that Georgian forces remain in the region, and are shelling apartment blocks in the capital. Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili earlier said Georgian forces had fully withdrawn from the separatist province.

Reports: Russia sinks Georgian ship trying to attack Russian navy ships 10 Aug 2008 Russian news agencies say the Defense Ministry claims to have sunk a Georgian missile boat that was trying to attack Russian navy ships in the Black Sea. The Defense Ministry refused to comment on the Sunday reports to The Associated Press and Georgian officials could not immediately be reached. If confirmed, the incident could mark a serious escalation of the fighting that has raged between Russia and Georgia over the separatist Georgian province of South Ossetia.

U.S.: Russia trying to topple Georgian government [Kinda like the US toppling the Iraqi and Afghan governments?] 10 Aug 2008 The United States on Sunday accused Russia of trying to overthrow the government of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, where Russian troops have been battling Georgian forces over the breakaway territory of South Ossetia. At an emergency session of the United Nations' Security Council, the U.S. alleged Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili "must go."

Georgia sends troops from Iraq to South Ossetia 10 Aug 2008 Half of Georgia’s 2,000 troops in Iraq plan to leave the country by Monday to join the fight against separatists in the breakaway province of South Ossetia, with the rest following as soon as possible, their commander said. The US military said the sudden departure of the soldiers would impact operations in the short-term.

RIA Novosti hit by cyber attacks as conflict with Georgia rages 10 Aug 2008 RIA Novosti news agency's website was disabled for several hours on Sunday by a series of hacker attacks, as the conflict between Russia and Georgia over breakaway South Ossetia continued for a third day. Websites in both Russia and Georgia have been hit by cyber attacks since Georgia launched a major ground and air offensive to seize control of South Ossetia on Friday.

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