Monday, August 18, 2008

Bigfoot Body Revealed to Be Halloween Costume
FOXNews - 3 hours ago
15: A guy in an ape costume outside the Bigfoot press conference in Palo Alto, Calif. The excitement over a supposed Bigfoot body that built all last week, ...
Surprise, surprise: Bigfoot story a hoax
The Discovery of Bigfoot’s Body - Just a Money Making Scheme eFluxMedia
Bigfoot finding a hoax? Say it ain’t so! It is so, though CrunchGear
Investigation Discovery - The Criminal Report Daily - Gainesville Times
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DNA Test Shows "Bigfoot" A Hoax. One Sample is 96% Oposssum, Germany - 9 hours ago
The results of one of two DNA Samples provided to test the supposed 'bigfoot'which was found in Georgia, proved that the creature in the freezer is 96% ...

BigFoot Does Exist According To Georgia Bigfoot Hunters
CMR, TX - 2 hours ago
Last Friday the two men along with Thomas Biscardi, a known Bigfoot hoaxer, held a pres conference where they alleged to have proof that bigfoot exists. ...
Bigfoot Believers Not Convinced First Coast News
Two Men Allegedly Kill Bigfoot WFMY News 2
Pair Stumbled Upon Bigfoot Or Bigbusiness? eFluxMedia - Fresh News
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The Age
Unseen Bigfoot corpse more likely a big fat lie
Xinhua, China - Aug 16, 2008
17 -- A hairy corpse crammed in a Georgia freezer is Bigfoot, two men who have been tracking the legendary creature have claimed. Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer ...
Bigfoot, or another big hoax? San Jose Mercury News
Little evidence of Bigfoot Sydney Morning Herald
Olympic Swimming Champion Michael Phelps Demands Bigfoot Investigation Unconfirmed Sources (satire)
CNET News - Broken Newz (satire)
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Don't judge Bigfoot by hoaxes: Expert, Canada - 2 hours ago
EDMONTON - Bigfoot may not have been found in the Georgia woods and stuffed in a freezer, but that doesn't mean the real creature isn't roaming the wilds, ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Bigfoot Returns!
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 20 hours ago
Yesterday's post on Bigfoot generated a lot of interest among readers so Film Hound will provide a link to the story with the latest breaking news: ...
Bush's legacy Buzzworthy
Doggie Chronicles Radio Interview! Seattle Post Intelligencer
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What Price Beauty: Bigfoot's Big Bill
MainStreet, NY - 5 hours ago
At least that's what a pair of Bigfoot hunters, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, revealed last week when they claimed to have found and dragged the body of a ...

Spiegel Online
McCain Selects Bigfoot to be Running Mate In Surprise Move
Unconfirmed Sources (satire) - 17 hours ago
While on the podium with rival Barack Obama McCain announced that Bigfoot would be his running mate. Bigfoot then joined the two men onstage for a rousing ...
Video: Obama, McCain Woo Evangelicals CBS
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Putting our best Bigfoot forward on Monday
Toledo Blade, OH - 5 hours ago
THE BIG GUY: The whole Bigfoot press conference turned out to be a bit of a let down so lets's look back at our favorite Bigfoot parodies and celebrate the ...
Bigfoot "discovery" looks to be a hoax - 1 hour ago
A much-hyped press conference claiming to present evidence of the existence of Bigfoot offered little in the way of proof but a lot of shameless ...
Awesome Or Off-Putting: Some Guys Have Bigfoot In A Freezer
hecklerspray, Los Angeles - 3 hours ago
Well, they found Bigfoot’s body, and it’s currently being kept in a freezer. The long question of whether the thing exists or not is finally answered. ...

Times of the Internet
Bigfoot Underground Railroad - The Secret Society Of Heroes Who ...
Times of the Internet, Ohio - 6 hours ago
by Alan Henderson in science Recent Bigfoot discovery in Georgia calls for radical action says leader of secret group. This is the second in our series of ...

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