Saturday, July 5, 2008

Did you see the mysterious SoCal fireball?

Mystery fireball flares over SoCal
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Jul 2, 2008
AP SANTA BERNARDINO, Calif.—A mysterious fireball has lit up the sky in San Bernardino County. Tom Barnes, a county fire dispatch supervisor, ...
Mystery fireball streaks across sky
Los Angeles Times, CA - Jul 2, 2008
Witnesses across Southern California say they saw an object 'moving very fast across the northern sky' and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains. ...
Ball of fire seen in California sky
United Press International - Jul 2, 2008
RIVERSIDE, Calif., July 2 (UPI) -- A ball of fire seen streaking across the sky was reported by at least a dozen rural Southern California residents. ...
Ball of Fire Streaks Across Southern California Skies
KESQ, CA - Jul 1, 2008
A fiery object in the sky is still a mystery. San Bernardino County Fire Department has received dozens of phone calls about a ball of fire that streaked ...
Fireball seen over San Bernardino County
Desert Dispatch, CA - Jul 1, 2008
By Beatriz E. Valenzuela, staff writer What's being described as, "A fireball in the sky," was seen as far away as the state line to Temecula and spotted ...
11:11 am: Fireball reported over the mountains near Big Bear Lake
San Bernardino Sun, CA - Jul 1, 2008
A fireball in the sky seen as far away as the state line and Temecula was spotted somewhere around the San Bernardino Mountains this morning. ...
Mystery fireball seen streaking across sky in S California
Xinhua, China - Jul 2, 2008
LOS ANGELES, July 2 (Xinhua) -- A mystery fireball was seen streaking across the sky over Southern California, The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday. ...

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