Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lincoln, England - the New Jerusalem ?

notice the pentagram as the eye?

Discoveries during the Crusades intimate that the Knights Templar were the missing link in a chain of transmission of secret architectural knowledge and that they were greatly instrumental in the specific design and building of certain Europena Gothic Cathedrals to exemplify the principles of Sacred Geometry, a resonance with divine harmony in the numerical construct of design, stone decorations being astrological in nature with hermetical symbology abound.

At Lincoln Cathedral there is even reason to believe that the magnificent Rose Window is actually a 'Star Clock' - an atlas of the Northern constellations, numerous symbology within the Cathedral apparently drawing attention to the Dog Star, Sirius. At the scene of The Last Supper, at the Great East Window, instead of there being a cup or bread upon Christ's platter, we see a dog!

Dog on the platter, Great East Window, Lincoln Cathedral

An aerial view of the Cathedral shows it to be in the shape of the Cross of Lorraine, the original insignia employed by the Templars as a device. A Code in the Cathedral dubbed 'The Lincoln Da Vinci Code' now reveals links with the global mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, complete with a precise location within the Cathedral grounds that may well contain the famed and historical lost treasure of the Templars, thought to have legendary Grail connections.

Lincoln Cathedral sacred geometry

The Cross of Lorraine

Only a few miles away from this location is the puzzling place name and small village of Jerusalem. Not surprisingly, there is no other place name like it in Britain, and Lincolnshire's local libraries, Council archaeologists and even the Internet are at a loss of information to explain why it should be so named! ( A person tracing their ancestors confirmed its existence at least as far back as 1436). One possible explanation is that it has something to do with Jewish settlers, as Lincoln was in fact home to one of the most important Jewish communities in England, being well established before noted in 1154, until their ignominous expulsion in 1290.


It is believed that even the Catherdal was at one point in monetary debt to their money lenders,

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