Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Vendetta TV": Ron Paul joins the Revolution March on D.C. Raw Footage 7/12/08

The Ron Paul Revolution continues..

Today from back stage you can get a feel of the energy the Bell of Liberty makes when Ron Paul rings it.

In the age of Today, the “Main Stream Media” has lost its way, for they have allowed big corporations and Governments to control and regulate the way in which they supply their news reports to the people. This is wrong! And it should not be tolerated!

This is the first exclusive media video coverage release, backstage footage at todays Ron Paul Revolution March just recorded live just moments ago in Washington D.C.

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I will continue to educate everyone who wishes to understand how to take back America, one step at a time, and if we must, I will educate one person at a time. i will never stop educating.

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