Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DECODING THE PAST: The Templar Code Part 1, The Crusade for Secrecy...

For nearly two centuries, the Knights Templar were the most powerful order in the Medieval world, a fearsome and unstoppable Crusader militia. Then came accusations of unspeakable crimes.

Who were the Templars, really? How did they become so powerful, so fast, and why did they fall just as quickly?

Evidence hints that the Templars excavated under Jerusalem's Temple of Solomon. What did they find there? Was it, as The Da Vinci Code suggests, the true identity of the holy grail, the bloodline of Christ? Or an unimaginable treasure, documented in the Dead Sea Scrolls, buried a thousand years before the birth of Christ?

This hour explores where the Templars came from, how they lived, trained, fought and became a Medieval world power, and the suspicious circumstances behind their sudden downfall.

DECODING THE PAST: The Templar Code Part 2, The Quest for Templar Treasure

They were called The Militia of Christ; God's special forces. But the Medieval Knights Templar were also brilliant capitalists, traders, and bankers creating a hierchy still followed by today's multi-national super-powers.

Then, in 1307, their leaders were accused of high crimes; arrested; imprisoned and burned. But the order's ships, gold and records all disappeared. What happened to the surviving Templars and the Templar treasure, both sacred and earthly, that they were said to possess?

Did they, as some say, hide gold in Nova Scotia, conceal secrets at Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel or even use their riches to establish the Swiss banking system? This episode reveals why these warriors, dead for seven centuries, and their treasure still populate hollywood blockbusters like National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code.

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