Monday, July 7, 2008

July 05, 2008 10:00 AM EST

By Stephan Andrew Brodhead

Is Barack Hussein Obama Bisexual?

Just after retired General Wesley Clark states that John McCain's service wasn't good enough, we have this going on about Barack Hussein Obama. Wesley I think you played the wrong hand!

Quickly, even in the most severe Hanoi Hilton environment, John McCain never engaged in the type of activities that Barack Hussein Obama has allegedly engaged in. He has led by example and has dignity, and self respect.. If these allegations are true, Obama is a degernerate of the worst order and we cannot let our children look up to him.

Then again this could just be a Republican hoax!

Ross Perrot bailed out Bill Clinton in 2000 by stating something to the affect that 'Bill Clintons pot smoking was done at an early age, and therefore was forgivable'. I do not think Ross would bail out a 36 year oldhomo crack addict with a family. I certainly will not.!

Well, one would think the next Democratic president as they evolve when compared toour last democratic president would be a pot smoking, draft dodging ,lyer, that never inhaledand has engaged in extramarital homosexual affairs. Severalcomplete steps in the evolution of the Democratic president have been bypassed.Are we now considering a crack pipe smoking, non draft dodging, lyer, that inhaled, and has engaged in extramarital homosexual affairs? I am having a hard time adjusting. I was conditioned by the liberal media to feel a pot smoker, cocaine addict, non-veteran, sweet talker, that is dedicated to his family was sorta ok. Now I am confused, for I wasnt prepared for the crack part andhomosexual limousine sex! If this allegation is true, how is his wife going to feel about Barack being attracted to white gay men?Will she finally be proud of being an American because he was on the receiving end?

Clinton shook his finger at the American peopleand stated " I am only going to say this one time, I did not have sexual relations with that woman,,,, Monica lewinsky!" Will Barack Hussein Obama play the "it all depends on what the meaning of is,,,is?"Will it be "I did not havesexual relationswhile on crack with that man,,,, Mr. Sinclair?" Will he shake his finger at us? Is this liberalism at its finest?

It was reprehensible when Hillary stood by Bill just so she could be a New York Senator, and later run for the White house, but this obliterates the limit. But then again ,DC re-elected Mayor Marion Barry even if he had a crack problem.

Barack Hussein Obama allegedly doing crack and getting oral sex from a white man in 1999 is quite interesting.Mr. Sinclair did pass a PolyGraph test . I suggest Barack Obama take a polygraph test. At 36 years old, he was not a young man.

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