Saturday, July 12, 2008

ABC News
Is That Iranian Missile Photo a Fake?
Scientific American - Jul 10, 2008
If you haven't heard by now, newspapers and blogs are reporting that a photo of an Iranian missile test yesterday was digitally manipulated. ...
On The Smoky Trail Of A Faked Missile Photo NPR
Making Your Nation Scarier With Photoshop... Almost PC Magazine
Iranian regime has altered an image of a missile test to ... (press release)
Christian Science Monitor - Chicago Tribune
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Weighing a strike on Iran
Ottawa Citizen, Canada - 6 hours ago
Curiously enough, one feels a little better about the Iranian nuclear threat after reviewing accounts of their missile tests this week. ...

Senior Iranian Ayatollah: Our missiles neither threat nor fake
Ha'aretz, Israel - Jul 11, 2008
Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guards test-fired during the last three days several medium- and long-range missiles, including the Shahab-3 missile which ...
US: Iran should be "embarrassed" over missile photo flap Monsters and
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Russia: Iran’s Rockets Show US Anti-Missile Shield Unnecessary
eFluxMedia - Jul 11, 2008
Emami-Kashani underlined that Iran, unlike the United States and Israel, is conducting the military maneuvers within its own territory and its missile tests ...

Gizmodo Australia
Use Photoshop to Give Iran Even More Fake Technological Advancements
Gizmodo Australia, Australia - Jul 10, 2008
So I told you this morning about how Iran made its missile test photos look more impressive by adding another missile using the magic of Photoshop. ...

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