Friday, June 27, 2008

ABC News
Bush wants to take North Korea off terror list
USA Today - Jun 26, 2008
President Bush says North Korea has turned over a statement that describes its nuclear programs since 1986. In response, Bush says he's lifting some ...
US removes N. Korea from terrorism blacklist Globe and Mail

State of Play: North Korea Removed From Terror List The Washington Independent
Boston Globe - (satire)
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The Associated Press
Rpt-UPDATE 1-US to take North Korea off terror list
Reuters UK, UK - Jun 26, 2008
... welcomed a North Korean statement on its nuclear activities and said it would act to remove North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. ...
Video: Bush Eases N. Korea Sanctions CBS
Bush to lift N Korea sanctions The Press Association

Slim trade impact seen in US move on N.Korea sanctions
Monsters and - (press release)
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The Associated Press
NKorea may come off US terror list soon: White House
AFP - Jun 25, 2008
WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House said Wednesday that it could move to take North Korea off a terrorism blacklist "quite soon" after -- and if -- the North ...
Bush to Take North Korea off Terror Sponsor List
Japan plays down North Korea worries Reuters UK
Japan to Strive to Resolve North Korean Abductions Before Delisting RedOrbit
International Herald Tribune - USA Today
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Voice of America
Removing North Korea from the Terrorism List Stirs Opposition
Counterterrorism Blog, NJ - 3 hours ago
North Korea, which is in terribly economic condition is keen to get off the terrorism list because formal designation by the Secretary of State as a state ...
Video: McCain: US Should Be Cautious on North KoreaAssociatedPres
Obama: US should maintain sanctions on North Korea AFP
North Korea: What Now? Christian Broadcasting Network
New York Times Blogs - Los Angeles Daily News
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The Associated Press
Bush moves to take N.Korea off terrorism blacklist
The Associated Press - 18 hours ago
In the next 45 days — the congressionally mandated waiting period for removing North Korea from the terrorism list — the six negotiating partners will agree ...

North Korea destroys nuclear reactor tower

Bangkok Post, Thailand - 3 hours ago
Seoul (dpa) - North Korea on Friday blew up the cooling tower at its Yongbyon nuclear plant in a move toward dismantling its nuclear programme in exchange ...

North Korea blows up nuclear facility, United Kingdom - 3 hours ago
By Richard Spencer in Beijing North Korea has blown up the cooling tower of the nuclear reactor that provided the plutonium for its first atomic weapons ...
North Korea blows up reactor cooling tower
Independent, UK - 3 hours ago
North Korea toppled the cooling tower at its plutonium-producing reactor today in a symbolic move to show its commitment to a disarmament deal that comes a ...
North Korea Blasts Cooling Tower at Yongbyon Nuclear Plant
Bloomberg - 4 hours ago
By Heejin Koo and Viola Gienger June 27 (Bloomberg) -- North Korea destroyed part of its Yongbyon nuclear plant where it processed weapons-grade plutonium ...
North Korea 'destroys nuclear tower'
Times Online, UK - 4 hours ago
North Korea toppled the cooling tower at its Yongbyon nuclear plant today, in a dramatic display which the secretive regime hoped would show its commitment ...
North Korea destroys reactor tower
Los Angeles Times, CA - 5 hours ago
Destruction of the cooling tower comes less than a day after Bush removes Pyongyang from the State Department list of terror sponsors. ...
ANALYSIS-North Korea to reap benefits from South as ties thaw
Reuters - 5 hours ago
By Jack Kim SEOUL, June 27 (Reuters) - North Korea's disclosure of its nuclear activities could mark a breakthrough in potentially lucrative exchanges with ...
North Korea destroys a highly visible tower at a nuclear facility
CNN - 5 hours ago
PYONGYANG, North Korea (CNN) -- North Korea Friday destroyed a water cooling tower at a facility where officials acknowledge they extracted plutonium to ...
Yongbyon reactor blown up: S Korea TV
ABC Online, Australia - 6 hours ago
By North Asia correspondent Shane McLeod South Korean television is reporting that North Korea has destroyed the cooling tower at its now defunct nuclear ...
AP Top News at 4:52 am EDT
The Associated Press - 6 hours ago
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A South Korean news report says that North Korea has destroyed the nuclear reactor tower at its main atomic facility. ...
North Korea destroys nuclear reactor tower, says report
Hindu, India - 6 hours ago
SEOUL, South Korea (AP): North Korea destroyed the most visible symbol of its nuclear weapons programme Friday, according to a news report, in a sign of its ...
NKorea blows up cooling tower at nuke plant: SKorean TV
AFP - 6 hours ago
SEOUL (AFP) — North Korea Friday blew up the cooling tower at its Yongbyon nuclear reactor, according to South Korea's MBC TV. The TV station, which sent ...
Bush to ease trade sanctions on North Korea
Toronto Star, Canada - 7 hours ago
North Korea, one of the world's most secretive countries, moved a step closer to the international fold yesterday by handing in an overdue account of its ...
North Korea off US terrorist list
Vancouver Sun, Canada - 7 hours ago
WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush announced Thursday the United States would lift some trade sanctions on North Korea and remove the communist nation ...
N Korea reactor tower 'destroyed', Qatar - 7 hours ago
North Korea has reportedly demolished a 20m tall cooling tower at its main Yongbyon nuclear reactor, in a dramatic public show of its commitment to and a ...

Could nuclear warheads go off 'like popcorn'?
New Scientist (subscription), UK - Jun 25, 2008
YOU might think nuclear weapons have been carefully designed not to go off by accident. Yet more than 1700 of them have design flaws that could conceivably ...

Faulty UK nukes may go off like popcorn: Report
Times of India, India - 17 hours ago
LONDON: A design defect in UK's nuclear weapons could cause warheads to detonate one after another in a chain reaction if they were accidentally dropped, ...

Nukes to go off ‘like popcorn’
Calcutta Telegraph, India - 16 hours ago
London, June 26: A design flaw in Britain’s nuclear arsenal means that warheads could set off a chain reaction “like popcorn” if they were accidentally ...

Reuters UK, UK - Jun 26, 2008
LONDON (Reuters) - The United States has withdrawn its nuclear weapons from Britain after more than 50 years, a watchdog said in a report on Thursday. ..

US withdraws nuclear bombs from Britain: report
AFP - 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States has removed its nuclear arsenal in Britain, ending its half-century deployment there and reducing its European nuclear ...
Steve Andreasen: With nuclear weapons, a lot can go wrong
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - 15 hours ago
Recent foul-ups raise the questions: How secure are tactical weapons in Europe? And do they really need to be there? By STEVE ANDREASEN President Merkin ...
US nuclear weapons 'leave British soil at last' after half a ...
Scotsman, United Kingdom - 16 hours ago
By Emily Pykett PEACE campaigners last night welcomed reports that the United States has withdrawn all its nuclear weapons from Britain after more than 50 ...
Last US nuclear weapons ‘withdrawn from UK’
Times Online, UK - 19 hours ago
Lakenheath The last remaining American nuclear weapons based on British territory have been withdrawn, according to a study by scientists in the United ...
Anti-nuclear movement can achieve change, UK - Jun 26, 2008
Have you ever felt that protest is a waste of time, that "they" don't listen, and that you may as well go shopping or do DIY instead? ...
Has US slipped nuclear bombs out of Britain?
Reuters UK, UK - Jun 26, 2008
It was once one of the most contentious issues in Europe, inspiring mass demonstrations, “peace camps” and a movement that shaped the politics of a ...
America removes nuclear weapons from Britain after 50 years, United Kingdom - Jun 26, 2008
By Damien McElroy America has removed the last of its nuclear weapons stockpile from the United Kingdom, a US scientific report has said. ...
US withdraws nuclear weapons from Britain: report
Reuters - Jun 26, 2008
By Peter Graff LONDON (Reuters) - The United States has quietly withdrawn its last nuclear weapons from Britain after more than half a century, ...

US removes its nuclear arms from Britain, UK - Jun 26, 2008
The US has removed its nuclear weapons from Britain, ending a contentious presence spanning more than half a century, a report will say today. ...
US says its nuclear arsenal in Europe is poorly guarded, UK - Jun 25, 2008
Most American bases in Europe where nuclear weapons are stored have inadequate security, a secret internal US air force review has found. ...
World Briefing | Europe Germany: Calls to Remove US Arms
New York Times, United States - Jun 23, 2008
By JUDY DEMPSEY Social Democrats, who share in Germany’s governing coalition, and opposition parties called on the United States to remove all nuclear ...
German Opp says US nuclear bombs must go
Daily Times, Pakistan - Jun 23, 2008
BERLIN: German opposition politicians have demanded that US nuclear bombs be removed from the country after a US Air Force report cast doubt over the safety ...
US report shows gaps in European nuclear security
Reuters - Jun 23, 2008
By David Morgan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A US Air Force study saying most European military sites equipped with US nuclear weapons fail to meet Pentagon ...
US report shows gaps in European nuclear security
Reuters - Jun 23, 2008
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Most European military sites equipped with US nuclear weapons fail to meet Pentagon security requirements, according to a US Air ...
German parties press US to withdraw nuclear arms
International Herald Tribune, France - Jun 23, 2008
By Judy Dempsey BERLIN: Germany's Social Democrats, who share in the governing coalition, and opposition parties are calling on the United States to remove ...
Security of US nuclear arms in Europe is not our problem: NATO
AFP - Jun 23, 2008
BRUSSELS (AFP) — The security of US nuclear arms deployed in Europe is a matter for Washington and the host nation, not for NATO, an alliance official said ...
Security lacking at nuclear weapons sites in Europe: US report
AFP - Jun 21, 2008
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Most European air force bases that house US nuclear bombs are failing to meet security requirements to protect the weapons, according to ...
Report: European nuclear facilities need security upgrades
The Associated Press - Jun 21, 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nuclear sites in Europe controlled by the Air Force need upgrades to meet Defense Department security requirements, according to an ...
European Nuclear Weapons Sites Lack Security, Says US Report
Deutsche Welle, Germany - Jun 21, 2008
A US Air Force investigation concluded that "most sites" used for deploying nuclear weapons in Europe lack the US Department of Defense's minimum security ...
AF Leadership Leaves in Historic Shake-Up
Patriot, SD - 15 hours ago
By Robert Burns AP Military Writer Thursday, June 26, 2008 Washington — In an extraordinary shake-up, the Air Force’s top uniformed and civilian officials ...
Last American nuclear bombs leave Britain after half a century of ...
Daily Mail, UK - 18 hours ago
By Matthew Hickley America has withdrawn the last of its nuclear weapons from military bases in Britain, it was claimed yesterday. ...

NWO Gestapo clash with protesters blocking US Beef Imports, SEOUL TURNS INTO A WAR ZONE!
Face-off in Seoul as US beef ban is lifted
China Daily, China - 20 hours ago
But the face-off between the protesters and the riot police is unlikely to end, as hundreds of trade union activists tried to block the move. ...
Video: Raw Video: US Beef Sparks Protests in Seoul AssociatedPress
SKorea pushes for distribution of US beef amid protests AFP

Tensions reignite over restart of US beef imports People's Daily Online
The Associated Press - Xinhua
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