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- check out the symbolism and details

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Here's the site for the merger of the North and South American Unions - started in 1994.
(remember- we've been kept completely in the dark about this for 14 years)
- check out the symbolism

There's that Compass & Square
and the one below is New Age
below the two rings 'Bind them'
Click on the map - which brings up the new constitution, and look at the top symbol.
There's that Compass & Square
Here's where they determine the date of celebration of the new "Independance Day"
144.4 Criteria for Date of Independence (Independence Day)

A Criteria exists upon which the Date of Independence shall be decided based on Americas Union achieving true Independence. In order for the Americas Union to achieve true Independence, the body must be sufficiently well formed and have reached certain Critical Mass.

Critical Mass of self-sustaining existence is achieved upon reaching the membership number of light (1,440,000) representing the total number of Living Person Members.
lists "other Unions"
47.1 Other Unions

This constitution recognize the existence and authority of other Unions, themselves based in common form to this Constitution and to the propositions of UN reform as defined within these articles.

This constitution reocgnizes (five) other legitimate Unions, namely:





There are also plans for religion - called "One Faith of God"
One giant business entity, called "One Corp"
...a new language made of symbols and shapes called "UCADIA"

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