Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Black Copters' buzzing Denver

'Routine' activity part of training for war on terror
Tillie Fong, Rocky Mountain News

Bakersfield Now
Checkpoints stoke frustration among flood victims
The Associated Press - Jun 16, 2008
That's what happened Monday when officers pulled Blazek out of his pickup after he tried to run a checkpoint. When he allegedly bumped an Iowa state trooper ...
Video: Iowa's Cedar River Receding, but Woes Remain AssociatedPress
Cleanup Begins for Flood Victims Wall Street Journal
Siouxland lends a hand to flood victims Sioux City Journal
Los Angeles Times -
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“Strike teams” invade Iowa flood victims’ homes
Homeland Stupidity, DC - 4 hours ago
Oscar Sanchez/US Air Force) Police officers manning these checkpoints are still keeping people out, even though floodwaters are receding. ...
In Midwest Floods, a Threat to Crops New York Times
Swollen river swamps college town in Iowa Detroit Free Press
U. of Iowa campus devastated by record floods Newsday
Minneapolis Star Tribune
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Earthtimes (press release)
Southeast Iowa shores up as floodwaters roll south, IA - Jun 17, 2008
Instead of lining up residents at neighborhood checkpoints allowing them into their homes family by family, police will barricade flooded areas. ...
Iowa Reels From Flooding; Prices Rise on Damaged Crops NewsHour
Midwest flood woes head south Los Angeles Times
Flooding stalls bridge travel between Iowa, Ill. The Associated Press
AlterNet - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
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Man arrested after trying to drive around security checkpoint in ...
KGAN, IA - Jun 16, 2008
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) -- Cedar Rapids police have arrested a man accused of trying to drive around a security checkpoint in the flooded city. ...



'Speculation about what the city is buying has run rampant.'
Denver stocks up on weapons to fight DNC protesters --
City orders guns that fire special plastic balls --Denver received $50 million federal grant for security
17 Jun 2008 Denver police are stocking up on guns that fire a pepper spray-like substance instead of bullets in advance of the Democratic National Convention [Aug. 25 to 28]. The department recently ordered 88 Mark IV launchers and projectiles at a cost "in the low six figures," the company that makes the weapons stated in a news release Monday. The request was for delivery in advance of the DNC, according to Louisville- based Security With Advanced Technology Inc. But the city has refused to disclose how it is spending the money, prompting the American Civil Liberties Union last month to file a civil lawsuit. The court filing alleges the city is violating the Colorado Open Records Act... Some organizers of protest groups believe police are buying extended-range Tasers and weapons that incapacitate people with high-intensity sound.

Denver: Military commandos, SWAT train for terror in 'realistic urban environment'
--'Routine' activity part of training for 'war on terror'
17 Jun 2008 Those mysterious black helicopters buzzing Denver last night weren't just your paranoid imagination. Several military choppers flew low around downtown and Coors Field during the Colorado Rockies game Monday night and the show isn't over. U.S. military Special Operations commandos will be conducting the airborne training with Denver police SWAT teams and firefighters from early afternoon until 11 p.m. through Friday night. It's the end of a two-week joint exercise between special ops troops and police and fire to prepare for a terrorism threat in a "realistic urban environment," said Lt. Steve Ruh, a spokesman for the U.S. Special Operations Command, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

'It's like a SWAT raid over there.' Military, police choppers conduct security exercise
16 Jun 2008 A half dozen military and law enforcement helicopters buzzed above the Pepsi Center Monday night in a drill to train for the Democratic National Convention in August, Denver police said. Maneuvers over downtown were coordinated by the U.S. Department of Justice, but authorities would not release details of the training.

'Random' searches of passengers on Metrolink
--Metrolink: Searches not in response to any threats made against trains
13 Jun 2008 Random [Yeah, right!] searches of passengers and their belongings will begin next week on Metrolink commuter trains, the agency announced Thursday. Sheriff's deputies will be setting up random screening stations at random times. "Access to the station platform will be restricted; passengers must pass through the checkpoint [!] to gain access to the station platform," stated the flier. The release goes on to say that some passengers will be selected from those lines and have their baggage searched. Anyone who refuses to be searched won't be allowed to get on the train.

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students
--Buses fitted with global positioning system (GPS) devices 16 Jun 2008 A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags. The Middletown School District, in partnership with MAP Information Technology Corp., has launched a pilot program to implant RFID chips into the schoolbags of 80 children at the Aquidneck School. Each chip would be programmed with a student identification number, and would be read by an external device installed in one of two school buses.

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