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Let the NWO Land Grabbing begin................
Money for buyouts is being provided by the Environmental Protection Agency to relocate residents because of lead contamination and other issues ...



FEMA developing proposals to buy homes
Reporter-Times, IN - 3 hours ago
FEMA is considering buyouts of 28 homes in the 100-year flood plain that will be destroyed, Mayor Phil Deckard said Wednesday. Combined with the homes INDOT ...
Plans set for new US 24 bridge Journal and Courier
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Cedar Rapids: It's 'premature' to talk about buyouts
Gazette Online, IA - 15 hours ago
It may take months for a state and the affected communities to submit (a plan to FEMA) and agree to buyout proposals." In the past buyouts in Iowa, FEMA has ...
Troopers' force in flood victim's arrest called proper
Lessons From Another Flooded Town KCRG
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Branson Daily News
City Council gets a FEMA briefing
Mason City Globe Gazette, IA - Jun 18, 2008
... a “town hall meeting” some time next week that would include a FEMA representative and that would cover a wide range of flood topics, including buyouts. ...
Fort Kent flood recovery making headway Bangor Daily News
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Some say FEMA's flood maps are inaccurate
USA Today - Jun 18, 2008
Colorado homeowners are among those who are now paying big money for mandatory flood insurance, despite accusations that some of FEMA's flood plain maps are ...
Move Gays Mills to higher ground? Town meeting shows support for idea
The Capital Times, WI - Jun 18, 2008
Numerous questions were directed at FEMA and Wisconsin Emergency Management representatives Tuesday, seeking to understand what the realities of a buyout ...

Monsters and
Small towns suffer big losses as rivers rise
The Associated Press - 3 hours ago
Parts of town are under several feet of water, though government buyouts after the 1993 flood left only a few scattered homes and businesses in the flood ...
Small towns suffer big losses as rivers rise Los Angeles Times
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Centerfield addition to be FEMA focus
Reporter-Times, IN - Jun 17, 2008
Homes that are determined to be 50 percent or more damaged may be selected by FEMA for buyouts and homes that are at least 40 percent will be reevaluated, ...
Spending approved to elevate residence
Press-Register -, AL - 11 hours ago
Rutens said FEMA officials are now settling the final details of a grant application to buy the home for its pre-flood value, with the federal government ...
Tornado's second wind
Tulsa World, OK - 14 hours ago
... Williams' buyout offer is more than he could have expected from his insurance company or from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA has handed ...
CEDAR HILL: Flood buyouts to proceed
Jefferson County Journal, MO - May 31, 2008
Lyons is one of about 30 people along the Meramec and Big rivers who will participate in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) buyout program. ...

Buyout process moves ahead for residents hit by floods
Post-Bulletin, MN - Jun 3, 2008
So far in Elba, only one full buyout has been approved, Wheeler said, however there's potential for a total of eight buyouts through FEMA, he said. ...
A Town That Looked at Leaving the Floodplain but Stayed On
New York Times, United States - Jun 16, 2008
Mayor Ochs, a Council member at the time, said he was disappointed that FEMA had not given more people the option of elevating their houses, an action that ...
Expedite buyouts
The Mississippi Press -, MS - Jun 5, 2008
Once a buyout occurs, the property becomes public and is to remain open land, according to FEMA. The county can convert the land to recreational parks, ...
Hurricane awareness expo today and Friday The Mississippi Press -
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All money, little help from FEMA, Leyens says
Vicksburg Post, MS - May 23, 2008
Buyouts are offered as a 95-5 ratio, which means the federal government will pay up to 75 percent of the fair market value with the state pitching in 20 ...
FEMA checks coming, but flood victims on hold
Vicksburg Post, MS - May 21, 2008
"We're kind of in a freeze, waiting to see what the city and county are going to do with the buyouts before we start spending a lot of money. ...
Fenton looks for grant assistance to buy flood-prone properties
North County Journal, MO - Jun 13, 2008
Fenton Mayor Dennis Hancock said the cost benefit analysis and budget to carry out any buyouts "was in the works." "We do it so the emergency management ...
Columbus Junction residents wait, and worry, IA - Jun 10, 2008
... to the heart of the town in the flood of 1993. Those homes that were damaged extensively by floodwaters were removed with FEMA buyouts and destroyed.
Tornado damage prompts questions in Picher buyout
Joplin Globe, MO - May 27, 2008
Money for buyouts is being provided by the Environmental Protection Agency to relocate Picher residents because of lead contamination and other issues ...

HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control

Video: HAARP: Geophysical Warfare
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Jun 1, 2008
by CBC Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre for ...

Defense Dept. Contracts for June 13, 2008: $470 Million to ...
All American Patriots (press release), Sweden - Jun 16, 2008
This contract is a follow on effort to contract N00014-02-C-0463 operations and maintenance services of the HAARP Research Station, Gakona, Alaska, ...

Intelligent Manipulation Of The Sun?

Why would someone do this to the Sun? Perhaps these are signature waveforms or tests of weather manipulation. Modifying the solar output will easily ...

The Sun is “Dead”—What Does it Mean for Earth?

Closing in on Extrasolar Earths - 6 hours ago
... star — a star similar to our Sun. Earlier, the irregular beat of a pulsar revealed the cindered remains of planets orbiting the corpse of a dead star. ...


Pole Shift & Pole Reversal in 2012

As Bible mentions the Earth starts rotating again 3 days after the shift with total darkness after the asteroid called Wormwood hits the Earth.
So remember that the earth goes through this shift every 12,500 years.
The last Pole Shifts were during Atlantis and Noah.

HAARP, Chemtrails and Earthquakes – Any connection?
American Chronicle, CA - Jun 16, 2008
There has been a lot of speculation on the internet recently about whether HAARP is in some way connected to the recent earthquake in China (and possibly ...

Beware 'climatic warfare'
Legalbrief (subscription), South Africa - Jun 3, 2008
... of weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare, enabling the US to disrupt and dominate entire regions. ...

The Military's Mystery Machine
Popular Science, NY - 12 hours ago
The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, has been called a missile-defense tool and a mind-control device. ...

Earthquake Lights, High Energy Research and the Aurora Borealis
Nation Builder, CO - Jun 3, 2008
Finally Holes in Heaven, a documentary, explains how the Alaska HAARP project can induce earthquakes by high energy research beamed into the ionosphere.

Are electromagnetic fields harmful to health? - Recent scientific ...
Environmental Expert (press release), Spain - Jun 16, 2008
From mobile phones and computer screens to vacuum cleaners and power lines, electromagnetic fields are an inescapable part of daily life. ...

Electromagnetic emission measurement services offered by EMC Services
Ferret, Australia - Jun 12, 2008
High levels of electro magnetic radiation in the human body lead to adverse health effects. Thus it is highly essential to protect both the environment as ...

Electromagnetic disasters
Comanche County Chronicle, OK - Jun 16, 2008
(HAARP) which involves such developments. As recently as the 1980s the American scientist who drew up this program, received a patent on a method and a ...

A Discussion With Jerry E. Smith
American Chronicle, CA - Jun 16, 2008
SMITH: I will give two talks: one on HAARP, Weather Warfare and Chemtrails; and one on the Holy Lance. RNN: Will you be in Roswell this year too? ...

Product: Report of Solar-Geophysical Activity
Space Ref (press release) - Jun 17, 2008
Geophysical Activity Summary 15/2100Z to 16/2100Z: The geomagnetic field was quiet to unsettled. The increase in activity is due to a coronal hole high ...

major breakthrough in forecasting quakes
Sify, India - Jun 6, 2008
The ionosphere is distinguished from other layers of Earth’s atmosphere because it is electrically charged through exposure to solar radiation. ...
Earthquake prediction breakthrough close: NASA ABC Online
Earthquake predictions foreseen by NASA Radio New Zealand
NASA Scientists Explore Earthquake Prediction System findingDulcinea
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Ionospheric Interference With GPS Signals
Slashdot - Jun 11, 2008
But the American Geophysical Union warns us that we can't always trust our GPS gadgets because 'electrical activity in the... ionosphere can tamper with ...
Space Weather: Interfering With The Global Positioning System Science Daily (press release)
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GPS Inaccurate During Space Storms - 18 hours ago
It is now known that space weather -- specifically electrical disturbances in our planet's ionosphere -- can throw off the accuracy of GPS units appreciably ...

Gordon Michael Scallion | Earth Changes | Future Maps of the U.S., North America and the World


O'Neill Uses Snowplow On Hail
--8 inches of hail falls in Nebraska 19 Jun 2008
Holt County snowplows were out Tuesday night clearing 8 inches of hail that fell during a storm. Near O'Neill, pea- to marble-sized hail piled up on one stretch of roadway. In Atkinson, there were reports of baseball-sized hail that broke out windows at the town's airport.

This is horrifying, and so obvious that there can be no doubt, from anyone, that this is not meant for a specific purpose, and this is NOT a natural contrail residue or anything of that nature.


- May 30“There is powerful evidence that the GREAT FLOOD 1993 was the result of secret, joint weather-engineering conducted by the Russian and U.S. Governments. ...

Report Says Severe Weather to Increase as Earth Warms

Washington Post - 6 hours ago
By Juliet Eilperin As humans emit more greenhouse gases, North America is likely to experience more droughts and excessive heat even as intense downpours and hurricanes increase, according to a report issued today by the US Climate Change Science ...
Scientists: Weather extremes consistent with global warming USA Today
Federal Report: Warming = More Harmful Climate Extremes New York Times
ABC News - The Associated Press - - Bloomberg
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China Battles Floods; Most Rain in Century Hits South

Flood waters threaten millions in China, quake refugees evacuated

China rushes to fix dams, 9,000 sq miles flooded

China told to brace for more floods

Flood waters threaten millions in China, quake refugees evacuated

Farming Causes Floods
Washington Post, United States - 3 hours ago
The floods that are devastating Midwestern communities and that threaten St. Louis have been blamed on a 500-year storm. Joel Achenbach, who once wrote a ...
Major Floods, No Context Yahoo! News
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Midwest floods to raise meat prices
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 2 hours ago
Kramer, the La Porte City meat processor, was philosophical about the impact of the floods. ‘‘The market will find its parity. You have to live with it. ...
Corn hits record highs on US floods Sydney Morning Herald
Ethanol + Floods = More Pain at the Pump
Corn, Soybeans Trade Close to Records After US Midwest Floods Bloomberg
Voice of America - The Associated Press
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Earthtimes (press release)
Iowa-Like Floods to Increase With Global Warming (Update1)
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
Today's report didn't specifically mention the Iowa floods. Karl, when asked about Iowa, said, ``Those types of events will increase in frequency as time ...
Climate Change Fueling Extreme Weather Events, Government Study Finds Business Wire (press release)
Report Says Severe Weather to Increase as Earth Warms Washington Post
Scientists: Weather extremes consistent with global warming USA Today
Rocky Mountain News - Daily Green
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Branson Daily News
Gov. Doyle: Announces three more counties added to disaster ..., WI - 53 minutes ago
MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared a state of disaster for Fond du Lac, ...
Five more Wisconsin counties declared disaster areas Brownfield
Disaster declaration could come in days Janesville Gazette
More counties added to disaster list, railroads hit hard New Richmond News - Continuity Central (press release)
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Iowa delegation secures $2.65 billion in federal disaster funding
Gazette Online, IA - 6 hours ago
This $2.65 billion will be distributed between the following federal accounts: FEMA, the Army Corp of Engineers, SBA Disaster Loans, and Agricultural ...
Local trio helping in disaster Lancaster Eagle Gazette
Economy, Reputation May Be Hindering Donations to Disaster Relief Fund ABC News
Reginald T. Dogan: Red Cross needs financial help to use for ... Pensacola News Journal
Press-Enterprise - WKRC TV Cincinnati
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worst agricultural disaster in state history
Indianapolis Star, United States - 2 hours ago
AP INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana's agriculture director says this month's flooding likely caused the worst agriculture disaster in state history. ...

Edgar County declared disaster area
WTHI, IN - 53 minutes ago
EDGAR COUTNY, Ill (WTHI) - Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich declared Edgar County a state disaster area due to flooding. That means those residents are now ...

Monsters and
Midwest disaster
People's Weekly World - 3 hours ago
Having to pick up the pieces of his own life hasn’t deterred him from thinking about how the disaster he confronts is connected to other issues, ...
Video: More Rain Forecast for Flood Weary Iowa
Gov. Blagojevich declares Knox and Madison counties state disaster ... Polish News
Your Name Your Email Address Recipient's Email Address Newsweek
WJBC News - The South African Star
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US Sen. Grassley: Another Set of Counties Added to Disaster ... (press release), IA - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON—Senator Chuck Grassley today said that President George Bush has amended his May 28 Disaster Declaration to include additional counties for ...
Flood notes Burlington Hawk Eye
US Sens. Harkin & Grassley: Urge President To Speed Up 83 Iowa ... (press release)
Gov. Culver: Calls On Federal Government To Assist Iowans In Flood ... (press release) (press release)
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