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A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation's links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies.
This film exposes NASA's secret space programme controlled by senior
Occultists. We analyse UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials.

Featuring DAVID ICKE, JAIME MAUSSAN, MARCUS ALLEN, VALERY UVAROV and CHRIS EVERARD - for the first time all on one film.

Hip Hop Chronicles describes SECRET SPACE as 'A jaw-dropping exposure of how the American Illuminati families seek to dominate planet Earth by
controlling Space ...the most important film about alien contact and the
control of humankind ever made. Astounding footage..."

SECRET SPACE takes you deep inside the dark occult world of NAZI Germany, where Jews and ex-French Resistance fighters were used as slave labour to develop rocket-based weapons such as the V2 and the V1 'Doodlebug' - the forerunner of today's 'Cruise' missile.

We explain how ex-SS Nazis were brought to America by the CIA under 'Project Paperclip' and given senior posts at NASA. We also see how NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasedena was set-up by Jack Parsons - a rocket engineer who was a disciple of Aleister Crowley. From the late 1940s onwards, an unholy alliance of O.T.O devotees, NAZIs and senior 33rd degree Freemasons dupe the American taxpayer of billions of dollars and fake several moon missions in order to further their work on secret 'black budget' operations - a series of secret space programmes designing space vehicles and weapons systems to thwart attacks by alien craft... For the first time on film we see the 'Baby Shuttle' - a small space shuttle which fits inside the payload of the existing space shuttle and is then released into outer space for covert operations.

...It sounds incredible - but SECRET SPACE contains a wealth of documents,
photos and footage which proves that all this and more has come to pass.

SECRET SPACE exposes the fact that nearly all the first American astronauts into space were high ranking 32 and 33rd degree Freemasons. And that the brother of one of the Apollo Mission managers was appointed Sovereign Grand Commander of all Freemasons in America as a 'thankyou' for engineering the fake Apollo moonshots of 1969.

By using rocket technology invented by arch occultist, Jack Parsons, NASA
supremo Werner Von Braun and his team of ex-NAZIs began filming the many UFOs which Astronauts reported during their early spaceflights. They named the NASA space craft after Gods of mythology and even named the 'Titan' rocket after their mentor Aleister Crowley. We expose NASA's biggest secret - that the existence of alien craft has been known about since the early 1950s and that Nikola Tesla's 'Death Ray' patents are being developed into space-based weapon systems in order to shoot down invading alien craft - just as reported by senior Pentagon officer, Colonel Philip Corso in his book 'The Day After Roswell'.

We examine the evidence presented in Corso's book "The Day After Roswell" and compare this with the latest UFO footage filmed by NASA astronuats aboard the Space Shuttle.

SECRET SPACE contains dozens of UFO clips and photos never before seen - including rare World War II footage of man-made 'flying saucer' type craft
invented by the NAZIs using designs which were 'skryed' from the psychic ether by members of the occult Thule Society.

SECRET SPACE is a feature length documentary which is fast-paced and full of suprising footage - including a segment showing no less than six
Illuminati-Freemasonic handshakes being exchanged between NASA personnel at Mission Control.

SECRET SPACE brings together authors and researchers who are the experts in their own fields of study - we get first hand testimony from Russia's VALERY UVAROV about aliens 'scanning' abducted humans in order to find a bio-chemical/psychic 'key'. We also investigate the recent discovery of an ancient mechanism found in the Siberian forests which seems to be able to vapourize comets and astral bodies which may collide with planet Earth.

JAIME MAUSSAN speaks authoratively on the 'secret government', MJ12 group and recent UFO footage filmed in the USA and South America.

MARCUS ALLEN is the editor of the UK edition of NEXUS MAGAZINE and has become recognised as one of the leading authorities on analysing official Apollo images supposedly taken on the lunar surface. Marcus shows us how giant models and studio sets were built by NASA in order to dupe billions of dollars from the American taxpayer - in staging fake moon expeditions and using this as a propaganda weapon in the 'Cold' war.

SECRET SPACE features extensive interviews with two British authors,DAVID ICKE and CHRIS EVERARD. We present analysis of the most recent video recordings of UFOs made aboard the space shuttle and proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that not only are NASA astronauts actively filming UFOs almost on a daily basis, but that some kind of laser weapon (caught on camera) is being used against these alien vehicles!

MODERN ASTRONOMER magazine said "...This is on the face of it all too much to comprehend - but this film logically and chronologically traverses several decades of space and UFO research, fusing together the different strands with an absolutely mind-boggling expose of how Aleister Crowley's 'right hand man' used occult magic in order to develop rocket technologies which are still used by NASA to this day. Even if only 1% of all this amazing information is true, Mankind is in big trouble! Viewing this film will totally alter your attitude towards NASA and the Extraterrestrial phenomenon".

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SUMMARY: NAZIs, the CIA and Project Paperclip Slave Labour Used by Werner Von Braun Rocket Factory Man Made Flying Saucers of World War II - Hitler's Secret Weapons Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley & the JATO Rocket Systems Occult Names For The Space Shuttles How NASA Faked the Apollo Moon Landing Photos UFOs in America Today MJ12 & The Manhattan Project - The Secret Government 33rd Degree Luciferians Control NASA The Masonic Flag on the Moon Lunar Surface Claimed Under Territorial Rule of World International Freemasonry Aggressive Aliens - Why We Never Returned To The Moon Astronauts and the Aliens Space Serpents and Creatures in the Upper Atmosphere Anomalous Craft Filmed Near the Russian MIR Space Station Spherical UFOs Over the World The Siberian Alien Installation Alien Abductions in Russia Harvesting Technology from the Roswell Wreckage The Star Wars SDI Deployments and NASA's Nuclear Nightmare more!

Message from the Director, CHRIS EVERARD:

My last film, called THE ILLUMINATI, required me to investigate a global fascist dictatorship - a dictatorship with occult aspirations to create a permanent state of fear and war on planet Earth. I exposed the fact that the Bush family are currently 'stage managing' the 'New World Order' on behalf of the Illuminati network of secret societies... and had rigged the 2000 & 2004 Presidential Elections in order to take control of the armed forces and use NASA's space technology to fulfill their fascist, occult ambitions... Bosnia, Afghanistan and the illegal occupation of Iraq are military operations which are being controlled from space using communication satellites, infra-red reconnaisance satelites and even space-based lasers.

The US Government has set up 'Space Command' inside Cheyenne Mountain and are using space technology to cultivate panic and destruction on the face of planet Earth... Like his father before him, George W Bush has put the weaponisation of space clearly on the agenda. The STAR WARS weapons programme is still continuing, even though the 'cold' war with Russia has ended. In 1998, someone smuggled over 100 hours of video footage of UFOs from the European Space Agency to me - all this material had been filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard various space shuttle missions.

Then, more footage arrived anonymously in 2003 which had been recorded via a downlink interceptor dish in someone's back yard. In order to analyze the footage with some authority, I enrolled on a course of Astronomy and studied at the world famous Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Analysis of this UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts aboard the space shuttle revealed that there were literally hundreds of UFOs entering and leaving the Earth's atmosphere almost on a daily basis. In fact, the audio soundtrack of these UFO clips show the astronauts discussing the anomalous objects. Not only that, but one can clearly see lasers, or some kind of Nikola Tesla-inspired 'Death Ray' being used against the amadas of UFOs.

NASA obviously has some big secrets - not least of which is to explain why some of the Apollo Moon Landing photos are faked, and also why ex-German SS NAZIs and Freemasons were in charge of NASA's space programme. Once you see the evidence I present here,

I am sure you will agree that The People are being hoodwinked - just as the Pentagon's Colonel Philip Corso confirmed in his book 'The Day After Roswell'. My film shows beyond all shadow of doubt that not only are there strange 'Space Serpents' and UFOs out there - but that the American Illuminati families have begun a SECRET SPACE WAR with them.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy watching SECRET SPACE. May God bless us and protect us.

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