Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brentwood mom finds snake sleeping in crib with baby
Newsday, NY - Jun 10, 2008
Abatemarco's uncle Charlie Vecchiarelli eventually pried the hissing snake from Isabella's crib with a back-scratcher and placed it in a bucket, ...

Mom finds snake coiled on baby's leg in crib
The Associated Press - Jun 10, 2008
Abatemarco says she lifted her daughter and the snake fell off. A relative removed the snake from the crib and placed it in a bucket until animal control ...
Video: Snakes Coils Around Baby in Crib AssociatedPressSnake Found Wrapped Around Baby In Crib Local6.com
Snake Found Coiled Around Baby's Leg In Crib CBS 2
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The Week Daily
Checking the crib, political protestors
The Week Daily - 10 hours ago
... the crib, after a New York mother went in to see why her 7-month-old daughter was crying at 1 am and found a snake wrapped around the baby’s leg. ...

Crib Surprise: Snake Wrapped Around Baby's Leg
Gothamist, NY - Jun 10, 2008
How a California King snake wound up in a Long Island Island baby's crib is up debate. But what is known is that the 7-month-old whose leg had the snake ...
Mother Finds California Kings Snake in Baby’s Crib
TransWorldNews (press release), GA - Jun 10, 2008
Cari Abatemarco says she found a California King Snake curled around her 7-month-old daughter’s leg as she lay in her crib. Abatemarco said she was visiting ...
Mother Wakes to Find Snake in Daughter's Crib
FOXNews - Jun 10, 2008
The mother told Newsday that she lifted her daughter out of the crib and the snake fell off. Her uncle then used a back-scratcher to lift the hissing snake ...

HOT TOPICS 6.11.08 - Snake in a Crib, Harry Potter Prequel, HBO ...
Gather.com, MA - Jun 11, 2008
A Long Island, New York family is recovering from the scare of their lives after discovering a California King Snake inside their baby's crib! ...
Mom Finds Snake Coiled Around Her Baby
WTVW, IN - Jun 10, 2008
She says the foot-long snake just fell off her baby's leg when she went to grab the infant from the crib. Her cousin grabbed the snake and held it until ...
World Sunflashes
Toronto Sun, Canada - Jun 12, 2008
BRENTWOOD, NY -- A woman who awoke to her baby's cries was shocked to find a snake in the crib wrapped around her 7-month-old daughter's leg. ...

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