Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sauniere`s Secret - Treasure by Torchlight

Jun 24, 2008 ... When Ben Hammott first fought his way through the overgrown brush to find the hidden cave entrance, he saw to his dismay that someone had ...

Sauniere`s Clues - The Pointing Angels
UFODigest, Canada - Jun 12, 2008
He would later say that his sharp eye was the reason that Sauniere the priest had become so wealthy. The glass vial now lies with the first century cup, ...

"The Sauniere Mystery Continues - A Message in a Bottle"
UFODigest, Canada - May 29, 2008
Archaeologists have brought to light messages from the Abbe Beranger Sauniere and a new Templar tomb. The messages consist of a letter from Sauniere buried ...

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