Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alien Army
A SHAKEN soldier told last night how he saw THIRTEEN UFOs spinning in the skies above his military barracks

The Sun

The Sun, UK - 29 minutes ago
BONNIE Lewis is walking her dog last Friday night when these objects — see pic, above — appear in the sky overhead. The 29-year-old, who is out with ...

June 24, 1947: They Came From ... Outer Space?
Wired News - Jun 23, 2008
It's the first widely reported UFO sighting in the United States, and, thanks to Arnold's description of what he saw, leads the press to coin the term ...

Britain faces calls for UFO inquiry, Ireland - 5 hours ago
The British ministry of defence today faced calls to launch an official inquiry into a series of UFO sightings, including one filmed by a soldier on night ...

Wedding lanterns may have sparked Welsh UFO alert, United Kingdom - 1 hour ago
By Richard Savill Special glowing lanterns released into the night sky at a wedding may have been mistaken for a UFO by police officers in a helicopter. ...

Cardiff Airport UFO's Seemingly Explained
Compare-Airport-Parking, UK - 6 hours ago
Recently Compare Airport Parking reported on a UFO sighting near Cardiff Airport involving a police helicopter spotting an unusual object in the sky. ...

Air Force closes the book on UFO reports

U.S. Government Will NEVER Admit To An Alien Presence

Hello, and welcome back to The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - just a week or so until the new clock setting is revealed for July. But, today's post is about you - and your votes in the UDCC's webpoll. First, as you can see - an amazing 411 of you voted - thanks so much for doing so.

As you can read, the Poll asked an open ended question - kind of a fill in the blank - specifically, this question `The US Government Will Admit An Alien Presence ____' - and - then you were provided with answers - this year (2008); 2009-2010, 2011-2020, this century, or, never. And, as you can see by the title of this post - a plurality (the most common answer) of you said NEVER (30%). Surprised?

Air Force News, news from Iraq - Air Force Times, VA - 9 hours ago
For years, people had wondered if US government, and specifically, the Air Force had hidden secrets of a UFO crash in New Mexico. ...
'Taken' with sci-fi series
London Free Press, Canada - Jun 21, 2008
The setting then switches to Roswell, NM, where a real-life incident in 1947 became the starting point for almost all subsequent UFO speculation. ...

US embarrassed that UFO hacker could easily access military computers, UK - Jun 17, 2008
... John Reid to extradite him to the US to face charges that he illegally accessed 73000 US government computers, including the US Army, Navy and NASA. ...
Pentagon hacker in the hands of the Lord(s) Inquirer
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