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Business Wire (press release), CA - Jun 23, 2008
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled US Department of Homeland Security Markets Budget Analysis analyzes current trends and historical spending and ...

Former Homeland Security Director is Open to VP Run
ToTheCenter.com, NY - Jun 23, 2008
Former Pennsylvania governor and Homeland Security director Tom Ridge recently told “Fox News Sunday” that he would be open to the idea of running as John ...

House passes homeland security measures
FCW.com, VA - Jun 20, 2008
By Ben Bain The House has passed a series of homeland security measures that focus on airport security and enhancing the redress system for travelers who ...
Missouri to build interface for REAL ID FCW.com
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Universal Detection Technology to Submit an Operational Requirements Document on Recommendation of the Department of Homeland Security ...
CNNMoney.com - 2 hours ago
By submitting an ORD, a company becomes eligible to apply for a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security through the SECURE Program to develop ...OTC:UDTT

Inside Bush's Billion-Dollar Immigration Gulag
AlterNet, CA - 15 hours ago
ICE has created a multi-billion dollar industry for holding immigrants deemed "removable" by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ...
COLUMN: Workplace Law: Fed contractors get e-orders The Salinas Californian
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DHS gives $80M to improve identification security
Bizjournals.com, NC - 22 hours ago
The US Department of Homeland Security awarded $80 million in grants to help states improve the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and ...

Implant Sciences Gets Contract Extension from Department of Homeland Security...
Trading Markets (press release), CA - Jun 22, 2008
... for the homeland security market and related industries, announced $500000 in follow on funding from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ...IMX

Family Security Matters
Verification Hub a Smart Move for DHS REAL ID Grants
Family Security Matters, NJ - 6 hours ago
The DHS announcement today awarding REAL ID grants is a positive step in meeting the recommendation of the 9-11 Commission to make identification documents ...

Houston Chronicle, United States - Jun 19, 2008
By DOUG SIMPSON AP Writer © 2008 AP BATON ROUGE, La. — The first truckload of $85 million in federal relief supplies, lost in a bureaucratic hole for months ...
FEMA waste
Lawrence Journal World, KS - Jun 19, 2008
A recent CNN investigation revealed that FEMA gave away $85 million in relief goods meant for Hurricane Katrina victims. These supplies sat in warehouses ...
Relief supplies that never made it to New Orleans could soon be ...
WBXH, LA - Jun 19, 2008
By Tyana Williams BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - $85 million in federal relief supplies never made it to Louisiana. Silverware, pots, pans, and linens meant to ...
Truckload of "lost" relief supplies arrives in La.
KVIA, TX - Jun 19, 2008
AP - June 19, 2008 1:55 PM ET BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - About $85 million worth of unused hurricane relief supplies sitting in a Texas warehouse have finally ...
Truckload of "lost" relief supplies arrives in La.
WDAM-TV, MS - Jun 19, 2008
AP - June 19, 2008 11:24 AM ET BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Louisiana's hurricane recovery chief said the first truckload of $85 million in federal relief ...
FEMA Continues Support for Louisiana Rebuilding Efforts
7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY - Jun 18, 2008
WASHINGTON, DC-- The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to help those rebuilding from the ...

This is serious. Pam Schuffert knows what she is talking about, so pay attention and learn from a pro.


Arlene Johnson
To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

From: Truth 4 All
To: Arlene Johnson
Date: Jun 23, 2008 6:01 PM

STAFF SERGEANT/ARMY RANGER/SPEC OPS MAN FROM FORT LEWIS WASHINGTON THAT I JUST MET WHILE TRAVELING FROM MONTANA TO NORTH CAROLINA REVEALS: "THE GUILLOTINES ARE REAL AND I WAS GOING TO TRAIN MY MEN IN MY PLATOON TO USE THEM NEXT WEEK IN HIGHLY CLASSIFIED OPERATIONS AT FORT LEWIS...UNTIL YOU TOLD ME 'THEY WILL BE USED ON YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS UNDER COMING MARTIAL LAW!'" NOW he and the men who he told about my reporting, on HOW the guillotines will be used against their fellow Americans, ARE BEING ROUNDED UP AND HUNTED DOWN LIKE DOGS..humvees and helicopters surrounging their homes...military pay and all access to bank accounts and credit cards being cut off...and NOW HE IS ON THE RUN! All because they found out the truth about MARTIAL LAW and the guillotines FROM ME and have agreed among themselves to NEVER GO ALONG WITH THIS TERRIBLE NWO AGENDA!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from NORTH CAROLINA

I was riding on a bus from BUTTE MONTANA to North Carolina, when I met a young man all dressed up in full and impressive ARMY RANGER uniform. He carried his 445 mag gun and many knives and several phones and military backpack and other equipment. He told me he was a STAFF SERGEANT from FORT LEWIS! Fort Lewis is where many MODERN GUILLOTINES have been stored for a long time, for use in martial law. I teased him at first and told him I knew all about the MODERN GUILLOTINES in Fort Lewis. HE WAS SHOCKED! He said, "HOW DID YOU KNOW...THIS IS HIGHLY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!" He then admitted he was a Christian. I told him that the US MILITARY WAS NOT TELLING THE YOUNG MEN LIKE HIM, but these guillotines will be used on AMERICANS AND CHRISTIANS in the future udner martial law, to behead all NWO resisters. The longer he listened, the angrier he got.

Using a few choice expletives, he said, "THEY NEVER TOLD US THIS WOULD BE USED ON AMERICANS UNDER MARTIAL LAW...to get RID of all CHRISTIANS and NWO RESISTERS! We THOUGHT they would be used in IRAQ or something!" He then asked me to tell him more and more. He even filmed me. Finally, so angry at how they were being deceived and brainwashed, he told me, "I WILL NEVER go along with this NWO agenda! I am A CHRISTIAN! I will contact my men in my platoon (64) and those I can trust who are Christians, I will tell them the TRUTH. I was supposed to go to Fort Hood for more SPECIAL OPS training next week, and THEN RETURN TO TRAIN MY MEN IN HOW TO OPERATE THESE GUILLOTINES! There is a special underground training center where the guillotines are...we are not allowed to bring in any cameras. cell phones, etc, because of HIGH SECURITY AND SILENCE regarding these guillotines.They are 6 and a half feet high, with hand restraints and a place for a person's head as they stand. We were going to use dummies for practice...BUT NOW I AM REFUSING THIS ASSIGNMENT and I will contact the men under me who I can trust...who will NOT go along with this NWO agenda and will come out instead with HUMVEES, WEAPONS and everything we can get our hands on to fight this NWO agenda!" We parted in Indianapolis...I wondered about the outcome.

I was soon to find out! I called him the next day. He told me he talked to his sister and family and they were shocked...they were all military...they told him, "HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS NWO MARTIAL LAW AGENDA...IT IS ALL HIGHLY CLASSIFIED!" When he told them about ME (I had given him a copy of my AIRMAN MAGAZINE in it with my famous USAF father's cartoon in it..he was quite amazed and impressed) he told me his USAF aunt would submit my name to USAF intelligence computers to see where I stood in the sight of the USAF. He told me, "She said you are RED FLAGGED (subject to arrest and interrogation) and are classified by the USAF as A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY!"

(ME???A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY??? ALL for telling AMERICA THE TRUTH about coming MARTIAL LAW!) This ARMY RANGER had told me that IF HE HAD BEEN ON THE SIDE OF THE NWO AGENDA, he was authorized as an ARMY RANGER with highest security clearance and much special ops training to MARCH ME OUTSIDE THE BUS AND SHOOT TO KILL for knowing this classified info...OR he could have called the nearest military base and had vehicles come to arrest me immiediately and take me away for interrogation and termination. THAT IS HOW CLASSIFIED MY INSIDE INVESTIGATING AND INFO REALLY IS!

And YESTERDAY when I called him, he had even MORE shocking information for me. "I AM ON THE RUN NOW...they are trying to pick me up...and my USAF sister too! OUR PAY AND MILITARY SERVICE AND BANK ACCOUNTS HAVE ALL BEEN CLOSED OFF...we cannot access anything now! THEY ARE NOW ARRESTING HALF THE MEN IN MY PLATOON...men I talked to who agreed that THEY WOULD NEVER GO ALONG WITH A NWO MARTIAL LAW AGENDA...all THEIR pay and service and bank accounts have been cut off from them now too....military helicopters and humvees are surrounding their homes..they are being watched and picked up one by one...one man in my platoon defended himself when they broke into his home, SHOOTING FIVE MILITARY SOLDERS TRYING TO TAKE HIM in the process ( some were killed) before they were able to arrest him! We are on the run now, my sister and I...they are after us too....."

I am actively now on the phone with Staff Sergeant Donnie. His aunt who ran my name through USAF computers is now being questioned by USAF authorities. I am SURE they are angry with ME right now as well! They may be searching for me at this time as well....with this military scandal breaking and ME in the middle of it!

GET THIS WORD OUT TO EVERYONE! These brave military men are paying the highest price to say THEY WILL NEVER GO ALONG WITH THIS NWO MILITARY AGENDA to kill innocent Americans and to destroy our Constitution and our freedoms and people of faith and character in our nation. PRAY for Staff Sergeant DONNIE BOYSEL and his sister NOW and for the men they are now hunting down like dogs...to be interogated and KILLED!

PRAY ALSO FOR ME! I may be picked up soon for my role in this military scandal. PRAY FOR THE MERCY OF JESUS to preserve me through all this! FORWARD THIS BREAKING NEWS TO EVERYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LIST! And NOW YOU KNOW....the GUILLOTINES ARE REAL! (Revelation 20:4) He told me they ARE EVERYWHERE...in FORT HOOD, FORT BRAGG, FORT LEWIS..in ALL the US MILITARY BASES including GERMANY where he was stationed... (yes Europeans will be beheaded for their faith as well in the NEW WORLD ORDER!)


-Pamela Schuffert reporting LIVE from across the nation

"It is now TIME for the Christians of USA/CANADA
I dare say, in fact, that it is TIME for the Christians of North America to PREPARE FOR MARTYRDOM for their faith. END TIME BIBLE PROPHECY is about to unfold in this nation as NEVER BEFORE...and I can prove it!" -

~Pamela Schuffert,

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