Monday, June 30, 2008

The Plan to Restore Constitutional Order

June 30, 2008 may be remembered in history as the day Americans began, in earnest, the moral and solemn process of holding their (servant) Government accountable to the Constitution -- under threat of withdrawal of allegiance, support and tax money.

Next Monday, approximately 1200 American citizens will begin the process of exercising a profound, but little-known, 800-year old Right first articulated in Magna Carta by formally serving a "Legal Notice and Demand" for Redress of Grievances upon the President, the Attorney General and every Member of Congress at their local district offices.

Here's what the Founders sitting as the first Congress wrote:

“If money is wanted by Rulers
who have in any manner oppressed the People,
they may retain it until their grievances are redressed,
and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised
petitions or disturbing the public tranquility.”

Journals of the Continental Congress, 1:105-113

The right to Redress of Grievances is found in the last 10 words of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Demanding an official response within forty (40) days, the Notice includes seven (7) Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding substantial violations of our Constitution including the war, money, privacy, arms and tax clauses.

If Liberty and Constitutional Order are to survive peacefully, it is imperative that the People learn about and exercise the unalienable Right of Redress.

For details about the Plan to Restore Constitutional Order and to take part on the revolution, visit:

76,000 citizens have volunteered so far to present these petitions to every member of Congress, the President and the Attorney General on June 30th.

Following serving the petition, a lawsuit will be filed in each of the eleven Appellate District Courts on July 11th alleging 7 specific violation of the U.S. Constitution by the government.

On August 11 volunteers will start on a hunger strike in Washington D.C. to bring attention to the lawsuit and the Redress of Grievances.

On September 2nd we will Rally for Freedom and Constitutional Law in Minnesota across the river from the GOP presidential national convention.

The President is ruling with the lowest approval rating of any president in our life time and recent history. Worse, the Congress is ruling with only 11% approval rating from their subjects. You as a citizen of this country are not alone in your dissatisfaction.

"Vendetta TV": What Really Happened the 5th of Nov. by the real "V"

The country and the people are losing their jobs to offshoring and being forced to train the foreigners that will force them into the unemployment lines; eventually losing their homes and cars and preventing them from giving their children and education.

You need not stop doing any of the other things that you are currently doing to take back control of the government and your life and wellbeing. What I suggest is that you join this movement and volunteer to do what you can. We are about to kick off the Second American revolution.

Visit my website and learn about this project at

We don't yet know Tony Dolz nor of his project. Do you? He appears to be fighting for our freedom in his own way.
--bob & lou

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Tony Dolz
Seeking the Candidacy for California 30th Congressional District

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