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Martial Law Choppers Over Florida & Denver
Those black helicopters that some insist only exist inside the warped minds of tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy kooks are making themselves pretty visible over Denver and Florida today. Paul Joseph Watson, June 18, 2008
It's interesting that Homeland * 123

New details on helicopter terrorism training in downtown, CO - 15 hours ago
... owns the old Children's Hospital building and has given the US Special Operations Forces permission to use it to train to respond to domestic terrorism. ...

Denver Woman: Military Exercise Causes Yard Damage..

A False Flag Target AGAIN?

-- Ron Paul's Texas City --

By Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

Randolph AFB, Universal City Performing Emergency Drill, TX - Jun 17, 2008
The emergency scene will happen on West Aviation Boulevard just north of the base. There is no timetable for the completion of the drill, according to city ...

HOUSTON, June 18 -- The Texas City Police Department roadblocked the city's refinery area for most of the day today, responding to a petrochemical leak at Marathon Oil -- and also raising suspicions among residents and employees in touch with The Iconoclast. Fire department and hazmat teams operated inside the cordon, which encircled the nation's most polluted and perilous industrial area.
Texas City has been the focus of my recent articles in Galveston County's The Police News. The latest, Ron Paul's Texas City in Danger, appeared Monday. It raised serious and still unanswered questions about the township known to locals as Toxic City: http://www.gcpolice index.cfm? act=Newsletter. cfm&category=News% 201&newsletterid= 10768&menugroup=Home
Marathon spokeswoman Linda Casey gave assurances that all was well and that no one was in danger at all -- but she couldn't specify the petrochemical released, or the quantity of it. Despite Casey's claims, witnesses reported that they were sickened by noxious gas, and had to leave the area. Texas City officials referred inquiries to city Homeland Security Director Bruce Clawson, who has not returned calls.
The Texas City refinery district has and disasters with disturbing frequency in recent years. BP had major explosions on March 30, 2004, March 23, 2005 and July 28, 2005. The March 23, 2005 explosion set a US record for fatalities with 15. The March 30, 2004 and July 28, 2005 explosion share a more ominous distinction:
They were predicted weeks before they happened.
Intelligence experts involved in the two successful predictions believe that Texas City was being set up for a mass-casualty "false flag" manufactured terror event by a Bush administration eager to expand its powers at home and its war abroad. They believed the Bush administration was working hand in glove with a BP ownership eager to be rid of the dilapidated Texas City refinery. They also believe that their' prediction was responsible for the Gulf Coast terror alert issued by the FBI on March 25, 2004, after concerned KPRC radio news director Tara Howard, with whom they were in contact, confronted the FBI with the allegations of a conspiracy .
After the March 30 explosion, KPRC TV news aired the story, BP Amoco Plant Explosion Investigation Under Way, in which the same Clawson currently avoiding calls from media then gave the media assurances that he was investigating the validated prediction of a refinery explosion: http://www.click2ho news/2962367/ detail.html
Clawson never followed up with the investigation.

Just days before the July 28, 2005 explosion, Tara Howard abruptly left her job at KPRC radio and left Houston. Co-workers found this suspicious, and believed that she was afraid.
I was a witness to the strange event that occurred on July 28 at Texas City, observing it from my home north of Houston. I broadcast it selectable era 2006 live via Canadian radio, and America Firsts Books has published a transcript, with a link to the MP3 file:
The Galveston County Daily News, which reports on Texas City and the surrounding area, wrote a story about efforts by the same intelligence experts to alert the area to a Bush administration set-up in the winter of 2006, when the military was running a nuclear terror drill out of Ft. Monroe, Virginia. Both Shauna Dunlap of the Houston FBI and Bruce Clawson of Texas City Homeland Security downplayed the alert. They continued to do so even after the highly suspicious sudden appearance of a weapons of mass destruction team near Texas City convinced many locals that yet another attack had been planned and averted.
TJ Aulds, reporting for the Daily News, cited the unconcerned officials in his Nuclear attack warning story dismissed: http://news. galvestondailyne lasso?ewcd= f9c4071e30759dda
On Friday, former US Congressman Dan Hamburg co-authored State of Emergency: The US in the Final Six Months of the George W. Bush Administration: http://globalresear php?context= va&aid=9339. In it, he addressed the possibility of a Bush administration false flag attack, and specified the executive orders by which they can enact martial law.
On Monday, Wayne Madsen, a former Navy intelligence officer and National Security Agency specialist, published Another 9/11 Waiting to Happen, http://cryptogon. com/?p=2756, in which he said that sources inside the Houston Police Department believe their city is being set up for a summer false flag terror attack, perhaps as soon as Independence Day.
Houston has been considered a top-tier terror target since 9/11, both by official analysts who say that the terrorists are Middle Eastern, and by the former intelligence operatives, who say that the real terrorists are in the Bush White House. The first published piece on the Houston target scenario was my own, written when I still believed the official 9/11 story. It was requested and published by The Houston Chronicle on February 23, 2003 as Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives: http://www.amfirstb IntroPages/ ToolBarTopics/ Articles/ Featured_ Authors/may, _captain_ eric/May_ works/May_ 2002-2004/ Capt._Eric_ H._May_20030223_ Don't_Laugh_ At_Duct_Tape; _It_Saves_ Lives.html

Ron Paul's Texas City in Danger
By Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
HOUSTON, June 16 -- The Police News in Galveston County is quite interested in the secretive SWAT-style terror drills recently held at BP, Texas City. The law enforcement daily, edited by retired police officer Breck Porter, has published two articles about them:
US/BP Terror Drills
Area police conduct SWAT drills inside BP
The articles reference other suspicious BP, Texas City events that led W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Iconoclast, to write a March 3 editorial calling for an investigation. Sources from the Southeast Texas city, afraid that they are being set up, also want an investigation.
Thursday, the Beaumont Enterprise reported other dubious drills in Southeast Texas:
Hush-hush exercises in downtown Beaumont...
The Texas City Police Department provided a mix of accurate and inaccurate information about the BP terror drills. After promising clarifications to The Iconoclast, they have not returned calls. Texas City's Homeland Security Director, Bruce Clawson, has also been incommunicado -- as BP has been. More ominously, The US Department Of Energy, often involved it nuclear terror scenarios, was also a participant in the terror drills -- and it's not returning calls, either.
In a January 2007 Congressional speech, Representative Ron Paul warned that the Bush administration might use illegal means to start a war with Iran: com/watch? v=fRB3UBz1KEQ. While Dr. Paul, whose 14th district surrounds the BP refinery, specifically mentioned a Gulf of Tonkin-style incident, he could have just as easily mentioned a Texas City fake terror incident.

KGAN, IA - Jun 16, 2008
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) -- Cedar Rapids police have arrested a man accused of trying to drive around a security checkpoint in the flooded city. ...

Iowa Police Arrest Man Defying Checkpoint

- 8:08pm
Rick Blazek, 54, is arrested by police officers after trying to drive around a security checkpoint in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, June 16. ...$41861 - 40k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Cedar Rapids man defies police checkpoint, arrested

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Cedar Rapids police have arrested a man accused of trying to drive around a security checkpoint in the flooded city. ...

Man Arrested After Trying to Drive Around Security Checkpoint in ...

- 8:09pmMan Arrested After Trying to Drive Around Security Checkpoint in Cedar Rapids ... Rapes, murders, and looting is this what you want for Iowa? Get a clue. ...

Farmer forced to sacrifice hogs to floodwaters
Chicago Tribune, United States - Jun 17, 2008
By David Greising | Tribune Correspondent OAKVILLE, Iowa—By the time a friend sped up the lane to Ron Lanz's farm Saturday evening—shouting that the Iowa ...

Residents Not Allowed to Return Home For Fear of Contamination
ABC News - Jun 17, 2008
By LEE FERRAN "It's my property. I own it!" yelled Cedar Rapids, Iowa, resident Rick Blazek as authorities kept him and dozens of other residents from ...

Checkpoints stoke frustration among flood victims
The Associated Press - Jun 16, 2008
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — Police twice caught a man in his flood-damaged home before the property had been cleared by city inspectors. ...

The Southern Ledger
Checkpoints stoke frustration among flood victims
The Associated Press - Jun 16, 2008
That's what happened Monday when officers pulled Blazek out of his pickup after he tried to run a checkpoint. When he allegedly bumped an Iowa state trooper ...
Farmer forced to sacrifice hogs to floodwaters Chicago Tribune
Man arrested after trying to drive around security checkpoint in ... KGAN
Residents Not Allowed to Return Home For Fear of Contamination ABC News
Pork Magazine (subscription)
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Checkpoints Conducted in North Cedar Area After Dark
KCRG, IA - Jun 15, 2008
By Becky Ogann CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – The Cedar Falls Police Department is conducting check points throughout the flooded North Cedar area after dark. ...
Latest Flood Info From Cedar Falls KCRG
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Political Checkpoint
Washington Post, United States - 7 minutes ago
CRITICS OF the District's decision to use police checkpoints have reason to question the practice's constitutionality and wonder about its long-term ...
Sobriety checkpoints slated this weekend (11:18 am)
Las Cruces Sun-News, NM - 10 hours ago
LAS CRUCES — The Las Cruces Police Department will conduct as many as two sobriety checkpoints within city limits during the upcoming weekend, ...
UPDATED: One in custody following mid-morning chase (9:56 am) Las Cruces Sun-News
BREAKING: State police chase ends in early morning arrest (7:56 am) Las Cruces Sun-News
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Washington Times
Council Grills Lanier, Nickles on Checkpoint
Washington Post, United States - Jun 16, 2008
By Daniel LeDuc DC Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and interim Attorney General Peter Nickles yesterday defended using checkpoints to prevent violence after a ...
DC police chief defends checkpoints before Council The Associated Press
After Checkpoints, Gratitude and Deep Skepticism New York Times
Top DC Officials Defend Police Checkpoints NBC
Washington Times -
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DC Council holds hearing on checkpoints
WTOP, DC - Jun 16, 2008
WASHINGTON - Some District of Columbia Council members are calling vehicle checkpoints an ineffective solution that has brought the city a rash of bad ...
Sobriety checkpoint in Delaware County
Muncie Star Press, IN - 5 hours ago
MUNCIE - Indiana State Police will conduct a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Delaware County Thursday night to crack down on drunken driving. ...
Convicted wife-beater now charged with neglect Muncie Star Press
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Residents complain of police checkpoints outside complex, USA - Jun 17, 2008
Police have placed concrete barriers and checkpoints inside the complex earlier this month after a series of violent incidents and a string of thefts. ...

DUI checkpoint set for Wednesday
Tahoe Daily Tribune, CA - Jun 17, 2008
South Lake Tahoe police, working with the California Highway Patrol, will conduct a DUI checkpoint from 10 pm Wednesday and continuing until 2 am Thursday ...
Santa Cruz DUI checkpoint scheduled for Friday Register Pajaronian
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44 cars impounded during DUI checkpoints, CA - Jun 15, 2008
Police arrested 44 drivers for not having a license and impounded their vehicles, according to the Police Department. Four drivers were arrested for driving ...

County emergency drill set for Thursday near Frisco
Summit Daily News, CO - 6 hours ago
Summit County emergency crews will be conducting an evacuation drill on Thursday near the County Commons. Beginning about 11 am, authorities will be ...
Emergency-training drill is today Summit Daily News
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PRCC to hold emergency drill
Hattiesburg American, MS - 16 hours ago
PRCC is holding the drill in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and area emergency services agencies in order to comply with the federal ...
Emergency Officials Prepare for "What If" Scenario in Raleigh County
WVNS, WV - Jun 16, 2008
The state-wide emergency drill is set for Tuesday. A control center will be set up in West Virginia and officials will pretend to handle thousands of ...
Emergency drill planned for Tuesday
Huntington Herald Dispatch, WV - Jun 16, 2008
... JOHNSON HUNTINGTON — Cabell County emergency officials will have their hands full today as they participate in an international, mass evacuation drill. ...
Evacuation drill readies area for possible accident
Huntington Herald Dispatch, WV - Jun 17, 2008
Beckett said the drill helped emergency officials identify other resources, such as ones provided by the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross and local ...
Emergency Drill in West Virginia
WOWK, WV - Jun 17, 2008
Cabell County -- The Cabell County Office of Emergency Services was activated early Tuesday morning to participate in an emergency drill. ...

WVU: Emergency Drill
WDTV, WV - Jun 17, 2008
The mock trial for the emergency was held at the Business and Economics Building on campus. The drill showed faculty members what would be sent to their ...

Wise County Drill to Test Emergency Responders
U.S. (press release), DC - 15 hours ago
Emergency Operations are teaming up to sponsor a two-day emergency response drill in the county June 21-22. The exercise, which will focus on responding to ...

Health department plans emergency drills
Western Howard County View, MD - 10 hours ago
by Sarah Daniels In an effort to test the speed of an emergency response, the Howard County Health Department was slated to execute drills June 18 in North ...
Washington County public health staff train for pandemic flu outbreak Hagerstown Morning Herald
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