Friday, June 13, 2008

Campaign for liberty annoucement

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Ojalanpoika said...

Was this the Elder Wand you saught:

Dinotopia is not a fiction. Dinoglyfs and dinolits are not only literally described but even carved, hewn and painted all over the continents by the paleolithic man and even by the man of antiquities.

E.g. Beowulf is the oldest book written in the archaic English that still survives. Guess what? Its main figure is yet another dragon slayer, this time from our Nordic countries.

Dinoglyfs they are. Ever read the book of Job? That's Leviathan & Behemot, folks. The longest description of any animals in the whole Jewish Grammata. Besides the flying reptiles of as late a figure as Isaiah - the flying snakes were described also by the Greek father of history, Herodotos.

In Mosaic law of the Old Testament of Judaism and Christianity, there was also one species classified as both bird and a reptile:
Qetzalcoatl=tinshemet=liskolintu=Archaeopteryx=’old feather'?

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