Monday, June 2, 2008

Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHD) are non-lethal, non-kinetic, long-range hailing and warning devices. The devices use advanced directed acoustic energy technology to provide a non-lethal warning capability at a greater range than many other non-lethal systems available to U.S. forces. Acoustic Hailing Devices are capable of producing highly directional sound beams that allow users to project warning tones and intelligible voice commands beyond small arms engagement range. The capability will enable U.S. forces to more effectively determine the intent of a person or crowd at a safe distance and potentially deter them prior to escalating force. AHD Fact Sheet.

The Army's Joint Munitions and Lethality Life Cycle Management Command awarded a contract to American Technology Corporation on May 17, to design, develop and build four Acoustic Hailing Devices. Media Release.

MAHD-R Acoustic Hailing Device

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powered acoustic hailing system. This fully-. featured device has been designed for a. variety of security applications. The MAHD-R combines a powerful ...

US 'Sonic Blasters' Sold To China
Wired News - May 15, 2008
LRAD's main function is as a hailing device, being basically a super-bullhorn. But it can also be used what has been termed a "warning tone," an extremely ...

Pentagon Tests Raygun On Mock Anti-War Protesters
Pain compliance device used to disperse crowd as military-industrial complex tools up to deal with dissenters
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, June 2, 2008
The Pentagon proudly displayed what it has in store for anti-war protesters last night during a CBS 60 minutes feature which depicted the use of the army's "Active Denial System" against peace demonstrators

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