Thursday, May 15, 2008

Houston Chronicle, United States - 16 hours ago
The US-trained Mexican security personnel have "switched sides and became assassins and recruiters for the Mexican drug cartels." Poe, a former prosecutor ...

Editorial: Mexican cartels fighting back
Dallas Morning News, TX - 13 hours ago
Previous Mexican presidents have heeded such warnings and maintained a respectful distance from the cartels. They learned from their counterparts in ...

BBC News
Mexico police battle lethal cartels
BBC News, UK - 5 hours ago
Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who attended Mr Millan's funeral, has spoken about "taking the streets back" from the cartels. ...
Mexico's National Security Cabinet expected to declare a state of ... BorderFire Report
Drug violence in Mexico Can the army out-gun the drug lords? Economist
Examining Cartel War Violence Through a Protective Intelligence Lens Right Side News
Chicago Tribune - Reuters
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Dallas Morning News
As drug violence intensifies, some Mexican police chiefs seek ...
Dallas Morning News, TX - 13 hours ago
... and intimidation of police only underscores the need for US assistance, in equipment, technology and training for Mexican efforts against the cartels. ...
Police Killings Mark Increase in Mexican Drug Violence
The REAL TRUTH, OH - May 13, 2008
The United States National Drug Intelligence Center said the Mexican cartels are “predominant smugglers, transporters, and wholesale distributors of cocaine ...
Tough talk and fear as Mexican drug violence soars Los Angeles Times
Mexican drug gangs step up police murder war Reuters UK
Top Mexican police officer killed, sixth in week Reuters
Melbourne Herald Sun - Right Side News
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The Associated Press
Violence in Mexico spills across US border
The Associated Press - May 14, 2008
As the cartels fight for territory, this carnage spills over to the US, Ahern said — from bullet-ridden people stumbling into US territory, ...
The US Role in a Mexico Assassination
Wall Street Journal - May 12, 2008
Instead, drugs started flowing over land routes and Mexican cartels took charge. Now they are rumored to be in control of most of the traffic from the Andes ...

Voice of San Diego
Mexican Drug Cartels infiltrating colleges and high school ...
Right Side News, GA - May 7, 2008
The DEA considers the AFO the most violent and aggressive of the Mexican border cartels. Here is the DEA's background profile on the AFO and its leaders. ...
Drug Bust 101 FOXNews
UNLV Police Proactive with Drug Intervention KLAS-TV
San Diego student cocaine ring smashed Times Online
San Diego Union Tribune - New York Times
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World Briefing | Americas Mexico: Police Chiefs Seek Asylum
New York Times, United States - 18 hours ago
By JAMES C. McKINLEY Jr. Attacks on Mexican police officers by drug cartels have escalated so severely that three police chiefs have sought asylum in the ...
Mexico cartels post 'help wanted' ads
USA Today - Apr 24, 2008
Much of the cocaine smuggled by the Mexican cartels moves first through Central America. Many of the Zetas are former members of the Mexican army's special ...
Ads seek ex-soldiers for smuggling jobs Reuters India
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Times Colonist
Mexico cartel gang´s battle on border 15 killed
American Chronicle, CA - Apr 26, 2008
It was not clear if the killed were a result of Mexican military action or rival Mexican cartels were responsible. Over 200 people have been killed so far ...
3000 troops deployed in Mexican drug wars
14 killed in Mexican gun battle
Mexico drug gang clashes kill 15 BBC News - Stratfor (subscription)
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BorderFire Report
US Guns Arming Mexican Drug Gangs; Second Amendment to Blame?
ABC News - Apr 22, 2008
More than 3400 people have been killed by the drug cartels in the last 15 months, 2000 of them law enforcement officials, according to the Mexican attorney ...
ABC News: Mexican Drug Violence US Constitution's Fault NewsBusters
ABC News Found Lying about Guns...Again American Thinker
ABC News Caught Lying About Guns... Again Jawa Report
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