Wednesday, May 21, 2008

By Yehezkel Dror

"For all you do, however valid in itself, you need a lot of power.
Unavoidably you will have to use stratagems which may in be immoral."

Former Clinton Whitehouse aide: We're in for a "cataclysmic" Bush endgame
--Sidney Blumenthal says Bush feels "unconstrained." 20 May 2008
Sidney Blumenthal, journalist, former Clinton White House aide and senior advisor to Hillary Clinton, today spoke at Third Way... He said that the US faces a "cataclysmic" final few months of the Bush term, and that Bush is determined to leave a lasting mark on the world regardless of who is elected the next president. "Bush feels unconstrained right now, and a sense of urgency," Blumenthal said, later referring to a Jerusalem Post story that warns Bush plans to attack Iran before his term ends in January.

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