Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NWO Rat Masters Zap "Gateway City" with 'Radar Ring Flashes' 5/26/08

This is today's latest blips that stuck out and I am posting.

With geomagnetic phenomena occurring on a global scale, and radar data stations located around the world consistently displaying strange images of quick flashes of Rings over an animated time elapsed loop. The strange circles have always had me curious too it's origins and that many magnetic lines that originate in the center of most major metropolitan locations.

I also have solved a mystery to a Cloud Ring Weather Disaster Event, I witnessed back in the eighties that now occurs constantly on all the Weather Radar Feeds.


that is right i believe i have done that right here:

2008 Comet 46P Wirtanen OUTBURST Research Page

you have to take a TIME trip back three months and then move back forward to now and you will see that i have strong evidence ..

now that i have this evidence it is obvious ..

Lots of comets this summer...Here's one of 'em...

NEW COMET - 2007 W1 Boattini 2 3 4


China's Recent Earthquake : HAARP Technology?
Gather.com, MA - 17 hours ago
The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) based in Gokona, Alaska, has been in existence since 1992. It is part of a new generation of ...

That's flashy: 100 explosions recorded on the Moon
USA Today - May 21, 2008
By Tony Phillips, SPACE.com Not so long ago, anyone claiming to see flashes of light on the Moon would be viewed with deep suspicion by professional ...
Explosions on the moon
Baltimore Sun, United States - May 21, 2008
Astronomers once rolled their eyes when amateurs or professional colleagues reported seeing flashes of light on the moon. It had to be their imaginations, ...
103 meteoroid impacts on Moon in 2.5 years
iTWire, Australia - May 21, 2008
by William Atkins NASA has announced that over one hundred impacts of meteoroids have been recorded by its astronomers at the NASA Meteoroid Environment ...

Storms continue to threaten southwest Missouri
News-Leader.com, MO - May 25, 2008
The National Weather Service is expecting thunderstorms to develop across most of the Missouri Ozarks through the early evening hours, especially along and ...
A messy Memorial Day: Heavy rains, storms, flash floods Belleville News Democrat
Hazardous storm outlook issued; high of 82 today, NWS predicts News-Leader.com
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Black Hills Today
More Severe Storms in the Plains
AccuWeather.com - 3 hours ago
The Southwest Regional News story states thunderstorms will rattle places from southwestern Missouri and Arkansas to northern Texas through tonight. ...
Severe Storms Return to Plains AccuWeather.com
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Missouri gets $4.1 million in storm aid
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States - May 24, 2008
Missouri will get a $4.1 million grant from the federal government to help with cleanup after a spring with heavy storms and flooding. ...
Memorial Day Storms - More Severe Weather
AccuWeather.com - 12 hours ago
The current band of storms coming across Illinois and Missouri will enhance as it moves east through the Ohio Valley this afternoon. 3. ...
Severe Weather Shifts East and North AccuWeather.com
Wis., Minn., Iowa, and West-Central Kansas This Time AccuWeather.com
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War games on the grandest scale

Living with robots: The $3.5m DARPA Urban Challenge(3 November 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/11/03/ darpa_uc_ blog/
AMD gives itself Web 2.0rhea(14 September 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/09/14/ twitter_amd/
Jock Stirrup: Eco apocalypse will mean more wars(25 June 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/06/25/ climate_change_ means_war_ say_forces/
UK invades California in cyber MMORPG wargame(16 June 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/06/16/ cwid_uk_thin_ pipe_mmorpg/
Military love affair with videogames intensifies(9 June 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/06/09/ xbox_controller_ warbot_n_ military_ gaming/
Role-players amok in Second Life(18 April 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/04/18/ role_play_ in_sl/
Military thinktank sees dark future(11 April 2007)
http://www.theregis ter.co.uk/ 2007/04/11/ admiral_nostrada mus_parry/

Europeans unite to tap early universe for secrets of fundamental ...
innovations report, Germany - May 26, 2008
The workshop also discussed some of the fundamental questions that these new observations could help resolve, notably whether or not scalar fields exist ...

Magnetic Scalar Wave Detector
ZPEnergy - May 16, 2008
Their magnetic scalar wave detector also detects lightning. Based upon the Aether Physics Model and Oliver Manuel's Iron Sun Theory, Thomson built a ...

A pic you wont see from the Drudge Report

New Scientist (subscription)
Upcoming gamma-ray mission may detect dark matter
New Scientist (subscription), UK - 2 hours ago
It carries a gamma-ray telescope of unprecedented sensitivity and a monitor that can detect radiation from violent cosmic events called gamma-ray bursts. ...

Black Holes Burst Cosmic Rays
NewsOXY, FL - May 22, 2008
Cosmic rays that spew out from Black holes are bits of torn atoms shooting across the Universe. Cosmic rays that spew out from Black holes are bits of torn ...
Phoenix lander's work on Mars is stalled by radio glitch
Los Angeles Times, CA - 3 hours ago
A communications link from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is knocked out by a cosmic ray or some other high-energy particle. NASA officials are not worried ...

Boston Globe
Mars Mission delayed by Phoenix lander's radio and robotic arm ...
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 3 hours ago
He said the problem was due to a "transient event" such as a high speed cosmic ray particle hitting some part of the orbiter's UHF radio, which had been ...
Video: NASA Spacecraft Successfully Lands on Mars AssociatedPress
Radio glitch hinders Mars lander mission The Age

Investigating the Mysteries of Mars Space.com
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The Cosmic Ray-Climate Connection
CO2 Science Magazine, AZ - May 20, 2008
The author reviews what we know about possible relationships between variations in climate and the flux of cosmic rays incident upon the earth, ...

Astrophysics: Rays from the dark
Nature.com (subscription), UK - May 1, 2008
2 reported unexpected X-ray observations that seemed to pinpoint it: galactic cosmic rays are produced when a star explodes, creating a supernova that ...

Where Most Energetic Particles of our Universe Come From?
Russia-InfoCenter, Russia - May 23, 2008
Russian physicist, now employed in Stanford University, doubts about ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) having originated from giant black holes in ...

The Associated Press
Glitch delays plan for maneuvering Mars lander arm
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter turned its UHF radio off, possibly because of a cosmic ray, cutting off communications with the lander, said Fuk Li, ...
Phoenix landing: One day delay
Nature.com (subscription), UK - 3 hours ago
JPL Mars Exploration Program manager Fuk Li said the radio shut down was triggered by a “transient event,” perhaps something like a blast of cosmic ray ...

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Orangeburg Times Democrat
Readers' Comments Quest for life on Mars
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 4 hours ago
A SPACE probe on Mars will soon begin searching for life on the Red Planet, after the Phoenix Lander touched down yesterday. The Phoenix Lander completed a ...
Video: NASA Spacecraft Successfully Lands on Mars AssociatedPress
Probing the mystique of Mars Deseret News

Spacecraft could answer question of life on Mars KSL-TV
TeleText - San Francisco Chronicle
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Life On Mars? Phoenix Mars Lander Beams Photos Back
InformationWeek, NY - 1 hour ago
Another craft is orbiting the planet and has helped experts determine the planet has water and ice, which could have supported life on Mars or support human ...
Pictures ‘evidence of life on Mars’
ic Wales, United Kingdom - 6 hours ago
A LEADING Welsh academic has said pictures from Mars give the clearest indication yet that life exists on the red planet. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe ...

Small step for Mars in quest for signs of life
Euronews.net, France - 9 hours ago
Twenty one years later, the search for life on Mars continued with NASA's Pathfinder probe and its Sojourner vehicle, a four-wheel drive meant to explore ...
US Spacecraft Seeks to Find Life on Mars
동아일보, South Korea - 16 hours ago
The ice will let us know if life exists on Mars.” Peter Smith of the University of Arizona said these words at a news conference yesterday after NASA’s ...
NASA space probe digs for life on Mars
ABC Online, Australia - May 26, 2008
A NASA space probe has started to investigate whether Mars has the conditions necessary to support life. The Phoenix has been sending back photos from the ...

E Canada Now
Phoenix Is Ready To Search For Life On Mars
E Canada Now, Canada - 4 hours ago
New York (eCanadaNow) - NASA has confirmed that the Phoenix Mars Lander has landed safely on the red planet, with the search for life on Mars kicking into ...
Hunt for life after 679m kilometres
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 10 hours ago
The ice will be melted and analysed, hopefully revealing to NASA boffins whether there has ever been life on Mars, and help them further study Martian ...

The Sun
Watch Life on 'Mars' now
The Sun, UK - 4 hours ago
By STAFF REPORTER IT needn’t cost the Earth to see what the North Pole of Mars looks like — our reporter Alex West did it for £5.42. ...
Life on Mars? Crystal clear images which give us our best ever ...
Daily Mail, UK - 9 hours ago
Some scientists suspect that Mars might once have been home to primitive bacterial life. They believe bacterial spores could lie dormant in cold, ...

In search of Bigfoot
Sand Mountain Reporter, AL - May 23, 2008
Hawk and his wife, Karen, have dedicated almost a decade of their lives to finding proof of Bigfoot’s existence. “We have been in this research for about 10 ...
Reports of Big Foot Sightings Vary
Free Market News Network, FL - May 23, 2008
Within the Bigfoot community, Patterson-Gimlin film analyst MK Davis lately has been reporting on seeing all kinds of new physical characteristics (eg a ...

Bigfoot dines at Denny's
Seattle Post Intelligencer - May 25, 2008
As part of a unusual marketing campaign to appeal to younger, hipper Americans, Lenny's -- I mean, Denny's -- restaurants has opened an all-night Denny's ...

Walrus Magazine
Bigfoot, Eulogized
Walrus Magazine, Canada - May 20, 2008
In this case, following is the text of a eulogy I delivered for Bigfoot last Thursday at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, part of the launch for Walrus ...

Bigfoot sighting expected in Murray County
Daily Citizen, GA - May 18, 2008
By Larry Fleming Bigfoot is coming. So are TMaxx and Sudden Impact. And Twisted Dragon, Bullet Proof and Shell Camino. Monty Morrow, track promoter at North ...

Atom-smashing lab says experiment to start end-June
AFP - 43 minutes ago
GENEVA (AFP) — European particle physics laboratory CERN is set to launch its gigantic experiment which hopes to throw light on the origins of the universe ...
Financialbusinessnews.us: Stock News Update: CJGH, LGDI, ALTU, CERN
Manufacturing Business Technology, IL - May 22, 2008
Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN) closed at $46.08 Wednesday, trading 915400 shares. Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN) announced earlier today it invites you to listen to the live ...ALTU - OTC:LGDI
CERN rocks on YouTube
ComputerWeekly.com, UK - May 22, 2008
Doowop singers, Les Horribles Cernettes - who derived their name from their employer, the CERN laboratory in Switzerland - were the first band to have an ...
Job title: Head of Technology Transfer, European Organization for ...
Prague Post, Czech Republic - May 1, 2008
Why should research institutions like CERN have technology transfer offices? At CERN we do fundamental research, for which the objective is purely ...PINK:TCHY

Gizmodo Australia
Big-bang machine’s battle plan set
MSNBC - May 20, 2008
One of the other parties in the case, Europe’s CERN particle-physics center, is supposed to be served this week in Switzerland, according to Walter Wagner, ...
Spammer Keeps Whining About Large Hadron Collider Assploding Gizmodo
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Cerner execs extol health of company, industry
Bizjournals.com, NC - May 23, 2008
Neal Patterson, president of the North Kansas City-based health care information technology company (Nasdaq: CERN), said US health care spending is on pace ...CERN
Scientists begin hunt for mysterious "God particle"
The Cheers, Estonia - May 26, 2008
The Large Hadron Collider is located at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland. Physicists the world over ...

Probing into the heart of matter
Vancouver Sun, Canada - May 20, 2008
-- the European particle physics lab in Switzerland -- for their What the Ottawa-based team constructed is a pair of massive particle detectors for CERN...
A Carleton University team has spent years slowly, carefully ... Ottawa Citizen
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Cosmic Supermagnet Spreads Mysterious 'Morse Code'
Science Daily (press release) - May 22, 2008
Although these X-rays to not reach the Earth's surface, they are nevertheless visible in space with the aid of an X-ray telescope. ...

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