Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making my Vote Count
Talk about total control of Demoncrat Biased B.S. on all the major networks, not any coverage of the Republican Results on T.V. I can't sit through this controlled Brainwashing and contrived B.S. as they steal away our rights. I gotta turn this bullshit off or it's gonna make me explode watching CNN treat my intelligence like jello. Anybody who is aware of these tactics can obviously see how they are engineering the entire Election. I'm sick and tired off hearing these Leftist Losers who have to cheat the sheeple out of their Freedom by totally dictating to us what is broadcast.

CNN Student News Transcript: May 7, 2008
CNN - 10 hours ago
John McCain won enough delegates to wrap up the Republican Party's nomination a couple months ago, so he's looking toward the general election in November. ...
Video: AP Election Update With John Seigenthaler AssociatedPress Election 2008:Previewing the Indiana Primary

Washington Post
google news commentComment by Jerry Meek
Chair, North Carolina Democratic Party

Toronto Star - National Journal
all 5,255 news articles »
ELECTION 2008: Schellinger, Long Thompson wait on late results
New Albany Tribune, IN - 9 hours ago
Heavily Democratic Lake County in northwest Indiana was one of only two counties with no vote results in as of 11:30 pm EDT, although the county is on ...
Primary Results Reflect Pattern of Presidential Race
NPR - 1 hour ago
Hillary Clinton in the Indiana primary in the Egyptian Room of the Murat Centre on Tuesday in Indianapolis. Getty Images Michelle Obama and her husband, ...

Indiana's NewsCenter
High turnout reported, process confuses some
StarNewsOnline.com, NC - 13 hours ago
Check the site for election results updated throughout the night. If you haven’t declared for one of the two major parties, you still can vote in either the ...
Indiana's Lake County has tradition of late vote tallies WTHI
Voters flock to polls to mark ballots Goldsboro News Argus
Ex-cop turned clerk hoping to restore voter confidence Muncie Star Press
Salisbury Post - WTHI
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Absentee ballots hold up Lake County results
Munster Times, IN - 9 hours ago
All eyes are on Northwest Indiana at Jim Schellinger’s election night headquarters in Indianapolis. While the Democratic candidate for governor isn’t here ...

Unconventional wisdom reigns in this campaign
San Jose Mercury News, USA - May 6, 2008
The free agents of the election, they are not bound by voting results and they could very well decide the Democratic nominee. Media tracks their every move; ...
Wayne Co. turns Democrat Palladium-Item
Today on the presidential campaign trail Napa Valley Register
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Clinton fights on as hopes dwindle
guardian.co.uk, UK - 2 hours ago
Mayor Rudy Clay, an Obama supporter from Gary, in the north-west of Indiana - one of the last places to announce its results - denied there had been any ...
Clinton leads in Indiana, battles Obama in North Carolina
San Jose Mercury News, USA - 14 hours ago
Jeremiah In Indiana, about one in five voters said they were independents, an additional one in 10 said Republican. Only Democrats and unaffiliated voters ...

New York Times
Clinton wins narrow victory
Munster Times, IN - 5 hours ago
The 2008 primary frequently was compared to the 1968 election, in which Robert Kennedy's hard-fought victory in the Hoosier state helped propel his ...
All eyes on Indiana today as we vote Muncie Star Press
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Obama takes big step ahead in Democratic race
Calgary Herald, Canada - 1 hour ago
The results helped Obama widen his lead over Clinton in the grueling Democratic duel for the right to face Republican John McCain in November's presidential ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi NeverKnwo. Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner. That turd John McCan't should drop out, he's got no support. I've been doing a series of videos proving why he's got no support. When you analyze the footage of him on the news he's in small rooms, or he has only journalist around him.

Here's a vid I think you'll like debunking the myth the media plays.