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The Legend of the Firestone's Magic Rings at 'Circle City'

CIRCLE (sacred hoop, ring): An ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and female power. To earth-centered religions throughout history as well as to many contemporary pagans, it represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualized Mother Earth, and a sacred space. (See next item) Gnostic traditions linked the unbroken circle to the "world serpent" forming a circle as it eats its own tail.

In the Hindu system, there is Ananta-Sesha, the serpent of infinity; in the ancient Scandinavian cosmogony, the world serpent Nidhogg, is represented as encircling the globe with its tail in its mouth. The same representation is found in the Egyptian teachings:

"In the oldest Egyptian imagery, as in the cosmogonic allegories of Kneph, the mundane snake, when typifying matter, is usually represented as contained within a circle; he lies straight across its equator, thus indicating that the universe of astral light, out of which the physical world evolved, while bounding the latter, is itself bound by Emepht, or the Supreme First Cause. . . . When the serpent represents eternity and immortality, it encircles the world, biting its tail, and thus offering no solution of continuity. It then becomes the astral light" (IU 157).

Another interpretation of the snake in the circle is that "The active is attracted by the passive principle and the Great Nag [Ananta-Sesha], the serpent emblem of the eternity, attracts its tail to its mouth forming thereby a circle (cycles in the eternity) in that incessant pursuit of the negative by the positive" (ML 71).

A sublime conception has also its human analog: the world serpent as the cosmic naga or grand universal 'Adam Qadmom, the sublime cosmic initiate, the cosmic wisdom which lives from manifesting universe to manifesting universe as its Purusha or spirit. It is the source of cosmic laws, wisdom, and life which infill the universe of which each such world serpent is the divine originating cause. The same thought in its human application refers to the great adept or master of wisdom and love.

neverknwo meets Scott Dixon at Indy in 2004.
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Indianapolis awarded 2012 Super Bowl

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The Brave New World Order

I have decided to put my efforts into writing for the time being to develop that aspect until I get a new setup. The videos are very likely to return in ...


Synchromysticism is described by Jake Kotze at The Brave New World Order weblog as ''The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.''
It is not dissimilar to Goro Adachi's concept of Multicontextual research.


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Opening Gates of Atlantis II Torch Ritual”
The Atlantis logo is composed of a sun disk or Cross of Light embedded in concentric rings . According to Laurence Gardner, writing in The Magdalene Legacy, a cross within a circle is called a Rosi-Crucis – the Dew Cup – and is the original symbol for the Holy Grail.

Schliemann’s City of the Golden Gates with Atlantis logo (1906).

Its main characteristic is the shape of the water canals and the land zones together

with the bridges forming the “Cross of Atlantis”.

The Center represents the capitol of Atlantis.

Although Plato does not mention this center’s name other traditions do record the name of the capital of Atlantis.

Meru is the name of this center.

The 4th century B.C. Greek historian Theopompus tells us that one of the names of the people

who inhabited Atlantis were the Meropes, the people of Merou.

ATLANTIS II/ The Gates”:


‘The Gates of Atlantis’ unfurls in Central Park

The ancient “in-the-closet” NATSI BUDDHIST Monks of Thibet, backed by
the dumbed-down military power of Mongolia, began to take control of
planet Earth 7500 years ago. March 1, 2005 to May 4, 2005 marks their
“+4 BREECHES” anniversary. This is when they began breeching the land
bridges that linked Africa and the middle-east, and thereby “Frontal
Lobotomized” the ancient world.

To celebrate their LOVE (lava) RELIGION they have now set up a 7500
arch ORANGE POWER display in Central Park, New York. This year marks
the beginning of the end for their Caucasian White Elephants (US),
which is projected to be the warmest summer ever in the Northern

An ORANGE ARCH, two pillars and a rainbow arc, is representative of
the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer linked to.get.her by an
Arc of many colours which itself symbolizes Ecclesiastic Freemasonry’s
ability to fabricate both ACTS OF GOD (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods,
etc) and ACTS OF MAN (war, famine, pestilence and disease).

Turmoil over the next 55 years will be like none we peep.le (birdmen)
have ever experienced.


The SculPTor


*“July 15, ’05 Initiating ‘Deep Impact Sequence’”

At this moment Comet Tempel 1 should be just a little past the point of crossing the plane of Mars’ orbit (or slightly outside of it) – going below the planetary path.

This is the comet that NASA’s Deep Impact ‘impactor’ struck last Monday, July 4, followed by it crossing the Mars orbital path (viewed from directly above) and the ecliptic July 5-7, which coincided with our key date July 6 and the July-7th London bombings.

A key context here is that right now the ‘torch’ of the ‘Super Torch Ritual’ (STR) continuously being passed forward is being carried by the Tour de France in the background (July 2-24) and in the foreground by NASA’s space shuttle returning to space for the first time since the highly symbolic Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003, which was a major ‘omen’ in the context of the STR. Columbia being analogous to Columba (constellation) the Dove of Noah carrying a olive branch in its beak, it prefigured among other things – such as the disaster of the ‘Pax Americana’-driven US Iraq invasion and the rise of a new pope (prophetically dubbed ‘the glory of the olive’) – the prevalent ‘Great Flood’ theme, quite literally manifesting last December in the form of a catastrophic southeast-Asia quake and tsunami.

It’s not just the original target launch date of Discovery, July 13, that is ‘ritualistic’ here but it’s also the fact that mid-July marks the 6-month point from the landing of Huygens on one of Saturn’s moon Titan. This was on January 14 and so calendrically around July 14 is the exact opposite/‘antipodal’ point – an important theme in the currently active ‘time codes’ closely tracked on this site.

Saturn is the ‘lord of the ring’, Prometheus the fire-giver, as well as Enki the savior of ‘Noah’; and in Greek mythology the Titans are the elder gods led by Saturn-Cronus who opposed, along with Gigantes (giants) and such, the younger Olympian gods led by Zeus. In the sense that Saturn was the ruler of the Golden Age, his fall in the great war would easily signify the end of that age and beginning of the next one, the Silver Age, ruled by Zeus.

Technically speaking, it is the Bronze Age that is explicitly described as being destroyed by a great flood. But conceptually each shift of the ages takes place through a large- scale destruction analogous to the Great Flood. It is therefore fitting that the Titans/Gigantes could correspond to the ‘giants’ in the Book of Genesis (the Nephilim) as their very brief appearance is as the source of great corruption that directly led to the biblical Great Flood.

So attached to the space shuttle Discovery, through timing, is the same idea of the Great Flood expressed previously by Columbia.

But there is more to the symbolism…

The modern Great Flood last December was a monster earthquake near Sumatra generating a major tsunami, killing over 240,000 people. Sumatra’s ancient name, Swarna Dwipa, means ‘Isle of Gold’ and hence its massive destruction was aptly symbolic of the end of the Golden Age expressed by the war between the Titans and the Olympians – traditionally known as ‘Titanomachy’. It is also easily interchangeable with the destruction of the legendary ancient civilization Atlantis.

Now, Atlantis – known to us mostly through Plato’s writings – is usually thought of as having its city arranged in the shape of concentric circles, which in this context brings to mind the alchemical symbol for gold (as in the ‘Golden Age’ and ‘Isle of Gold’) which is a circle with a dot at its center. And quake shockwaves, or the waves of a tsunami, are typically depicted as concentric circles…

There is also the geodetic ‘great circle’ expressing the same motif, which is now a major theme that has emerged through Sumatra.

This STR ‘signature’ configuration was first detected at the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics late- August last year which featured a big enigmatic spiral reminiscent of the beginning point of the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ in The Wizard of Oz.

It was then followed by U2’s new CD with their ‘Vertigo’ video, and the Damageplan concert shooting ‘ritual’ in Columbus, Ohio containing unmistakable Wizard of Oz references. The latter encoded a geodetic ‘message’ and was eventually decoded to pinpoint the epicenter of Sumatra – weeks before it happened – through the use of great circles. Columbus – a name related to Columba/Columbia – is exactly 180 degrees away in longitude from the Sumatra epicenter for starters, and Damageplan was originally (more or less) a band called Pantera to evoke in this context ‘Pan Terra’ or ‘whole earth’. In other words, a planetary-scale geodetic puzzle disclosing a ‘damage plan’ was hiding just beneath the surface. (All this stuff is extensively discussed here.)

U2, and particularly Bono, is one of the prominent pop-culture figures heavily woven into the ‘Super Torch Ritual’ along with other musicians such as Paul McCartney. We’ve already discussed the symbolic significance of McCartney’s major presence at the Live 8 concert in London July 2, but U2 was there as well and had an equally important and perhaps more relevant presence. In fact, U2/Bono opened the concert in London with McCartney, performing together. Again, as you can see in the picture below, the concentric-circle theme was hard to miss.

Live 8 was one of the major events considered embodying a 6-month echo stemming from the Sumatra ‘Great Flood’, just as mid-July represents an echo window for Huygens’ Titan landing, which too is closely associated with the Flood as we’ve seen.

How fitting is it, then, that brought onboard to the Saturnian moon was, among many other scientific instruments, a concentric-circle symbol in the form of the Music2Titan logo? (And, yes, it has to do with music.) Compare it with U2’s ‘Vertigo’ video screenshot above. The resemblance is uncanny, especially given the shared underlying context.

The symbolism gets thicker: While the ancient tale of Titanomachy (the Titan-Olympian war) has survived only in Hesiod’s Theogony, there is a passing reference to a lost work on Titanomachy in an essay falsely attributed to Plutarch called De Musica or ‘On Music’! (Music again…) Here is the relevant passage:

‘About the same time, Heraclides says, Linus of Euboea was composing dirges, Anthes of Anthedon in Boeotia was composing hymns, and Pieros of Pieria his poems about the Muses, while Philammon of Delphi recounted in songs the wanderings of Leto and the birth of Artemis and Apollo, and was the first to establish choruses at the temple of Delphi. Thamyris, a Thracian by birth, sang more melodiously [1132b] and with a more beautiful voice than anyone else in those days, which led him to compete, so the poets say, in a contest against the Muses. He is also said to have composed a piece on the war of Titans against the gods. [...]’ [On Music, 1132a-b]

So there is a very coherent pattern here and woven into it is the concept of music for some reason. Why music? I have already pointed out its connection to the idea of ‘Contact’, interacting for instance with the film War of the Worlds released late June. But there is likely more to this… which we won’t go into here.

Now, back to Discovery – its launch was canceled on July 13 due to a technical glitch involving the fuel tank and NASA originally stated that the earliest the shuttle would be ready again was Saturday, July 16, before pushing it back to Sunday, as reported yesterday. And now it looks more like the launch will come sometime next week. If it comes sometime between July 19-21 as it seems likely (7/19 being my first pick), we’ll have July 16-17 as the ‘ritualistically’ important midpoint as counted from July 13. And there is a reason I’m focusing on these dates, as mentioned briefly in my July 5 post:

If viewed laterally, Comet Tempel 1 will go under Mars’ orbital path/plane on July 13 – the target day for the launch of NASA’s space shuttle Discovery. July 16 is another key date but I’ll discuss that one in another post. This is just the tip of the iceberg. [emphasis added]

On July 16-17:

Mars reaches perihelion, when the Red Planet is closest to the Sun in its orbit. (7/16-17)

There is a Sun-Mercury-Comet Tempel 1 alignment. (7/16-17)

!The Tour de France cyclists cross the Paris Meridian (‘Rose Line’) on July 16. They crossed it previously on July 6 – another key date – and they will cross it again on July 21.

The latest Harry Potter book, ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’, is released on July 16.

Harry Potter? Yes, Harry Potter – I’m not kidding. :) Now, just think about it: it’s a perfect pop-culture vehicle through which a ‘hidden signal’ can be transmitted to anyone out there who can potentially detect and decipher such hidden communication. It’s like The Wizard of Oz and The Da Vinci Code – a very popular mysterious and imaginative story that bridges this and the ‘other’ world. It’s the ‘looking-glass’ that enables substantive ‘transdimensional’ communication, so to speak. Compared to other kinds of stories which can be viewed as slow modems, it’s a high-speed broadband connection ideal for high-voltage multicontextual information-seeding that is ‘Contact’.

Bringing Harry Potter into this seems so silly because it’s so pop culture, so much so that even the Pope has commented on it, but actually that is exactly why it’s a great candidate to be used as a ‘Contact’ medium (and I’m definitely not saying that the author of the Harry Potter series is aware of such a scheme or anything like that). The more creativity involved, the more ‘interdimensional’ the product becomes. It turns into, in a way, a ‘magnet’ for ‘coincidences’ and such.

Now, just to give the reader a taste of what’s going on with Harry Potter within the STR context, let me mention the following…

Geographically, the 7/7 London bombings took place generally along the Circle Line of the London Underground. There were three train explosions and two of which were traveling on the Circle Line. In ‘Circle Line’ we already detect the familiar motif of circles. But there is also another major STR theme present here, that of ‘midpoint’, closely associated with the ‘Judgment Day’ concept in the STR scheme. All three trains that were bombed went through King’s Cross, and the station actually marks the exact halfway point between the two trains that went in opposite directions on the Circle Line (they left King’s Cross at about the same time).

The third train, by the way, was #311. Yes, that ‘Judgment Day’ number! If you recall, ‘311’ was already found to interact heavily with the window surrounding the 7/7 bombings. What are the odds…

So King’s Cross represents the all-important midpoint. In Harry Potter books, King’s Cross is where students get on the ‘Hogwarts Express’ to go to the ‘other world’ of magic and wizardry. In other words, it’s analogous to Alice’s looking-glass or Dorothy’s twister. It’s the ‘dimensional gateway’.

Fittingly, the Hogwarts Express uses a secret platform ’9¾’ between platform 9 and 10, invisible to normal humans. ’9¾’ is 9.75 or, treating it as a time reference (sexagesimal system), 9 and 45 – giving us 9:45.

The three trains exploded almost simultaneously at 8:50 am. But there was one more bombing – that of a double-decker bus – that came nearly an hour later. (The plan may have been for the bus to explode at King’s Cross but the bus was following a diversion from its normal route.) The time was… 9:47 – practically the same as that magical ‘ 9¾’ time.

Combining these and other factors, the 7/7 bombings that disrupted the first full-day session of the G8 summit in Scotland was, in a way, a ‘stargate’ event, as well as ‘Contact’. Incidentally, as a couple of readers pointed out to me, ‘G8’ can be read as ‘G-eight’ or ‘Gate’.

There is more to the apparent ‘Harry Potter cipher’, of course. But pertinent here for the time being is the fact that the new Harry Potter will be released on July 16. A planetary alignment involving Comet Tempel 1 coming up July 16-17… And because Tempel 1 already time-stamped ~July 7 by crossing the ecliptic at that time, the comet in effect becomes a bridge connecting the 7/16 release of Harry Potter and the 7/7 bombings.

Well, as you know, Deep Impact’s celestial fireworks show was back on July 4 – Independence Day, which was obviously a major ‘torch day’, signified by the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty in turn is a form of Mary Magdalene, Venus, or Isis… i.e. generally ‘the Goddess’. And Grail tradition holds that Mary Magdalene brought the ‘Royal Blood’ (= ‘Rose Line’ or ‘Holy Grail’) to southern France sometime after the crucifixion of Jesus. France is exactly where the Statue of Liberty – and the spirit of liberty – came from as a gift.

Mary Magdalene is also invoked by the Tour de France that started on the ‘middle day’ of the year, July 2 – the same day as 1) Live 8’s ‘Long Walk To Justice’ targeting G8, 2) Venus Williams winning Wimbledon in London, 3) Danica Patrick, another torch-carrying ‘Venus’/‘morning star’ figure, winning pole position for an Indy race in Kansas (where ‘Dorothy’ lived), and 4) the second anniversary of the release of Terminator 3 featuring ‘the Olympian’ Schwarzenegger in which was found encoded a ‘311’ time cue associated with ‘Judgment Day’. Mary-Venus-Isis is Lucifer the light/torch-bearer as well as to some extent Lady Justice, so those ‘middle day’ events share a common theme.

Le Tour is particularly evocative of Mary Magdalene in that ‘Tour de France’ can be interpreted as ‘tower of France’ (‘tour’ and tower’ are etymologically related) and the title ‘Magdalene’ means ‘tower’. A ‘tower in France’ is therefore ‘Magdalene in France’. Le Tour, furthermore, traditionally ends at the heart of France’s capital, Paris, the city of Isis (‘Par-Isis’). Paris in Greek mythology is associated with the torch. And Paris anchors the historically and esoterically important Paris Zero Meridian, or ‘Rose Line’, embodying the ‘Royal Blood’ flowing from/through ‘Mary Magdalene’.

As ‘lapsit exillis’, the Holy Grail (‘Royal Blood’) is a symbolic form of ‘stone fallen from heaven’ – a reference to a meteorite, particularly in its capacity as a heavenly ‘seed’ as per the panspermia process. This notion is very much present in the ancient Egyptian version of the stone, the Benben Stone, the ultimate capstone of the pyramid/obelisk, closely associated with Heliopolis or the ‘City of the Sun’. It’s a ‘Sun Stone’ or ‘Fire Stone’, and all about seeding and copulation.

What Deep Impact highlighted by smashing into Comet Tempel 1 on the July-4th ‘torch day’ – or a ‘Grail day’ – was this theme of the ‘heavenly stone’. It was a very fitting and esoteric way of celebrating Lady Liberty i.e. the goddess Mary Magdalene-Isis-Venus.

The name ‘Tempel 1’ adds more depth to the symbolism. Seen as ‘Temple 1’, immediately bringing to mind the first Temple in Jerusalem built by Solomon, it alludes to the Ark of the Covenant which the Temple housed. The Ark, according to tradition, held inside stone tablets (of Moses) which are sometimes theorized to have been meteorites, i.e. heavenly stones. So that reinforces the underlying symbolism.

The Temple was built on the summit of the Temple Mount, also called ‘Mount Moriah’. On TV, the July 4th celebration in the US prominently featured Mariah Carey – or should that be ‘Moriah carry’ or ‘Ark carrier’? – who was shown performing three songs for the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular in New York. (She performed at London’s Live 8 concert two days before.) This came at a time when her single ‘We Belong Together’ was the nation’s #1 song, her first in five years, and her 16th #1 single – ‘16’ being, of course, a key STR number. To refresh your memory: Danica’s Indy car is #16; Venus Williams was ranked 16th in the world when she won the Wimbledon tournament on July 2; and the new pope is also a ‘16’, Benedict XVI. So that’s… amusing. And it makes pretty good sense, because the tarot card numbered 16 is the ‘Tower card’.

The Ark being more or less interchangeable with an ‘arc’, it also alludes to the earth’s grid or great circles (for meridians and the equator). And of course the heavenly stone, particularly as the omphalos (navel) stone shown with two doves perched on it, is said to be the standard glyph meaning ‘to lay out parallels and meridians’. One of the meanings of ‘Magdalene’ happens to be ‘the place of the dove’.

So viewed together, we can’t help but start paying attention to the Paris Zero Meridian, the longitudinal great circle passing through Paris, signifying the ‘Rose Line’ or the Grail (stone) – i.e. the meridian to be crossed by the Tour/Tower de France cyclists on July 16, when in the sky will be formed the alignment of the Sun, Mercury and Tempel 1.

But it’s not just the Paris Meridian… We are also ‘instructed’ to pay attention to another meridian, or the Prime Meridian, i.e. that of Greenwich/London.

‘Tempel 1’ is ‘Temple 1’ and further, as Alfredo pointed out to me, ‘Time 1’ since ‘temple’ and ‘time’ are probably etymologically related. (Interestingly, the Indo-European root tem- from which Latin templum or ‘temple’ may have derived, means ‘to cut, divide’.) And ‘Time 1’ would be the Prime Meridian, which officially regulates all time zones on the planet. Today, the international Prime Meridian is the longitude of the Royal Greenwich Observatory or, generally, London, where the 7/7 bombings event took place, coinciding with Tempel 1 crossing the ecliptic.

‘7/7’ is an additional key clue here sine it seems to allude to the halfway point of the ‘Mayan final time segment’, 1998-2012, which would be 2005. (And the midpoint of the year 2005 was July 2.) This is made more relevant here by the fact that the Greenwich/London Prime Meridian doesn’t represent the leading edge of the planetary time zones. A new day actually starts on the opposite side of the globe, which means London’s Prime Meridian is a noon-marker, or… the halfway time-marker.

So we now have two key meridians highlighted – those of London/Greenwich and Paris. Two longitudinal great circles… intersecting at the earth’s poles.

Now, as noted in Hamlet’s Mill, the Promethean fire, signified by the Olympic torch, is a coded reference to ‘a great circle reaching from one celestial pole to the other’. Thus, our two meridional great circles are expressive of two ‘rings of fire’. This brings to mind this scene from the Athens Olympics…

And of course it was on July 6, the day before the 7/7 London bombings, that London and Paris found themselves in a two-way battle in the final round of the IOC voting trying to decide which city will host the 2012 ‘Mayan’ Olympics! London eventually came out victorious but the celebration lasted only a day, thanks to yet another ‘Mayan ritual event’ striking London on 7/7.

There is, through the ’7/7’ symbolism, actually another meridian being highlighted here – that of Washington DC, which is 77 degrees West. That is, a ’7-7’ meridian! It’s a historically significant longitude and has even been dubbed ‘God’s Longitude’.

So – three meridians. Paris, London, and Washington DC. Well, can it be more Masonic or Templar? These are Masonic/Templar ‘capitals’.

It is often remarked that the most significant geographical bridge connecting Freemasonry to the Knights Templar is Scotland where the Templars, under attack from the French monarch and the Church, supposedly took shelter, assisted by the sympathetic St. Clair/Sinclair family there. And of course Scotland is where the G8 summit was taking place around 7/7 this year…

What’s more, a well-known Masonic symbol, printed on the back of the US dollar bill, is the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, which is a stylized Benben Stone or the meteoric capstone of the pyramid.

This symbol also appears on the cover of a new CD coming out on August 16, titled ‘Don’t Tread On Me’. (Thanks to a reader for bringing this to my attention.)

This is by a band called… ‘311’! And their biggest mainstream hit song would be one titled ‘Amber’. Remember the ‘orange’ sub-theme associated with the ‘Judgment Day’ motif closely associated with the number ‘311’? Amber is an orange-yellow color…

The significance of ‘orange’, you may recall, seems to have much to do with its cryptic allusion to the combination of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. And we have seen that an alignment of these three – dubbed the ‘Double-Sun Orange’ – appears to have an important function of marking key dates/events (particularly relating to the idea of the ‘fall/judgment of the Sun-king’).

The celestial alignment coming up July 16-17 is similar to this – but we have Comet Tempel 1 in the mix instead of Venus. However, because of Tempel 1’s close symbolic link to Mary Magdalene-Isis-Venus discussed above, it could easily be viewed that the comet is an apt substitute for Venus in the alignment. This is definitely a context that may prove fruitful when interpreting mid-July events.

Oh, and the release date of the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ CD, August 16? It’s none other than the ‘Deep Impact day’, when a comet hits Earth – causing a ‘Great Flood’ – in the the 1998 film… Deep Impact.

There is a lot here that collectively constitute an ‘omen’. In the STR context, ‘omens’ – the major ones – come in the form of man-made structure falling from the sky that is associated with the notion of ‘peace’. In 2001, months before 9/11, it was the Russian space station Mir – decommissioned and made to fall down to earth on March 23. The name ‘Mir’ means both ‘peace’ and ‘world’. The end of Mir therefore signified the ‘end of world peace’, realized months later on 9/11 – which happened to be the International Peace Day.

In 2003, it was the space shuttle Columbia breaking apart upon reentry on February 1. The name ‘Columbia’ can mean ‘America’ as well as ‘peace’ (Columbia => Columba => dove => peace). The following month the US-led Iraq invasion began – driven by the imperial PNAC neoconservative agenda envisioning a Pax Americana, or ‘American Peace’. Like the shuttle Columbia, it ended up becoming a (predictable) disaster for both Iraq and the United States

Then in the fall of 2004 came NASA’s Genesis space capsule returning from the Sun after collecting a solar-wind sample. It failed to open its parachute and crashed into the Utah desert on September 8 – less than 2 weeks after the end of the Athens Olympics. Very much in line with the symbolic panspermia (cosmic seeding) theme of the Olympics, Genesis was a near-literal reenactment of the fall of the ‘Sun Stone’, i.e. the Benben/omphalos/Grail Stone or the ‘All-Seeing Eye’. And Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics where a DNA-shaped torch tower was erected (DNA being the ultimate expression of a ‘seed’).

Exactly three months later on December 8, 2004, there was a follow-up to the ‘solar seed stone’ ritual, coming in a more stylized form – the Damageplan concert shooting in Columbus, Ohio. ‘Columbus’, of course, is a variant of Columbia/Columba thus related to the foregoing ‘omens’. And the strange flag of Ohio is – as you can see right – a stylized All-Seeing Eye capstone surrounded by a negative-space ‘M’ denoting Mary Magdalene or the ‘dove’ – i.e. like the standard omphalos symbol meaning ‘to lay out parallels and meridians’.

Sure enough, this ‘omen’ system was answered by the very ‘Genesis’-inspired modern ‘Great Flood’ event in southeast Asia just weeks after Columbus/Damageplan; it was pinpointed by Columbus’ meridional great circle and the parallel great circle (always fixed at the equator) on the other side of the globe.

And now, in 2005, we just had the Deep Impact fireworks on a ‘torch day’, which was quite similar to the Genesis crash especially when the storyline of the film ‘Deep Impact’ is taken into account (i.e. a heavenly stone colliding with Earth). This time, a real comet was employed in the ‘omen ritual’.

That this was a STR ‘omen’ was made clearer through the attached theme of ‘peace’. Tempel 1 is ‘Temple 1’ or ‘Solomon’s Temple’, and ‘Solomon’ means none other than ‘peace’!

What kind of real-life ‘deep impact’ are we in for this time around? Well, I have a lot to say about this and I will, perhaps in increments, in the near future. But in a sense, the 7/7 London bombings coming just days after Deep Impact hitting Tempel 1 was already a… let’s say the beginning of a ‘Deep Impact sequence’ that will continue further into 2005… We’re looking at something major in the November-December timeframe. I mean, I’m seeing the time code… and it’s there.

As far as the July 16-17 window (+/- 1 day) is concerned, I’m viewing it as another maker in the ‘Deep Impact Sequence’. This is already manifesting through the release of the new Harry Potter book on July 16. In addition to the 7/7 connection already discussed, Harry Potter makes its relevance known through the fact that the series’ very first book was named (outside of the US) ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. The ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ is traditionally an alter ego of all the heavenly stones discussed in this post! So Comet Tempel 1, for instance, is symbolically a Philosopher’s Stone

And we’ll of course monitor the space shuttle’s imminent ‘Return To Flight’...

Now, is that in the STS-114 mission patch a stylized great circle that I see? And an orange meridional great circle? (Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

The blue ‘great circle’ makes the planet more like Saturn and the orange color alludes to Saturn’s orange moon, Titan. The Flood theme reemerging again? Indeed, we see that inside the shuttle outline in the patch is depicted the constellation of Columba (Noah’s dove) and the shuttle is even marking the North Pole, which is mythologically associated with the heavenly (cubic) stone having the function of stopping the Great Flood! Here is what I wrote in Contact: In the Ring of Fire:

A meridional great circle, or the ‘fire colure’, necessarily goes through the poles, but there are two amazing further correlations employed here. One is that the function of stopping the Flood water ascribed to the Benben/Omphalos Stone, which is a capstone or in effect a ‘pole stone’ symbolically used to pinpoint the Sumatran Great Flood, was also given to the Pole Star. As noted in Hamlet’s Mill (p.219):

According to the Mongolians, the Pole star is “a pillar from the firm standing of which depends the correct revolving of the world, or a stone which closes an opening; if the stone is pulled out, water pours out of the opening to submerge the earth.”

Continuing with the book, we have the following concerning the cubic shape (pp.222-3):

The cube was Saturn’s figure, as Kepler showed in his Mysterium Cosmographicum; this is the reason for the insistence on cubic stones and cubic arks. Everywhere, the power who warns “Noah” and urges him to build his ark is Saturn, as Jehovah, as Enki, as Tane, etc.

And where are the great circles marking on the globe, as per ‘X marks the spot’?

The Caribbean, or the West Indies. This is where Columbus made ‘First Contact’ with the New World… i.e. yet another manifestation of the ‘Columba’ theme! The region also includes Cuba – evoking ‘cube’ – and this is one of the prominent places theorized – by Andrew Collins for instance – to correspond to Plato’s Atlantis, the legendary island destroyed in a ‘Great Flood’.

And as it happens, Cuba’s flag is so similar to Ohio’s…

Flag of Ohio Flag of Cuba

The West Indies is also the ‘opposite’ of the East Indies (South and Southeast Asia), where last December’s ‘Great Flood’ took place on Boxing Day (or a ‘cube day’).

So it’s, seemingly, all about the ‘Great Flood’ now. And that cannot be not dramatic when/if manifested in physical reality.

Well, all this is a very active and ingenious ‘Contact’ game and we’re here trying to keep up with the Hermetic communication. The more deciphered/communicated, the less physical the manifestation of the pattern will be – in my view.

So, more coming and at this point I have only scratched the surface!

A Dragon Eye view of the Reptilian Jungle

Emerging from the landscape, and shaped by nature, the design will create a simple symbolic link – a bridge – between old and new, between people and country and China with the world.

The design introduces an innovative solution to the provision of temporary seats during the Olympic Games. All the temporary seats are under cover and all seats enjoy excellent views to the field of play. It adopts high technology principles for operational management and interaction with the environment.

The moving roof created like two leaves is simple, elegant and economical. After the games, people will be able to walk, via a safe and secure path, along over the leading edge of the roof.

The extended “wings” of the roof, as an integral function of the moving roof and a fundamental part of an efficient roof structure, allow for up to 200,000 people to have a direct experience of the Games .

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