Thursday, May 8, 2008

For the next month, the National Cattle Congress in Waterloo will be the scene of what's being called an "exercise" by the Department of Homeland Security. Workers began staging for that exercise Friday. You can see the temporary trailers that have been set up next to the pavilion and ag center....
US, Canadian emergency responders plan 8-day exercise
The Canadian Press, Colo. - Apr 28, 2008
Also participating are the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the US Transportation Command and the US National Guard ...

Mock TB 'outbreak' planned
Valley News Today, IA - May 7, 2008
... Riley said Region Four, composed of 18 counties in Iowa including Montgomery and Page, received a grant through Homeland Security to stage the exercise. ...


Deadly Animal Virus May Soon Come to US Mainland
Natural, AZ - May 2, 2008
Lawmakers have already received one such report from the Homeland Security Department, which combines commercial satellite images and federal farm data

Cattle Congress becomes home to government training exercise
Chicago Tribune, United States - May 4, 2008
AP WATERLOO, Iowa - The federal government has leased out nearly the entire National Cattle Congress fairgrounds in eastern Iowa for a training exercise ...
US lease of Waterloo fairgrounds raises questions, IA - May 6, 2008
By WILLIAM PETROSKI • REGISTER STAFF WRITER • May 6, 2008 Federal officials have imposed a news blackout at the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds in ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Feds take over NCC fairgrounds for May training exercise
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - May 4, 2008
By PAT KINNEY WATERLOO--- Normal operations on the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds have been suspended for most of May as the federal government has ...
Response teams test ability to mobilize
Arizona Republic, AZ - May 6, 2008
The state created the teams as a result of the Urban Area Security Initiative of 2003, which disburses Homeland Security money to help cities enhance their ...
ICE activity at NCC sparks fear among Latinos
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - 13 hours ago
FEMA and ICE both fall under the command of the US Department of Homeland Security. On April 24, FEMA announced it was conducting a national-level training ...

Feds Practice Evacuation From D.C. to Test 'Continuity of Government'

--In Big National Drill, Executive Branch 'Runs' Government From Outside D.C. as Mock Crises Mount

08 May 2008 A national disaster exercise that began last week involves the evacuation of thousands of federal personnel from Washington, D.C., the Washington Post reported [Buried in the 'Metro' section, Page B08]. In National Exercise 2-08, which continues through Saturday, [Bush bin Laden's] terrorists release a poisonous gas from a tanker in Washington state while Oregon authorities must handle the unintentional escape of nerve agent from the Umatilla Chemical Depot. Meanwhile, the capital region is faced with a terrorist threat and a major hurricane making its way up the East Coast. Over three days this week, the federal government is using cars and helicopters to move large numbers of employees to temporary sites in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The drill is intended to test the ability to maintain "continuity of government" in the face of a crisis. This is among the largest such drills since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, officials said. President [sic] George W. Bush was not expected to be among the evacuees, but some White House personnel would be sent out of town, said spokesman Scott Stanzel.


Center for Research on Globalization
Congress, the Bush Adminstration and Continuity of Government ...
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - May 1, 2008
Peter Dale Scott In August 2007, Congressman Peter DeFazio, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, told the House that he and the rest o
US Tests Response To Set of Calamities
Washington Post, United States - May 6, 2008
Congress and the judiciary are not part of the exercise, which is being overseen by the Department of Homeland Security. Since the late 1990s, every federal ...
Pinkham: What’s the evacuation route?
Malden Observer, MA - 49 minutes ago
As it stands, those who would be escaping from what the Department of Homeland Security describes as “man-made” or “natural” emergencies from the Department ...
Civil Air Patrol participating in national exercise
Montgomery Advertiser, AL - May 6, 2008
Civil Air Patrol members on both coasts are participating in Ardent Sentry 08, a homeland security and disaster response exercise that tests the readiness ...

Picatinny testing out new emergency center
New Jersey Herald, NJ - May 3, 2008
The center is self-contained and has its own secure networks outside those operated by the Pentagon or Homeland Security Department. ...

Scott Air Force Base tests disaster response
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States - May 6, 2008
The Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the National Guard -- as well as the Canadian government -- are participating. The US Transportation Command ...

Scott AFB tests disaster response
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States - May 7, 2008
This is the first of two national tests held every year; the US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and the National Guard — as well as the Canadian ...

Preparing for disaster, WA - May 3, 2008
Tim Lowenberg, top general of the Washington National Guard and the state’s senior homeland security official, gets the call at Camp Murray. ...

State to join test of catastrophic disaster response
The Olympian, WA - May 2, 2008
... the federal Department of Homeland Security and US Northern Command, the joint military organization responsible for homeland defense. ...

Get a yellow bag today in Portsmouth? It was part of the plan.
The Virginian-Pilot, VA - May 2, 2008
They are concerned about neighborhood security, she said, and “this just hit home.” The homeland security exercise cost about $4000, including equipment ...

CAP members join emergency exercise
Montgomery Advertiser, AL - May 7, 2008
CAP members are joining Ardent Sentry 08 and will be responsible for airborne reconnaissance and communication tasks. The exercise is taking place on both ...

National Level Exercise Begins in May
7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY - Apr 25, 2008
NLE 2-08 will merge the objectives of US Northern Command's (NORTHCOM) Ardent Sentry 2008 exercise, FEMA National Continuity Program's (NCP) Eagle Horizon ...

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