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Group pushes to improve Earth's ecosystem by ensuring human ...
WorldNetDaily, OR - May 11, 2008
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEMT, consists of volunteers who have made active life decisions to remain childless for the benefit of the ...

North Country Gazette
Eugenics American Style
North Country Gazette, NY - May 6, 2008
It was a red carpet for the new age of aggressive eugenics. Any government-sanctioned study or reporting means that would single out certain types of people ...
Medical Genetics Is Not Eugenics
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - May 12, 2008
By RUTH SCHWARTZ COWAN The connection that critics make between medical genetics and eugenics is historically fallacious. Activists on the political right ...

First GM human embryo raises fears of designer babies
RussiaToday, Russia - 4 hours ago
... of the experiment’s results have already sparked controversy in the scientific community, with some saying this is a way to a new eugenics. ...

Wannabe "Virus" Prince Philip Attacks Big Families
Prison - May 12, 2008
Borrowing the idea from American scientists who pioneered the field in the 1930's, the Nazis advanced the pseudo-science of eugenics and incorporated it ...
A Phony 'War on Science'
Washington Post, United States - May 6, 2008
The old, progressive eugenics of the late 19th and early 20th centuries involved widespread sterilization of the mentally disabled as a form of social ...

Eugenics and the Future of the Human Species
American Chronicle, CA - Apr 30, 2008
German doctors were enthusiastic proponents of an eugenics movements rooted in 19th century social Darwinism. Luke Gormally writes, in his essay "Walton, ...
Methodists Nail Nazi Record, Warn of 21st Century Darwinian Eugenics
Discovery Institute, WA - Apr 30, 2008
The Methodists’ resolution—adopted by a vote of 836 to 28—apologizes for the denomination’s own failure to resist the eugenics movement in this country in ...

Modesto Bee
Stanislaus State professor laments intolerance toward opponents of ...
Modesto Bee, CA - May 10, 2008
Weikart wrote the 2004 book "From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany," which underlined Stein's views in the movie. ...
Bob shows us the way
Belfast Telegraph, United Kingdom - May 10, 2008
They may not practice academic selection in Sweden, they just selected their whole population using eugenics up until 1976. ...
It's Just Science, Not a War
Washington Post, United States - May 9, 2008
It is not eugenics. It is not harvesting organs from prisoners. I have been a scientist for over 25 years, and I have never heard a scientist discuss such ...

Eugenics in Georgia
Christian News Wire (press release), DC - Apr 25, 2008
At 12:30 pm on Saturday, come and hear a first hand account of the "Eugenics in Georgia." *GENOCIDE: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, ...

Modern Eugenics: The Elimination of a People
Beaconcast, GA - Apr 22, 2008
Moreover, advocates say the staggering 92 percent termination rate in Down syndrome pregnancies amounts to eugenics, the pseudo-science used by the Nazis as ...
Rockefeller Family Fables
CounterPunch, CA - May 8, 2008
Beginning in 1910, Rockefeller money flowed into organizations such as the Race Betterment Foundation and the Eugenics Section of the American Breeders ...
Global Warming Won’t Harm Great Tits
Blogger News Network - 23 hours ago
... explains how Darwinism was used to justify the eugenics movement in the US, during which tens of thousands of Americans were sterilized against their ...
Bring evolution debate into 21st century
Toledo Blade, OH - May 10, 2008
... moves on to a larger goal: to link the theory of evolution to atheism, fascism, eugenics, the Holocaust, and, interestingly, the music of John Lennon. ...
'Expelled' uses sound bites, propaganda, but still raises valid ..., TX - May 2, 2008
Unlike some critics I didn't object to the links made from Darwin to eugenics -- a term coined by Darwin's cousin, Sir Francis Galton -- to Hitler and ...
Margaret Sanger's Dirty Little Secret, VA - Apr 24, 2008
She takes up the subject of eugenics, the history of the American Eugenics Society and the "personnel overlap with Margaret Sanger's birth control ...
Pastors Accuse Planned Parenthood for 'Genocide' on Blacks FOXNews
Planned Parenthood Accused of 'Genocide' on Blacks Since 1921
Black Leaders Condemn Planned Parenthood's Racism Human Events
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Your Take on the First GM Human Embryo
Wired News - 20 hours ago
You get eugenics. You get people radiating orphans to death to find out what happens. A society not firmly rooted in ethics is a society doomed to implode. ...

A Conspiracy Theory Primer
UnCapitalist Journal - May 4, 2008
For example, Jones connects the evolution theory of Charles Darwin to a cousin's twisted ideas on eugenics, and then he goes on to associate the early ...

Here come the designer babies, India - May 12, 2008
"This would turn children into objects, designed just like other consumer commodities, and would lead to a new eugenics in which the rich are able to give ...
World Leaders Meet In Secret at Bilderberg 2008 - Plan the End of ...
Granite Bay Press Tribune, USA - 9 hours ago
Then their is their love of Eugenics, what more proof do we need? How much more can we forget? They want a more subtly spun global version of what Hitler ...
Global Green Solutions Consolidates Ownership of Global Greensteam LLC - Apr 17, 2008
Global Green Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: GGRN) has acquired 100% ownership of its subsidiary, Global Greensteam LLC, through the purchase of outstanding shares ...OTC:GGRN

Climate crisis takes center stage at green conference
Taiwan Journal, Taiwan - May 8, 2008
A network of representatives of green parties from around the world, the Global Greens Network was founded in 2001 when the first conference was held in ...

Gore Financially Invested in Climate Cause, VA - 4 hours ago
"The growing sense of global urgency over our twin crisis -- climate change and energy security -- is now driving businesses to become green, consumers to ...

Institute puts university on 'green' path
Arizona State University, Tempe - 15 hours ago
The new home of the Global Institute of Sustainability is one of the most eco-friendly buildings on ASU’s Tempe campus. Equally important, it is also a ...

The People's Voice
Spoiled Americans fail the green test
The People's Voice, TN - 5 hours ago
Americans talk about global warming and they sound concerned. But that's as far as it goes. Talk is cheap. And so they continue to be part of the problem. ...
Green is good! Global Green Expo bought out thousands; Jeff Corwin ...
Hudson Reporter, NJ - May 4, 2008
The PSE&G Global Green Expo took place last weekend - April 25, 26 and 27 - in the CRRNJ Terminal in Liberty State Park. The expo featured the latest in ...

The Star-Ledger -
Global Green Expo continues today at Liberty State Park
The Star-Ledger -, NJ - Apr 26, 2008
The PSEG Global Green Expo continues today and runs through Sunday at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. The event will feature a lineup of celebrity ...
IT'S EASY BEING GREEN The Jersey Journal -
Learning the small green steps that make a big difference The Star-Ledger -
Expo tries to inspire NJ to make the world green The Star-Ledger -
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Global Green general purpose cleaner from Global Spill Control
Ferret, Australia - Apr 28, 2008
Global Green, available from Global Spill Control, is a mildly alkaline general purpose cleaner/degreaser designed to remove a wide range of soils, oil, ...
The Green Party of the United States will send six delegates to ...
Third Party Watch - Apr 30, 2008
Its mission is to promote the Global Green Charter among Green Parties throughout the world, as well as kindred green groups and society at-large; ...
Do We Ignore Our Home-Grown Greens? Utne Reader Online
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Setting Green As Practice: Building Affordable Housing for Family ..., NY - May 9, 2008
... National Association of Home Builders, Global Green, Building Knowledge, Inc., Building America and others for training and technical assistance. ...
UNI Strategic Global Green IT Conference 2008 – Energy Efficiency ...
China Newswire (press release), China - Apr 23, 2008
Singapore (April 23, 2008) /China Newswire/ — UNI strategic Global Green IT Conference 2008 will be held in Amara Hotel, Singapore from 23rd June to 24th ...
A Global Webinar on how businesses can 'Go Green'
openPR (press release), Germany - Apr 22, 2008
... Webex Communications India is hosting a Green Webinar on April 23; from 10 am to 11 am, as a part of their Global Green Business eSummit. ...

Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks.
Washington Post, United States - Apr 15, 2008
Distancing himself from the compulsory, state-sponsored eugenics that darkened the first half of the last century, Green instead celebrates the advent of a ...

Taking Out the Junk (Science)
FrontPage, CA - May 12, 2008
Michael Crichton, in his “State of Fear,” had a whole appendix at the end of his book about eugenics and how eugenics swept the country and the world in the ...

McCain Targets Independents with 'Green' Effort
NPR - 16 hours ago
Speaking on Monday in Portland, Ore., McCain subtly criticized the president for not doing more to combat global warming. "I will not permit eight long ...

California redoubles efforts to become "green" state in US
Xinhua, China - 10 hours ago
"Our state, nation and world are facing unprecedented challenges from global warming, high energy prices and threats to our energy security," Schwarzenegger ...
Solar-powered capital punishment Sacramento Bee
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Expelled Movie Exposes Planned Parenthood's Pro-Abortion MO, MT - Apr 21, 2008
Stein notes that Sanger was a proponent of eugenics, the pseudo-science which involves trying to create a master race of human beings through breeding. ...

Tests could reveal facts 'making individual less useful to society'
WorldNetDaily, OR - May 1, 2008
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, advocated eugenics to cull people she considered unfit from the population. In 1921, Sanger said eugenics is ...

E! Online
Rumer Willis: Spawn of Frankenstein?
E! Online - Apr 18, 2008
When we look at her, we think of a eugenics experiment gone slightly awry. Like breeding a race of, oh, we don’t know, tall blondes with large shoulders and ...

The First Genetically Modified Human Embryo: Advance or Abomination?
Wired News - May 12, 2008
"This is the first step on the road that will lead to the nightmare of designer babies and a new eugenics. The HFEA is right to say that the creation and ...

Pandemic response plan: let the elderly, the sick, and the poor die
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - May 5, 2008
This is nothing short of eugenics---the “cleansing of the unfit” that Hitler and his like only dreamed of---delivered through Bush-Cheney, ...

New Legislation Calls for Government Ownership of DNA
Natural, AZ - Apr 29, 2008
Brase warned that the ultimate outcome of such DNA databases could spark the next wave of demands for eugenics, the science of improving the human race ...

'What good is the privacy law if government warehouses data?'
WorldNetDaily, OR - Apr 18, 2008
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, advocated eugenics to cull people she considered unfit from the population. In 1921, she said eugenics is ...

Charley Reese: People are the problem, not guns
The News-Press, FL - Apr 25, 2008
I'm not about to get into any discussion of genetics or eugenics. I don't know why some groups are more violent than others. All I'm saying is that if you ...

Engineering by Scientists on Embryo Stirs Criticism
New York Times, United States - 8 hours ago
By ANDREW POLLACK Researchers in New York have created what is believed to be the first genetically engineered human embryo, which critics immediately ...
Genetically modified human embryo stirs controversy Xinhua
Genetically modified human embryo stirs criticism The Associated Press
News About Genetically Altered Embryo Points to Human Cloning Concerns
FierceBioResearcher -
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Times Online
Public want more debate on human embryo research
Times Online, UK - 21 hours ago
The Prime Minister risks denting his popularity even further if he forces through measures to liberalise embryo research without allowing more time for MPs ...
First Genetically Modified Human Embryo Created MedIndia
Cameron to take on Labour over controversial human embryo bill
Embryo Bill clears first hurdle The Press Association
Scotsman - Reuters
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BBC News
New procedure to spot viable IVF embryos, United Kingdom - 53 minutes ago
The technique, combined with sampling of around 20 cells from the very early embryo, before implantation in the womb, opens the way to pin-pointing a ...
IVF technique aims to identify successful embryos ABC Online
Experts move closer to identifying best embryos Reuters
Test-Tube Baby Genes May Predict Survival in Womb, Study Shows Bloomberg
Forbes - Medical News Today
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First Genetically Modified Human Embryo Under Review
Slashdot - 15 hours ago
Wired is reporting that Cornell University researchers genetically modified a human embryo in 2007, but have only recently been gaining publicity as their ...
Your Take on the First GM Human Embryo
Wired News - 20 hours ago
No human embryo -- at least, none that we know of -- has ever been genetically adjusted by human hands. In the short term, such techniques could be used to ...
British parliament advances hybrid embryo bill, France - May 13, 2008
In Britain, a law to allow human and animal material to be combined in embryos, to help find cures for disease, has passed its first parliamentary hurdle. ...
Minn. House Passes Bill Clarifying That State Funds Can Be Used ... Medical News Today (press release)
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Hiccups, hernias and flatulence — some intelligent design
The Age, Australia - May 9, 2008
That misreading of evolution has been connected to the eugenics movement of the early 20th century, with the Nazis extending the man-as-ideal notion to ...

Calcutta Telegraph
Calcutta Telegraph, India - May 11, 2008
... in North as well as South America and Europe’s objection to genetic crops arises from the moral dilemma of the memory of eugenics of World War II. ...

Evolutionary Theory Leads to Nazism and Genocide, Says Overthinker ...
Jossip, NY - May 2, 2008
... any real flaw in the theory, but his belief that Darwinism leads directly to Nazi-ism, eugenics, atheism, the breakdown of morals, and mass slaughter. ...

Evolutionists Still Wrong On Entropy!
The Conservative Voice, NC - May 9, 2008
Evolutionists, like those in Internet media organizations such as The Panda's Thumb and Pharyngula, ignorantly continue to criticize creationists and argue ...

Intelligent Design is a fact, WA - May 12, 2008
No intelligent person can possibly believe that all this just happened by itself, as "evolutionists" do, unless they are also atheists. ...
Intelligent Design is not a theory
Intelligent Design is not a theory
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Evolutionists still wrong on entropy
Pravda, Russia - May 8, 2008
By Babu G. Ranganathan Evolutionists, like those in Internet media organizations such as The Panda's Thumb and Pharyngula, ignorantly continue to criticize ...
Richard W. Metz: Evolutionists should not be exclusionary
The News-Press, FL - May 6, 2008
Proponents of Darwin's Theory of Evolution ("Evolutionists") would exclude "Creationism" from the public school classroom, arguing that Creationism is not ...
Evolution: There’s just no substitute Destin Log
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Evolutionists exposed as rabid snobs
Mansfield News Journal, OH - Apr 24, 2008
The more obvious this becomes the more bitterly evolutionists battle to hold on to the reigns of educational power. Evolution got a foothold because science ...
Thoughts on Ben Stein's Expelled Dakota Voice
Film Review: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed American Chronicle
Evolution and aliens Roanoke Times - Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Towers Online
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Letters: Do evolutionists fear something?
The Saginaw News -, MI - Apr 25, 2008
... against evolution or putting an intelligent design book on an optional reading list. If the evidence is so overwhelming, what are evolutionists afraid of?
God, science not exclusive
Roanoke Times, VA - May 7, 2008
Evolutionists accuse Intelligent Design advocates of trying to smuggle God back into a game where he's already been called out. ...
Darwin's Private Papers Get Released To The Internet
Slashdot - Apr 17, 2008
Yes, you could probably lump in various types of theistic evolutionists, but Creationism almost always is used to refer to those who deny one of a number of ...

There should be separation of science and state
Fayette Daily News, GA - May 8, 2008
My main conflict with the evolutionists is that they wish to assert their theory as fact and to employ government power to ban discussion of creationism and ...

The Tastiest Food Moments in Science Fiction
io9, CA - May 12, 2008
So I know Soylent Green is people, and you know Soylent Green is people. But the first time you watched the movie weren't you completely horrified at what ...
Avoiding a 'Soylent Green' Future
U.S. News & World Report, DC - Apr 24, 2008
Here is something to keep in mind concerning the sudden Soylent Green hysteria about rising food prices: Resources are limited only by the imagination and ...

San Francisco Chronicle
Rocchi's Retro Rental: Farewell, Charlton Heston (and Everything Else)
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - May 6, 2008
So with April 2008 giving us Earth Month and the passing of Charlton Heston, it felt like an ideal time to break out Soylent Green, the 1973 eco-disaster ...
Orwell Cinema: Living in the Land of the Blind
Rutherford Institute, VA - 21 hours ago
Soylent Green (1973). The year is 2022 in an overpopulated New York City. A policeman investigating a murder discovers the grisly truth about what soylent ...
Soylent Green — it’s …
New York Times Blogs, NY - Apr 22, 2008
Felix Salmon links us to an article pointing out that fertilizer is made mainly from natural gas, which tends to follow the price of oil, which may be a ...
First Genetically Modified Human Embryo Under Review
Slashdot - 16 hours ago
When that happens, good bye, humanism.... good morning, Soylent Green! by johnlcallaway (165670) on Monday May 12, @06:38PM (#23385080) They are a mass of ...
Along the Way: MRIs put skittish patients in a tight spot
Green Valley News, AZ - May 9, 2008
In “Soylent Green,” when you’re over the hill or real sick or just fed up with things in general, the government gives you a fantastic last meal, ...

Pencil This In: Monday (Cinco de Mayo Edition)
LAist, CA - May 5, 2008
The double bill tonight are Sci-Fi classics Soylent Green with Charleton Heston and Westworld with Yul Brenner, about a Wild West amusement park exhibits ...
Glorified mortals
Malaysia Star, Malaysia - Apr 17, 2008
Dystopian futures were a popular theme in the 1970s, and a sci-fi fan like me found the premise of movies like Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, Westworld, ...
He Was Legend
Dissident Voice, CA - Apr 26, 2008
In 1973, Heston followed up with a stark portrayal of a NYC detective named Robert Thorn in Soylent Green. The world was portrayed as a post-apocalyptic ...

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