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Crazy Rulers of the New World Order - The 'Rat Masters' who stare at Goats
Last week I posted the Video's that were hosted on google within hours it disappeared from the net and censored. Today I am posting a edited version to use as an educational purpose of informing you about the latest news being made into a movie.
George Clooney Stares At Goats

George Clooney will be staring at goats in a film adaptation of British journalist Jon Ronson's bestselling book on psychic warfare in the American military (The Men Who Stare At Goats, Amazon US or UK). The film will be directed by Clooney's long-time collaborator Grant Heslov, best known for writing the Oscar-nominated Good Night and Good Luck. Heslov also appeared in an episode of The X-Files, season 8's Via Negativa.

Unfortunately, ESP phenomena, and the people who practice and research it, continues to be treated with scorn and ridicule by smug, condescending pseudoskeptics. Will Heslov and Clooney give Ronson's book the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? slapstick treatment, or will we see a more open-minded Syriana mixed with the humour of Three Kings? I'm hoping the latter: Remote Viewing deserves a serious film, but the subject isn't all black clothing and frowns. The anecdotes of ex-military Remote Viewers display a healthy dose of humour and absurdity, such as Reading The Enemy's Mind by Major Paul H. Smith (Amazon US or UK).

Will the movie open doors to more research and acception of psychic phenomena, or will a taxpayer backlash pour enough ridicule on the subject to bury any chance of future development? All I know is Colonel John Alexander is disappointed George Clooney is playing him instead of Brad Pitt, and Jason Alexander (George Costanza from Seinfeld) is the spitting image of Paul Smith.

Incidentally, good friend Ed Kovacs wrote the first big-screen treatment of Remote Viewing, 1992's Blink of an Eye. It stars Michael Pare, which should warn you that this film never won any awards, but Ed's writing is solid.

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George Clooney Stars in Men Who Stare at Goats
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By Rebecca Murray, About.com Busy actor/producer/director and all-around Hollywood good guy George Clooney is set to star in Men Who Stare at Goats based on ...

Men Who Stare At Goats
ConnieTalk, Ohio - May 19, 2008
That's the title of one of George Clooney's upcoming films. No, really, it's not a joke. The movie will be based on Jon Ronson's non-fiction book. ...

iFMagazine - May 16, 2008
... News Editor THE SKINNY: George Clooney will star, and his partner Grant Heslov at Smoke House will direct, MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, reported Variety. ...
George Clooney to Star in Men Who Stare at Goats /FILM
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Mind Control-The Ultimate Terror

Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field.
Circular lines of magnetic flux continuously
descend into the North Pole and emerge from the
South Pole. The Ionosphere, an
electromagnetic-wave conductor, 100 kilometers [62
miles] above the earth, consists of a layer of
electrically charged particles acting as a shield
from solar winds.

Earth Resonant Frequency
Natural waves are created which result from
electrical activity in the atmosphere. They are
thought to be caused by multiple lightning storms.
Collectively, these waves are called 'The Schumann
Resonance', with the strongest current registering
at 7.8 Hz. These are quasi-standing [scalar],
extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that naturally
exist in the earth's electromagnetic cavity which
is the space between ground and the Ionosphere.
These 'earth brainwaves' are identical to the
frequency spectrum of our human brainwaves.

[Frequency nomenclature: 1 hertz = 1 cycle per
second, 1 Khz = 1000cps, 1 Mhz =1 million cps.
Wavelength: A 1 Hertz wave has a wavelength that
is 186,000 miles long, A 10 Hz wave is 18,600
miles long, etc. Radio-waves move at the speed of
light (186,000 miles per second)]

Human Vulnerability
Dr Andrija Puharich in the 50's/60's, found that
clairvoyant's brainwaves became 8 Hz when their
psychic powers were operative. He saw an Indian
Yogi in 1956 controlling his brainwaves,
deliberately shifting his consciousness from one
level to another. Puharich trained people with
bio-feedback to do this consciously, making 8 Hz
waves. A healer made 8 Hz waves pass into a
patient, healing their heart trouble, her brain
emitting 8 Hz . One person emitting a certain
frequency can make another also resonate to the
same frequency. Our brains are extremely
vulnerable to any technology which sends out ELF
waves, because they immediately start resonating
to the outside signal by a kind of tuning-fork
effect. Puharich experimented discovering that

A) 7.83 Hz (earth's pulse rate) made a person feel
good, producing an altered-state.
B) 10.80 Hz causes riotious behaviour and
C) 6.6 Hz causes depression.

Puharich made ELF waves change RNA and DNA,
breaking hydrogen bonds to make a person have a
higher vibratory rate. He wanted to go beyond the
psychic 8 Hz brainwave and attract psi phenomena.
James Hurtak, who once worked for Puharich, also
wrote in his book The Keys of Enoch that
ultra-violet caused hydrogen bonds to break and
this raised the vibratory rate.

Puharich presented the mental effects of ELF
waves to military leaders, but they would not
believe him. He gave this information to certain
dignitaries of other Western nations. The US
government burned down his home in New York to
shut him up and he fled to Mexico. However, the
Russians discovered which ELF frequencies did what
to the human brain and began zapping the US
Embassy in Moscow on 4 July 1976 with
electromagnetic-waves, varying the signal,
including focusing on 10 Hz. (10 Hz puts people
into a hypnotic state. Russians and North Koreans
use this in portable mind-control machines to
extract confessions. A machine was even found in
an American church to help the congregation
believe!) The Russian "Woodpecker"
signal was traveling across the world from a
transmitter near Kiev. The US Air Force identified
5 different frequencies in this compound harmonic
Woodpecker signal that was sending signals through
the earth and the atmosphere.

Nikola Tesla revealed in 1901 power could be
transmitted through the ground using ELF waves.
Nothing stops or weakens these signals. The
Russians retrieved Tesla's papers when they were
finally returned to Yugoslavia after his death.

Puharich continued to monitor the Russian ELF wave
signal while in Mexico and the higher harmonics
produced in the MHz range (5.340 MHz). He met the
CIA and started working for them. He and Dr.
Robert Beck designed equipment to measure these
waves and their effect on the human brain.
Puharich started his work by putting dogs to
sleep. By 1948/49 he graduated to monkeys,
deliberately destroying their eardrums to enable
them to pick up sounds without the eardrum intact.
He discovered a nerve in the tongue could be used
to facilitate hearing. He created the dental tooth
implant which mind-control victims are now
claiming was surreptitiously placed in their mouth
by controlled dentists causing them to hear
'voices in their head.' The implant was placed
under dental caps or lodged in the jaw.

Vaccine Implants
Implants are now smaller than a hair's width and
are injected with vaccine and flu shots. Millions
have had this done unknowingly. These 'biochips'
circulate in the bloodstream and lodge in the
brain, enabling the victims to hear 'voices' via
the implant. There are many kinds of implants now
and 1 in 40 are victims from 'alien abduction'
statistics, though 1 in 20 has also been gauged.
The fake alien abduction event, revealed to be
actually the work of US military personnel using
technology to make hologram spaceships outside,
virtual reality scenarios of going onto a
spaceship with humans in costumes, has been
astutely perceived. Though real alien abductions
do occur, the 'alien abduction' scenario has been
useful to stop any further investigation or
accountability of government authorities by poor
victims who would face mockery and appear silly.

Are we being forced to respond to an artificially
induced vibratory rate by global masters who want
this planet to have a sudden leap in evolution,
populated by the psychically aware and therefore a
superior class of humans or is the agenda designed
to eliminate billions of people who are 'useless
eaters', deceptively being disposed by electro
magnetically-induced cancers and diseases?

Electromagnetic Disease Transmission, ELF, &
The physics and engineering behind electromagnetic
disease transmission are frightening. Diseases can
be reproduced as 'disease signatures' in that the
vibration of a disease can be manufactured and
sent on to be induced. (The brainwave pattern of
hallucinogenic drugs can also be copied and sent
by ELF waves to induce 'visions'.) Once diseases
are sprayed in the air, electromagnetic-waves
attuned to the disease, using harmonics and
subharmonics, will make them more lethal and
infectious by sending particular disease frequency

Chemtrails are being sprayed daily all over USA
(and other countries too) in a white crisscross
pattern. They contain diseases and chemicals which
affect our state of consciousness. They can
produce apathy which works in conjuction with
fluoridation of the water, as well as aspartame
and drugs. Fluoride disables the willpower section
of the brain, impairing the left occipital lobe.

Fluoride and selenium enable people to 'hear
voices'. ELF waves create disturbances in the
biological processes of the body and these can be
activated in the population once the diseases are
introduced into the body from the chemtrails.

Some chemtrails have been analyzed and shown to be
creating cleavages in spacial perceptions,
blocking the interaction of various amino-acids
that relate to higher-consciousness and to
increase dopamine in the brain producing a
listless, spaced-out state of lower reactive mind.

Basically, the goal is to fog the difference
between the real and unreal and some of this could
be connected with the many UFO abductions
occurring en-mass. Hundreds have been witnessed
laid out on tables and implanted. Intelligence
agencies are in league with each other behind this
disablement of the masses to such a point that
they can't even fight back. In order for the
perpetrators to do what they want, they need the
overall 'frequency' of each victim to function at
a specific rate below the threshold of awareness.

Could this be part of a greater plan with
mind-control transmitters covering the whole of
USA and England, cleverly disguised as cell phone
towers and trees? The power from microwave towers
may be turned up to such a level that people can

A brain functioning at beta-level (above 13 Hz) is
agitated and can't change its perceptions, if it
is artificially maintained by technology to that
frequency. This may increase body electricity in
others, giving them psychic powers. Is this linked
to the New-Agers claim of a rising 12-14 Hz
Schumann Resonance, inching us towards the 4th
dimension? Stimulants ingested globally from
caffeine genetically-modified plants, may also
produce an impact on the 'global-brain' in the
ionosphere collecting our brainwaves. New-age
channellers say we are going into 4th dimensional
frequency. They 'heard' the voice of some 'ET' who
told them.

Mind War 4 (Part 1)
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There is a system of mind control that attempts to discourage people from using their higher brain centers so their thinking becomes focused in their ...

Mind War 4 (Part 2)
MehrNews.com, Iran - 3 hours ago
Another system of mind control is psychoenergetics (sometimes called psychotronics), which is based on the scalar electromagnetics technology developed by ...

Canadian National Newspaper
Human Freedom relies on liberation from extraterrestrial simulated ...
Canadian National Newspaper, Canada - May 26, 2008
This prepares human victims for the second reinforcing layer of mind control. Behavioural modification followed by mind control is designed to turn humanity ...

The Age
game gizmo uses mind control
The Age, Australia - May 6, 2008
An Australian company is gearing up to release a computer headset that allows people to control video games using only the power of their minds. ...
Mind control in Ritalin Nation
Tehran Times, Iran - May 6, 2008
By Hamid Golpira In the 1971 George Lucas film THX 1138, there is a scene showing schoolchildren with intravenous drips delivering mind control drugs into ...
The Professor: Cellphone mind control, robotic fly eyes, lab-on-a ...
engadget, CA - May 18, 2008
by Joshua Topolsky, posted May 18th 2008 at 9:02PM The Professor rounds up a handful of interesting and informative gadget-related science stories from the ...

Spooky Mind Control Technology
Technocrat.net, MA - May 13, 2008
A recent Technocrat article pointed to some "wingnut" material on the possible existence of weaponry that directs microwave transmissions at people's heads ...

Twilight of the Psychopaths

Cité Libre Magazine, Canada - May 4, 2008
John Lennon, before his murder by CIA mind-control subject Mark David Chapman When Gandhi was asked his opinion of Western civilization he said it would be .

Why is America so brainwashed by the corporate media? Why do we care more about American Idol and sports games than being poisoned with mercury in our vaccinations and sodium fluoride in our water supply? America needs to wake up and get the facts about our chemical manipulation before it's too late.

'Individuals will be expected to report to the centre every day for an intensive training programme.'

Tories plan boot camps for jobless youths

--Automatic referrals if out of work for three months -
Companies and voluntary groups to run centres

26 May 2008
A future Conservative government will bring in "boot camps" for unemployed young people aged between 18 and 21 who refuse to take a job, Chris Grayling, the party's welfare spokesman, will say tomorrow. Grayling plans to ask private sector companies and voluntary organisations to run the intensive training centres. Individuals will be expected to report to the centre every day for an intensive training programme. Grayling will say: "We plan to introduce much tougher rules for young people under the age of 21 claiming jobseeker's allowance. For this group, the welfare to work process will start much earlier. There will be employment 'boot camps' and community work programmes for those who don't find a job. Staying at home doing nothing will be a thing of the past."
[Work camps - so corpora-terrorists get free slave labor?]

- by Murray Dobbin - 2008-05-27

Tory ‘boot camp’ threat to jobless
Metro, UK - 17 hours ago
Young people would face work 'boot camps' after three months on benefits, under Conservative Party proposals unveiled today. Unemployed under-21s would be ..

BBC News
Tories plan boot camps for jobless youths
guardian.co.uk, UK - May 25, 2008
A future Conservative government will bring in "boot camps" for unemployed young people aged between 18 and 21 who refuse to take a job, Chris Grayling, ...
Tory plan to send jobless youths to boot camp Scotsman
Tory jobless youth 'boot camp' plan The Press Association
Daily Mail - 24dash
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Sat May 24, 2008 07:12



I am still kinda reeling from what a US Marine admitted to me in a long conversation...a crack US Marine drill sergeant with 12 years of professional training and being a trainer in the Marines. He specialized in hardening them to win (ie-fire on women and children wherever appropriate, "show no mercy" etc.)

He CONFIRMED lots of things to me to me I already knew, and revealed lots of new things to me.


HE ADMITTED (actually, BOASTED would be more appropriate) that there were INDEED PRISONER BOXCARS PREPOSITIONED EVERYWHERE THROUGHOUT MONTANA where I interviewed him(and nationwide)...that the military has properly assessed the civilian resistance/militia threat under martial law, and hence had everything in place for a military takeover USING US MARINES HEAVILY.

"WHY do you THINK that they have the Marines in place in Billings, Montana, " he bragged. He explained that MARINES would be used most heavily in Montana(and NATIONWIDE) under martial law...and he was evidently quite proud of their role. He admitted they had been hardened to kill...and that killing women and children would be a part of their agenda wherever deemed necessary.

WHY? He said that under a state of war or martial law, it is a known fact that women can be used and even children to convey information to"the enemy." (OR to combat US forces.)

He shared then how many men in his platoon stationed overseas had been killed or hurt because a Marine refused his orders, to fire on an eight year old child. The child was suspected to be a courier for the Mujahideen, transporting information about Marine logistics and whereabouts,to the Moslems they were fighting. And as a result of enemy information getting thru, many men in his platoon were injured or killed by resultant Moslem attack.

"The child may not have even known what he was transporting," the Marine told me, "But the damage to our men occurred regardless...all because one man refused his orders and failed to take out this threat..."

We discussed the BOXCARS AND SHACKLES and MILITARY DETENTION CAMPS under MARTIAL LAW issue. A knowing smile broke out on his face as I described to him my research on future MARTIAL LAW and the role of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES.

When I mentioned how my research on this subject brought me to the HIGHLINE (the railroad tracks that run parallel to HIGHWAY 2 in northern Montana) and northern Montana, he admitted...

"The boxcars are NOT just up there...we have them spread out ALL OVER MONTANA...Billings...Bozeman..." He went on to name city after city in Montana.


We discussed what would happen ONCE people were arrested under martial law and brought into these boxcars. MARINE style.

He said, "In many cases they won't even waste a bullet on them. MANY WILL NEVER REACH THE CAMPS ALIVE. They have this thing we called a 'staple gun'..." I asked him to elaborate. "This 'gun' shoots out a long metal rod that hits another piece of metal...they just hold that to someone's head like a gun and...."

He was in fact describing a STUN GUN, the same kind used to stun cattle and sheep in slaughterhouses prior to processing.

I understood. With the same effect that a BULLET THRU THE HEAD, favored by military for dispatching people under such circumstances, would have. Only THIS way, the American people will become LIKE SHEEP LED TO SLAUGHTER...literally.

nd like dumb sheep led to slaughter, civilians arrested under martial law are not even considered worth the cost of a bullet...


We discussed various LISTS or status of people, once arrested, under MARTIAL LAW would have. You know, like FEMA RED-BLUE lists, etc.

He responded by admitting that FEMA WAS ONLY A FRONT FOR SUCH OPERATIONS, and that IN FACT IT WOULD BE THE US MILITARY (with foreign troop assistance, UN/NATO/Pfp etc.,) OPERATING THE BOXCARS AND DEATHCAMPS.

He said that the Marines had their RED FLAGGED people and BLACK FLAGGED people. When people come up RED FLAG on their computerized list, it is a person that will be arrested and taken to military camps, but may be "salvageable" (or can be rehabilitated, re-educated, etc.)

But when people come up BLACK FLAGGED, they will be arrested and PUT TO DEATH.
NO questions asked.

"When taking captives under MARTIAL LAW, we might even use a black flagged person who is going to die anyhow, and MAKE THEM AN EXAMPLE TO THE OTHER PEOPLE WE ARREST TO NOT MESS WITH US AND COOPERATE...by executing that person in front of the others...a form of CONTROL THRU FEAR."


I discussed my loathing for the reports we were now receiving from IRAQ, about even young girls and teens being arrested indiscriminately, tortured and sodomized, raped, etc.

He replied, "You have to understand the logistics of WAR and what is happening there. Since the US soldiers are surrounded with people (Iraqis) and the enemy in many cases is THE UNKNOWN, that have to have ways to flush them out.

By randomly selecting civilians to interrogate through torture and other means, and then releasing them, they are hoping that when that person who has been roughed up returns to their home or friends, it will provoke them (enemy combatants) into such anger and retaliation that they are FLUSHED OUT INTO THE OPEN so we can deal with them and know who the enemy really is."

He also admitted it creates FEAR in the people towards the occupying army, so that they will hesitate to rebel.



He did not deny this. And when I mentioned my concern over whether or not they could get our own US troops to fire upon America citizens, even women and children, he explained to me the MARINE MENTALITY.

"These Marines have been hardened to KILL UPON COMMAND. They have been taught to NOT QUESTION THE ORDERS OF THEIR SUPERIORS OR COMMANDING OFFICER. THEY WILL KILL WHOEVER AND WHENEVER THEY ARE COMMANDED TO. " He let me know that concepts of MERCY or COMPASSION are diametrically opposed to WAR and military mentality.

He had trained men himself in the Marines, and admitted he was one of those people hardening OTHER Marines to kill without regret or conscience...even under MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA.


We then discussed WEAPONS OF WAR. I fully admitted to him my position in the upcoming MARTIAL LAW holocaust. It was SAFE: we were on neutral ground and martial law has not been declared here YET.

I then discussed my honest assessment, however, of Patriot/civilian resistance. Coming from the kind of military background family I do, I had a much more realistic assessment of modern military might versus civilian resistance. I said,

"I always give a salvation message at the end of each radio broadcast I give on the subject of MARTIAL LAW SHOWDOWN...I let the Patriot militias out there know that while I admire their intentions as they stand up for freedom and against the NWO, they frankly have no realistic concept of how highly armed and trained and prepared the military forces of the NWO really are...and that a lot of these good folks are going to factually die with what is coming down when they offer resistance... SO I tell them, 'at LEAST ensure yourselves the ULTIMATE VICTORY of knowing you have ETERNAL LIFE thru Jesus Christ in case you die....and many of you WILL END UP IN HELL should they take you out WITHOUT CHRIST...so GET RIGHT WITH GOD NOW."

He smiled and said, "That's why we Marines have a saying that we will take 'em out and LET GOD SORT 'EM!"

He went on to describe the newer weapons the US military had developed to be used against civilian resistance. Grenades that have caustic substances that when exploded, will eat away any CHEM/BIO BODY SUIT that a resister may be wearing for protection under MARTIAL LAW. Projectiles with uranium shells that when fired will pass through buildings with such power and velocity that they will suck human bodies right out with them through the hole they create in buildings as they emerge (of course destroying the bodies in the process). And more.


He also confirmed the reality of microwave related weapons as well.

I mentioned that in my research on MILITARY DETENTION CAMPS and termination facilities, I knew about GASSING/CREMATORY facilities, and MICROWAVING deathcamps as well.

WIth the smile of a hardened soldier, he replied, "The MICROWAVING facilities have been around since the 1950's. THEY ARE ALREADY BEING USED IN PLACES LIKE KOSOVO and other places...they make our clean-up much more easy after executions. The bodies don't EXPLODE...they IMPLODE or collapse from the inside...."

I commented on my 6 months of research in Germany at the US military installation called THE MARSHALL CENTER and other locations, to uncover more about the role of UN/NATO foreign troops to be used under martial law in America someday.

Former YUGOSLAVIA is being used as a test case for an entire country brought under UN/NATO control. It has been divided up into FOUR regions, with UN foreign troops assigned to patrol each section. This is much like AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW will be divided up into TEN regions with UN/NATO/PfP troops patrolling each region.

And even now, foreign and America troops are being trained through experience in places like KOSOVO for what they will do under MARTIAL LAW in America someday:roadblocks and searches and weapons seizures, gun confiscation, "search/seizure/arrest" at homes, marching red-flagged/black-flagged, FEMA red/blue listed people off to boxcars and shackles or buses (OR federal prisoner transport planes) to be held or terminated accordingly, etc.

The fact that THEY ARE EVEN NOW PRACTICING TERMINATING "ENEMIES" UNDER UN/NATO/NWO OCCUPATION in "microwaving deathcamp" facilities leaves a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

We have heard of microwave termination facilities here in the US to be used under MARTIAL LAW. I have reported on our suspicions. And now this Marine has provided up front confirmation. He admitted that not only are there gassing/crematory facilities, but the MICROWAVE termination facilities are a present reality as well.


I expressed to him my deep concerns over innocent people being terminated in such camps. He explained the military mentality of thinking.

"MOST AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE DUMB SHEEP" and sheep can be dangerous IF they cannot be controlled or pose a threat to the security of the US military forces under martial law or endanger their operations. In such cases THEY MUST BE TAKEN OUT...as in NEW ORLEANS. He admitted that his Marine buddies had been shooting and killing a lot of people down there...people who will not surrender their weapons when asked, etc.

"We have the philosophy in the military that you SACRIFICE ONE OR A FEW FOR THE GOOD OF THE MANY..."

In others words, IF a person, OR a group (Patriot leader, militia leader and their group, etc., or various people under martial law) poses a threat to the good of the MANY (in the US military) then they will sacrifice those people.

When I shared with him how my previous research uncovered the hidden reality of NWO RESISTANCE within the ranks of the US military, he looked at me with narrowed eye intensity and responded, "NOT THESE MARINES...NOT MY MEN! These men have been prepared and trained and equipped...THEY ARE PREPARED FOR MARTIAL LAW and they have been trained to WIN."


We finally parted and went our separate ways into the night.

But before he left, I told him, "Well , nice talking to you...and whether you know it or not, you just did a HELLUVA PSY-OPS JOB on me, sir..." He just smiled. In fact it took me all night in prayer just to assess what he had shared with me and finally become calm and drift off to sleep.


I simply let him know that there are those among " NWO resistance" that are not afraid to die.

We ARE in fact Major Ralph Peter's WARRIOR CLASS Patriot/Christian resistance that he has formerly described to the US military, and Major Ralph (formerly of PENTAGON INTELLIGENCE) was RIGHT in his assessment of us American Christians/Patriots in his report: we CANNOT be dissuaded from our faith in God and from our stand against NWO despotism and the Satanic darkness behind it all...not even by threats of death or what he just had informed me about US military strategy against resistance under martial law.

He looked at the ground and spoke softly and said, "There's not many of your kind out there anymore..." as I continued to witness Jesus Christ and salvation to him.

But there are many more of us than you might think, dear! And by GOD'S GRACE, God is raising up MORE AND MORE committed and informed Christians, who see the NEW WORLD ORDER and the coming MARTIAL LAW TYRANNY for what it is in light of Bible Scriptures, and who are going to THEIR Commander in Chief, God Almighty, for WISDOM, and COUNSEL, and DIRECTION and STRATEGY TO WIN as well!


Are YOU "WITH HIM" in this critical hour...are YOU with the ETERNALLY WINNING SIDE of JESUS CHRIST???

-Pam Schuffert reporting LIVE from the Pacific Northwest

(The former Major Ralph Peters of PENTAGON INTELLIGENCE, now apparently retired, had written a report for the US Army's PARAMETERS magazine, called "WARRIOR CLASS," in which he discussed NWO RESISTANCE and how there was a group of people among NWO resisters who could NOT be swayed or deterred by conventional military means from their stand against the NEW WORLD ORDER or their religious faith BEHIND their determination to not accept it nor cooperate. He referred to them as WARRIOR CLASS. He then stated in his report in PARAMETERS that SUCH RESISTANCE WILL HAVE TO BE COUNTERED BY THE US MILITARY WITH "IRRESISTIBLE FORCE."

US/BP Terror Drills -- Ron Paul's Texas City
By Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
HOUSTON, May 27 -- Military and police forces from across the U.S. are conducting SWAT-style terror drills in BP's Texas City refinery, the nation's deadliest and dirtiest industrial site. The facility has exploded with alarming frequency in recent years, including a Mar. 23, 2005 explosion that killed 15 workers.
The terror drills, which involve explosives, began Memorial Day, and will continue until Sunday, June 1. Extra security will be on hand to keep residents away. BP security supervisor Ben Wier will be present, along with other BP personnel.
Despite official assurances from BP and terror drill participants, many area residents are alarmed.
"There have been too many unexplained things that BP," an anonymous local said, "and since the company owns this town it gets the paper and police to shut up about anything it wants."
He pointed out that the local Internet researchers correctly predicted BP Texas City explosions on Mar. 30, 2004 and Jul. 28, 2005.
Most alarmingly, the same researchers predicted a Jan. 31, 2006 Bush administration attempt to nuke the small city in Representative Ron Paul's 14th Congressional District. The next day, on Feb. 1, a federal nuke team mysteriously appeared in force on the beaches just south of town. Galveston County Daily News reporter TJ Aulds wrote a bizarre story about it, "Nuclear attack warning story dismissed," http://news. galvestondailyne ws.com/story. lasso?ewcd= f9c4071e30759dda. In it, he parroted official assurances that the secretive nuke team was nothing to worry about.
Several BP employees have contacted The Lone Star Iconoclast in the last year, and based on their inside information about terror drills last fall, The Iconoclast issued an Oct. 18, 2007 Southeast Texas "false flag alert." Within three hours of its publication, the Southeast Texas Dow Chemical pipeline exploded and sent per barrel oil prices to record highs.
On Mar. 3, 2008 publisher W. Leon Smith called for a Congressional investigation of the Houston area Big Oil explosions in the editorial "Time to Investigate Houston Is Now." http://www.lonestar icon.com/ absolutenm/ anmviewer. asp?a=2525&z=226. In it, he alleges that the oil companies are using preplanned explosions to manipulate oil markets and gasoline prices.

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