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Bush speaks on the possibility of another 9/11, says attack would come from Pakistan

Bush speaks on the possibility of another 9/11
Australian News, Australia - 4 hours ago
US President George Bush has said he believes another 9/11 attack on the United Sates should be considered a strong possibility and warned that such an ...
Any fresh attack on the US will be the handiwork of militants ...
Next 9/11-style attack may originate from Pakistan: Bush Zee News
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US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions

Ahmadinejad: US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions
AFP - Apr 8, 2008
TEHRAN (AFP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States on Tuesday of using the September 11, 2001 attacks as a "pretext" to launch ...
Ahmadinejad: US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions
Africasia, UK - Apr 8, 2008
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States on Tuesday of using the attacks of September 11, 2001 as a "pretext" to attack Afghanistan ...

US: Sept. 11 not a pretext to invade
PRESS TV, Iran - Apr 9, 2008
In his remarks, President Ahmadinejad said that the September 11 attacks were a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. "We went into Afghanistan because ...]

The Nation, Pakistan
Local News
The Nation, Pakistan, Pakistan - Apr 11, 2008
Most of the officers have left the charge of their seats, while a few are still sticking to their guns on one pretext or the other despite the fact that ...

Foreign Policy "After Bush", MA - 18 hours ago
... a global war on terrorism, the defining effort of the Bush presidency and the driving force behind US foreign policy since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. ...
Think about it — what if Gore had been president? Muskogee Daily Phoenix
A war of decades ISN
Transcript of Obama's Columbus speech The (subscription)
Xinhua - MyFox Gulf Coast
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CIA sent 14 of 9/11 suspects to Jordan, India - Apr 8, 2008
''The Bush administration claims that it has not transferred people to foreign custody for abusive interrogation,'' said Joanne Mariner, ...

Let’s deter Iran by threatening to nuke them if they ...
Hot Air, MD - Apr 11, 2008
... shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear attack upon Israel by Iran, or originating in Iran, as an attack by Iran on the United States, ...

Nuclear Attack on Iran appears imminent!, New Zealand - Apr 7, 2008
Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent! Project Humanbeingsfirst cannot humbly emphasize enough the first order ...

Nuclear War: HOW SOON?
The Statesman, India - Apr 11, 2008
Sooner or later, there will be a nuclear attack of some sort. Perhaps a crazed terrorist will cause it. Then again it could be a crazy national leader. ...


Switzerland shrugs off Jewish group's attack on Iran deal
AFP - Apr 9, 2008
Explaining the move, the ADL said it is "concerned that Iran's profits from the energy deal could help the regime to accelerate and complete its nuclear ...

Israel May Reveal Details of Attack on Alleged Syrian Nuclear Program
Forward, NY - Apr 10, 2008
Israel, according to press reports, is concerned mainly about alleged North Korean involvement in developing Iran’s nuclear program. ...

US attack on Iran is not the answer
Arizona Republic, AZ - Apr 11, 2008
A US attack on Iran would jeopardize all of America's interests in the region and engulf it in conflict. An attempted surgical strike on Iran's nuclear ...

Israel Can Stand Up for Itself
New York Times, United States - 12 hours ago
If so, Israel’s own arsenal — and its manifest willingness to respond to a nuclear attack — ought to suffice. If, on the other hand, the Iranian leadership ...
Cheney on the Warpath Again? Washington Post
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Bush says no plans to attack Iran: interview
AFP - Apr 11, 2008
The president accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons and arming and funding groups fighting US forces in Iraq. And he made clear in the interview that he ...
African-American Perspective CASMII
Bush 'Divorced From Reality' OhmyNews International
Any fresh attack on the US will be the handiwork of militants ...
Yahoo! News
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Alalam News Network
At best, we can deter Iran from using nukes
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - Apr 11, 2008
During the Cold War, we prevented an attack not only on the United States but also on America's allies by extending the American nuclear umbrella -- ie, ...
The New Nation
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Pak-based militants may attack US: Bush, FL - 9 hours ago
... of the US to convince the world of Iran's capacity to enrich its uranium capacities for a potentially threatening nuclear weapons program. ...

Iran Reiterates Support for Iraq's Political Process
Fars News Agency, Iran - 3 hours ago
... about a possible military attack on Iran. The US is at loggerheads with Iran over the independent and home-grown nature of Tehran's nuclear technology, ...
Iran's footprints are all over the Middle East
The Tennessean, TN - 6 hours ago
The real question is not how to deter Iran, but how the international community could avoid being deterred by a nuclear Iran, as it continues to work toward ...

The People's Voice
The attack of 'Al-Qaeeda' and Pakistani 'loose nukes'
The People's Voice, TN - 4 hours ago
... in the Western press, be forewarned that the crossing of the nuclear Rubicon which already appears imminent (“Nuclear Attack on Iran appears imminent! ...
Blast kills 9 gathered to hear cleric speak in Iran
Los Angeles Times, CA - 7 hours ago
The explosion comes amid rising tensions between the US and Iran over Tehran's nuclear program and its alleged support for militant groups in Iraq, ...
8 killed, 50 hurt in Iran mosque attack—reports
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A US Nuclear Guarantee to Israel
National Review Online Blogs, NY - 22 hours ago
Krauthammer calls on the US to issue a nuclear guarantee to Israel to deter Iran from launching a nuclear attack on the Jewish state. ...
Legal snags delay trials of detainees in 9/11 case
Denver Post, CO - Apr 10, 2008
11, 2001, attacks, the move was part of an effort to kick-start the Bush administration's sluggish military commission system, which has yet to hold a ...
America is entering a secular era
Statesman Journal, OR - 4 hours ago
In truth, Bush's victory rested both on 9/11 and on enthusiasm from religious voters. But what's most important is that 2004, like 1928, is destined to be ...
Jesse Ventura Joins the Ron Paul Revolution
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - 35 minutes ago
Ventura wants an end to the current wars and bin Laden brought to justice (although shockingly we may not have evidence for 9/11, we do for the bombings at ...



Bush admits waterboarding approval
MWC News, Canada - Apr 12, 2008
He was the person who ordered the suicide attack - I mean, the 9/11 attacks," Bush told ABC. "And back then, there was all kinds of concerns about people ...
Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld 'were directly involved in decision to ... Daily Mail
Cheney, Others Said to Approve Torture Newsroom America
Torture Reportedly Micromanaged from the White House by Top Bush ...
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The Associated Press
Cheney Issues Strong Defense of Israel
The Associated Press - Mar 22, 2008
At the Israeli prime minister's residence, his first stop after landing in Israel, Cheney said, "We must not, and will not, ignore the darkening shadows of ...

Boston Globe
Cheney reaffirms support of Israel
Boston Globe, United States - Mar 22, 2008
Cheney will travel to the West Bank city of Ramallah today to meet with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. Cheney arrived in Israel ...

The Associated Press
Cheney Assures Israel on Security Steps
The Associated Press - Mar 22, 2008
Bush asked Cheney to visit Israel to discuss the peace process and other regional issues in advance of Bush's trip in May to mark the 60th anniversary of ...

BBC News
Cheney backs Israel over security
BBC News, UK - Mar 22, 2008
US Vice-President Dick Cheney has given strong backing to Israel ahead of talks with Palestinian leaders. Mr Cheney said the US would never put any pressure ...
Cheney Backs Israel's Security, Warns Palestinians on Terrorism
Bloomberg - Mar 23, 2008
Cheney stopped in Israel after a week-long tour of the Middle East that has taken him to Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman and Saudi Arabia. ...

Cheney on the Warpath Again?
Washington Post, United States - Apr 11, 2008
By Dan Froomkin Vice President Cheney went on right-wing talk radio yesterday with a dramatic new argument for preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, ...

Cheney: Israel, Palestinians must make sacrifices for peace
CNN - Mar 23, 2008
Speaking before Cheney delivered his remarks, Abbas said Israel was at least partly to blame for the lack of progress in peace talks. ...

Bush fenced in by incompetence
Palm Beach Post, United States - 10 hours ago
"Why they keep focusing on this border issue," El Paso Mayor John Cook told the El Paso Times, "acting as though the 9/11 terrorists are going to come back ...
Laurie Anderson taking on 9/11 politics in 'Homeland'
Daily Breeze, CA - Apr 10, 2008
And then you have (President) Bush saber-rattling against Iran - '(Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is) an evil dictator "We've all heard that before," ...

Boston Globe
Bush took care of his kind, his interests first
Bloomington Pantagraph, USA - Apr 11, 2008
My point is that the original letter written is blaming Bush for everything: Not keeping America Safe (duh, we are safe. NO attacks since 9/11 thank God), ...
One candidate, two camps, one direction The Carpetbagger Report
Is John McCain A Muslim? A Conversation With Cliff Schecter Huffington Post
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US says 9/11 law allows detention of Chinese Muslim, even without ...
International Herald Tribune, France - Apr 4, 2008
AP WASHINGTON: The Bush administration says that when Congress approved military action against the Sept. 11 terrorists, it also gave the president ...
FBI: No hard evidence linking Bin Laden to 9/11
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - Apr 10, 2008
President George W. Bush reportedly called the so-called Confession video "a devastating declaration" of UBL's guilt. Added Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York ...
Reforming the radicals
Times Online, UK - 17 hours ago
... that Bush, Blair, the army, police and banks that charged interest were all “targets” - and that 9/11 was a “deserved punch in the nose for America”. ...
UN Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11
New York Sun, NY - Apr 10, 2008
The false flag thesis has it that the Bush administration is somehow responsible for the September 11 attacks as a pretext for the wars in Afghanistan and ...
Waging war on the home front
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Apr 11, 2008
"It was almost like throwing a switch and being back in the '50s," Faludi writes in her new book, The Terror Dream: Fear And Fantasy In Post-9/11 America. ...

9/11 Contradictions: Bush in the Classroom
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Apr 4, 2008
One of these contradictions involves the question of how long President Bush remained in classroom in Sarasota, Florida, on the morning of 9/11. Bush was ...


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