Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scoop.co.nz, New Zealand - 12 hours ago
It is the earnest and most profound hope of Project HumanbeingsfirstTM that this warning is entirely wrong – that the last nuclear attack on any peoples, ...
Report: US No Closer to Achieving Its Goals In Iraq Democracy Now
Buy McCain, Get Kagan and Woolsey: John Taylor Antiwar.com
Brits Fear Petraeus Beats Iran War Drum PoliGazette
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Earth's Ozone Would Be Largely Destroyed in Nuclear Conflict
Bloomberg - 8 hours ago
A hypothetical nuclear attack between India and Pakistan would distribute soot around the globe and atmospheric temperatures would increase 30 percent to 60 ...

Qaida wants nuke weapon to strike
Times of India, India - Apr 5, 2008
He warned that an Al-Qaida nuclear attack would be in the planning stages at the same time as several other plots, and only the most senior leadership of ...

US intelligence says al-Qaeda still wants nuclear bomb
Malaysia Sun, Malaysia - Apr 5, 2008
He said that like the 9/11 air-attacks on twin towers, the possible nuclear attack on the US would also be carried out by a handful of persons. ...

Ya Libnan
An Israeli view of the Iranian nuclear challenge
Spero News - Apr 7, 2008
So I don’t think that an American promise to the Arab countries to defend them in the case of a nuclear attack will be trusted. And also there is no defense ...
How to Talk to a Hawk—Or, Abandon These Myths Before You Vote Israel e News
Why the US wants to defang Iran GulfNews
Crossfire War - Israel Official Threatens to Destroy Iran if Iran ... NewsBlaze
International Analyst Network - Australia.TO
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Al-Qaida nuclear attack in planning stages
NDTV.com, India - Apr 5, 2008
Al-Qaida's nuclear attack against the US is in planning stages, top American intelligence officials have said. Deposing before a Congressional Committee on ...
Militants may target India nukes: US Newindpress
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War Clouds Over Mideast
Arab News, Saudi Arabia - 13 hours ago
There is no evidence that Iran is working toward the production of nuclear weapons as a US National Intelligence Estimate clearly stated and far from ...
World Briefs Ha'aretz
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Israel Begins 5-day Civil Defense Drill Amid War Fears
Voice of America - Apr 6, 2008
Schools, hospitals and government offices are involved in the drill, which includes preparation for a missile attack with nuclear, chemical or biological ...
Exercises in Futility: News Analysis From Israel Blogcritics.org
A heap of eyes for an eye Ha'aretz
Large Israeli military drills raise alerts Middle East Times
Monsters and Critics.com - Infolive.tv
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Iran begins installing 6,000 new advanced nuclear centrifuges

Iranian Public Sees Reduced US Threat

Ahmadinejad urges OPEC to form joint bank, stop using US dollars in oil trade

Arabs must closely watch Israeli drill, warns Iran

Iran receives US request for new talks on Iraq security

Iran to Disclose New Nuclear Achievements on Tuesday

Iran stabilizing nuclear activities

Iran Calls for Boycott of Dutch Products Over Film

Officials confirm Iran's role in brokering truce between Iraqi government and Shiite cleric

Al Qaeda Threatens Attacks On Iran


KCBY.com 11
US-Russia Tensions: World War III around the Corner
Garowe Online, Somalia - Apr 6, 2008
If Israel does attack first, they will probably use tactical-nuclear "Bunker Busting" bombs, to ensure destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities, ...
Video: Raw Video: Bush Meets Putin
America's Sugar and Missile Deal
Human Events

Bush-Putin Breakthrough on Missile-Defense Unlikely, Aide Says
Irish Independent
- The Associated Press

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Nuclear Threat From Mexico
American Chronicle, CA - Apr 6, 2008
These organizations have turned Mexico into a logistical attack base. The growing danger is that the militant Islam terrorists have penetrated Mexico. ...

Australia.TO, Australia - Apr 7, 2008
The operation will widen out into strikes on the Islamic Republic’s suspect nuclear sites. 2. Israel will use the chance for a concurrent attack on Syria. ...


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