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'Stoopid Politics' / Taking back our Country.

Hi everyone this is a taping the first of 2 half hour shows called 'Stoopid Politics'. My Local Ron Paul Meetup groups are doing a dynamic job working their butts off in this 2008 Election. They have gotten involved at the the Local Level to educate the local public about 'Stoopid Politics' by producing this local TV show. They have a tough challenge to try and upset the long time Republican Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District here in NEIN. Scott Wise is a guest speaker on lastnights show and asks,

Had Enough yet?

"It's time to take back our country!"

GOP candidate for U.S. Congress 3rd District Scott Wise answers those issues that are on callers minds.
How the Ron Paul Movement Looks to an American in Europe
by Ben Novak
The following is a report to Americans in Europe for Ron Paul.
Dear Fellow Paulites:
You have not heard from me for a while – I have been off on a seven-week visit to the US. I left February 21, and did not get back until April 9. When I left, we were all depressed by the results of the Super-Tuesday, and the South Carolina, etc. primaries, in which Ron Paul failed to get much more than 5–10 percent of the vote, and John McCain just about wrapped up the Republican nomination. It seemed the end of Ron Paul's campaign – and of our interest in it.

House GOP Candidate Spoke At Hitler Event

23 Apr 2008 A congressional candidate is defending his speech to Nazis celebrating the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth, saying he appeared simply because he was asked. Tony Zirkle, who is seeking the Republican nomination in northern Indiana's 2nd District, stood in front of a painting of Hitler, next to people wearing swastika armbands and with a swastika flag in the background for the speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party in Chicago on Sunday.

CIA Acknowledges it Has More Than 7000 Documents Relating to Secret Detention Program, Rendition, and Torture

23 Apr 2008 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) must stop stonewalling congressional oversight committees and release vital documents related to the program of secret detentions, renditions, and torture, three prominent human rights groups said today. Amnesty International USA (AIUSA), the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the International Human Rights Clinic at NYU School of Law (NYU IHRC) reiterated their call for information, following the CIA's filing of a summary judgment motion this week to end a lawsuit and avoid turning over more than 7000 documents related to its secret "ghost" detention and extraordinary rendition program.

FBI: We Warned About Torture of Detainees

24 Apr 2008 FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday recalled warning the Justice Department and the Pentagon that some U.S. interrogation methods used against terrorists might be inappropriate, if not illegal. Mueller's comments came under pointed questioning by House Democrats demanding to know if the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to stop interrogations in 2002 that critics define as torture. Mueller said the FBI does not use coercive techniques when questioning suspects or witnesses, and he reportedly pulled his agents out of CIA or military interrogations several years ago to protect them from legal consequences.

FBI chief testifies he warned DOJ, DOD harsh interrogation tactics may be illegal

23 Apr 2008 FBI Director Robert Mueller testified before the US House Judiciary Committee Wednesday that he had advised officials at the Departments of Justice and Defense that some interrogation tactics employed against terror suspects might be illegal. Mueller said that the FBI had first raised concerns about the use of harsh interrogation methods in 2002, when CIA interrogators used waterboarding with several alleged 'al Qaeda' leaders, but declined to say how other agencies had reacted to FBI concerns.

World-Saving: A Disastrous Policy
by Gregory Bresiger,
We must act in time — ahead of time — to stamp the smoldering beginnings of any conflict that may threaten to spread. — George W. Bush
As a public policy, world-saving on the part of the U.S. government may be vulnerable to substantial criticism on the 2008 election trail. Given the debacle in Iraq, world-saving may even have reached its zenith.In the middle of yet still another ill-conceived, unjustified war, it’s difficult to believe that the next president’s world-saving policy can be any worse or that there won’t be a reaction against such policy that will temporarily curb its excesses. For example, after the Vietnam War fiasco of the 1960s and 1970s, many Americans for a time became disgusted with the U.S. government’s world-saving foreign interventions around the globe.

Bush seeks boost for Abbas and Mideast peace bid

Israelis Claim Secret Agreement With US To Build On Captured Palestinian Land

Bush lawyer tangles with judge over wiretaps, refuses to say US Congress can limit presidents power

New-Home Sales in the US Plunge To Lowest Level In 17 Years

US regulator fears wave of bank failures

Chicago rice hits record high above $25

Thailand rice hits new record, feeding food fears

From Wal-Mart quotas to a 'frenzy' in Vancouver, Asia's rice crisis goes Global

Oil falls to near $118 as dollar gains on US build in crude supplies

Cheney freed to act on new wars on promotion of Petraeus to top US Military Commander

Rice Not Telling Truth About Hamas Warning, Says Former US President Carter

Gates taps Iraq chief Petraeus for promotion

Gates says won't stay for next president

Pentagon Hides Burial Of US War Heros From American People

Pentagon worried about spiking oil prices

CIA Director Announces He’ll Retire From US Air Force

CIA Acknowledges it Has More Than 7,000 Documents Relating to Secret Detention Program, Rendition, and Torture

FBI chief testifies he warned US Military harsh interrogation tactics may be illegal

US, with less than 5 percent of the World's population, reports nearly 10 percent of its citizens behind bars

American arrested as nuclear spy for Israel

Putin vows to maintain free Russia at Yeltsin grave

Russia embraces its church, distancing Western faiths

Russian strategic nuclear bombers patrol over Atlantic Ocean

Russian Navy conducts tactical missile drill in Barents Sea

Tanks, Rockets Roll Across Red Square in Soviet Parade Revival

Russia rejects Western request regarding Georgian regions

Georgia disturbed by Russian moves

Georgia President Blames Russia For Ethnic Purge in Abkhazia

UN Security Council Passed No Resolution on Abkhazia, South Ossetia

Serbian ambassador accuses international community of 'immense failure' in Kosovo

Olmert did say Israel would quit Golan, says Syrian President

Golan belongs to people of Israel, say community heads

Olmert Allows Token Number of Building in Judea, Samaria

Israelis Claim Secret Agreement With US To Build On Captured Palestinian Land

Spy arrest shows Israel lied to US, says Prosecutor

Assad confirms Israel agreed to cede Golan to Syria for peace

Hamas calls on Gazans to storm borders, break siege

Hamas delegation returns to Cairo on truce deal with Israel

Israeli fuel blockade forces UN to halt Gaza aid

Israeli law would pay settlers to leave West Bank

CIA Confirms: Israel Bombed Nuclear Reactor in Syria

Olmert tells Syrian President Assad he agrees to cede whole Golan for peace

"I want to tell the citizens of Israel: Iran will not have nuclear capability", says Olmert

Concerns mount ahead of US briefing on Israeli strike in Syria

US Charges Of New Israeli Nuclear Spy Meant To Keep Pollard Behind Bars, Says Former Defense Minister

Peace with Syria suicidal, Israeli MKs say

Ahmadinejad warns Syria not to side with the United States

Ahmadinejad to visit Pakistan next week

Culture of Martyrdom would solve Iran's economic woes, says Ahmadinejad

Iran slams war and sanctions on oil producing states

US, Iranian relations remain cool as Iraq pleads for aid

British minister says Clinton's 'obliterate' Iran tone imprudent

Iran expelled from International defense show for showing missiles

US, UK, France, walk out of UN meeting after Libya says Gaza like Nazi concentration camps

UN chief arrives in Liberia as troop pullout moves forward

Ban Ki-moon sounds alarm on violence in Somali capital

UN playing 'constructive' role in Iraq, says Ban Ki-moon aide

Food price crisis tops agenda at UN trade conference

UN security council to discuss Georgia-Russia dispute

UN Security Council Split Over Serb Elections in Kosovo

California to sign UN compact to help China cut emissions

UN Chief warns World must urgently increase food production

Soaring food prices and Global grain shortages erode resistance to GM crops

Speculators fuel bubble in Global food costs

Worst may still be to come in food rioting, International Monetary Fund head says

World’s rich shrug off credit crunch, ranks swell to 8 million in 2007

Pope calls on UN to do more to stop abuse of human rights

Ban Ki-Moon’s Rise at UN Eases Tensions With Jerusalem

Pope to Address UN General Assembly on Friday

UN council to hold meeting on emerging food crisis

TIME FOR WAR? -- Syria/Korea Nuke Story in WashPost
Dr. Fetzer writes:
Just like the OBL tapes, same producer(s), but the Syrians WERE "indicted."
Captain May replies:
Dear Dr. Fetzer,
I remember the story of Syria receiving nuclear assistance from North Korea back in the summer/fall, when Israel launched air sorties into Syria -- and US media covered their ass by suggesting a nuclear link between North Korea and Syria:
You'll remember that this was back in the Kennebunkport warning days, when Mr. Tarpley and many others (you and I included) were concerned about an upcoming false flag in general Middle Eastern war premised upon it. The nuke story seemed like a plausible Israeli casus belli back then, and it still seems like one.

The last time this Syria/Korea nuke story came out, the feds were getting ready to have the mass terror drill TOPOFF in the Portland area. As you and I will discuss today in our interview, beginning May Day, FEMA and other national agencies will be conducting this year's largest mass terror exercise in the Oregon/Washington region (5/1-5/8).
Again, all of this doesn't add up to an imminent false flag attack or general Middle East war, but it certainly suggests the possibility. I look forward to discussing these and other indicators that Major Fox and I have been writing about today from 4-6 p.m. CST. I've posted the interview schedule and link at my home site: http://www.spiriton pow-mia/GhostTro opCaptMayUpcomin gInterviews. htm
Best regards, Captain May

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