Friday, April 4, 2008

Snakes on the Brain
WLNE-TV (ABC6), RI - Mar 28, 2008
... ability is inborn, then it isn't going anywhere, but she hopes understanding it may help ease the fears of those, like her, who have snakes on the brain.

New research by psychologists suggests we're born ready to look for snakes. As this ScienCentral News video reports, a series of experiments showed that people–even toddlers–tend to recognize and locate a snake faster than other plants and animals.

Scary Serpents

Snakes inspire disgust in many people, and downright terror in others. In fact, snake phobia, or ophidiophobia, is the one of the most common phobias on earth. Now psychology researchers studying toddlers say that avoiding snakes may be an evolutionary adaptation that's slithered its way into our genes. The University of Virginia's Judy DeLoache says her own personal snake fear led her to this research. "I have a very intense fear of snakes. In fact, I would pretty much say I have a snake phobia. I always have, ever since I can remember."

Surviving Snakes On A Plane (Or Anywhere Else)
North American Press Syndicate, NY - Apr 2, 2008
Instead, experts say hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else who's bitten by a snake should stay calm and get to an emergency room for possible ...

Times Online
Weird Cases: just the ticket for belly dancing snakes
Times Online, UK - 21 hours ago
There are few, however, to which the argument “I did it in order to stop my snakes from falling asleep” would be recognised as a lawful defence. ...
snakes and all
Wilson Daily Times (subscription), NC - 2 hours ago
Helen Bass ran right over to Freddie and petted the snake's soft, sleek skin. "And you were scared of that horse outside?" asked her coworker, Suzanne Bray, ...
Snakes sought after car crashes into two houses
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States - 10 hours ago
By Angie Leventis FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS — All but one of the slew of snakes that were missing after a driver crashed into a snake breeder's home on Thursday had ...
Police Fear Snakes Getting Loose after Car Crashes into Two Metro ... KSDK
Car crash prompts worry about loose snakes St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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Snakes freed when car crashes into Fairview Heights home
Belleville News Democrat, USA - 10 hours ago
BY MARIA BARAN A Fairview Heights man was on the lookout for his pet snakes Thursday morning after a car crashed into his basement, breaking open several ...
Driver crashes into Fairview Heights house setting lose several ... Belleville News Democrat
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Snakes seek victory in do-or-die spot
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, GA - 11 hours ago
He just seeks revival of the Snakes' dormant power play. The sixth-seeded Snakes are the only playoff team to fail to score with the extra attacker, ...
Cueto KO’s the Snakes
Most Valuable Network, MA - 13 hours ago
One by one, Cueto sent down the first 15 Snakes he faced, from Chris Young — who finished the game with a Golden Sombrero — to Eric Byrnes, who wound up a ...
More snake facts
Hermanus Times, South Africa - 20 hours ago
Regarding all the correspondence about snakes. A perspective is needed to remind people how rarely snakebite cases are actually seen in this area, ...

Snakes alive! Python bust
The Age, Australia - Apr 3, 2008
The four valuable snakes, believed to be endangered green tree pythons, were found late last month by Customs and quarantine officers at the Sydney ...
Customs arrests man over live snakes in the post Australia.TO
Alleged snake smuggler could get 10 yrs The Age
Pythons smuggled through post
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Snakes alive!
Concord Monitor, NH - 13 hours ago
By SArah M. earle If you're in the market for something scaly or slimy, head to the Radisson Hotel on Elm Street, Manchester, tomorrow for what's being ...

Rancher Arrested for Selling Snake Vodka
The Associated Press - Mar 26, 2008
But alcohol commission agent Scott Jones pointed out that investigators confiscated 429 bottles of snake vodka and one bottle of snake tequila. ...
Extra bite -- Texan faces charges over snake vodka
Reuters India, India - Mar 26, 2008
Popplewell faces misdemeanor charges for not having a liquor license but will not be charged over the 10-inch baby snakes in the bottles. ...
Rancher: Snake-vodka mix an 'elixir'
United Press International - Mar 26, 2008
SANTO, Texas, March 26 (UPI) -- A Texas rattlesnake rancher accused of selling bootleg vodka with baby snakes inside claims the concoction is an elixir, ...
Rancher Arrested for Selling Snake-and-Vodka 'Elixir'
NPR - Mar 27, 2008
Morning Edition, March 27, 2008 · "Snake oil" is a term that means "fake." But would you believe snakes in a bottle of vodka are really an "ancient Asian ...
Bayou Bob contends that his snake vodka is legal to sell
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - Mar 26, 2008
By JACK DOUGLAS Jr. SANTO -- A rattlesnake rancher in Palo Pinto County says his bottled concoction of snake and vodka is an "ancient Asian elixir" used for ...

Baltimore Sun
Mutts, a blog by John Woestendiek of The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Sun, United States - Mar 29, 2008
Popplewell, 63, said he uses the cheapest vodka he can find as a preservative for the snakes. The end result is a super sweet mixed drink that Popplewell ...


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