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'Mr. Mex' at the 'NWO Summit' says "it's not in our interest to be a Protectionist Nation"
Bush threatens U.S.A. Citizens with Terrorism, those who don't pass the new NAFTA agreement with Colombia.

Trilateral Trade Summit Closing Press Briefing
The three parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) meet in New Orleans. Pres. Bush, Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper and Mexican Pres. Felipe Calderon hold a press briefing at the conclusion of talks. Both Democratic presidential hopefuls have made NAFTA a campaign issue.

Why have 'the voices of Ron Paul false popularism have been strengthened', Mr. Mex?

Isn't it fitting the Ancient mystery of Babylonian NWO Visionary's use the Destroyed City of New Orleans as their pivotal location in their qwest to establishing the nWo by bringing "Order out of it's Kaos" at this years 2008 North Amerikan Summit?

Don't Call Me a Protectionist
Wall Street Journal - 11 hours ago
By SHERROD BROWN When Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton came out against the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) in the run up to Ohio's presidential ...

Protectionist Congress Losing Latin America
Latin Business Chronicle, FL - Apr 21, 2008
BY JAMES ROBERTS In American election years, a theme sure to grab the nation's attention is who "lost" a certain country. In 1952, it was "Who lost China ? ...

NAFTA Bashing Heats Up
FOXBusiness - 19 hours ago
By Elizabeth MacDonald It’s an election year, US workers are under duress and NAFTA bashing has hit the boiling point. But try to affix a bulls’ eye of ...
Bush rejects renegotiating North American trade deal
AFP - 21 hours ago
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AFP) — US President George W. Bush defended the North American Free Trade Agreement on Tuesday, saying "now is not the time to ...

Re-Examining Nafta in Hopes of Curing US Manufacturing
New York Times, United States - Apr 21, 2008
By ELISABETH MALKIN MEXICO CITY — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton promises to start renegotiating Nafta in her first 100 days if elected president. ...
What Nafta Trade Deficit?
Wall Street Journal - Apr 20, 2008
By JOHN ENGLER It is amazing how some presidential candidates are blaming the North American Free Trade Agreement for US job losses. ...
One More Reason to Hate NAFTA: It’s Bad for The Environment
Environmental Graffiti, UK - 1 hour ago
There’s been much discussion this election cycle over the North American Free Trade Agreement: Barack Obama’s against it, Hillary Clinton helped create the ...
report back from "The Peoples Summit"

after the second sunburnt day of the gulf coast's people's summit, we here in new orleans are acting like we have months left before bush comes to town, when in fact he is here enjoying the city, comforted by air conditioning and motorcades. we are already witnessing the effects of his Security & Prosperity Partnership: with the mississippi river bridge's on and off ramps blocked, I-10 was made into an express highway, directing flows of traffic and people, conveniently out of his way, inconveniencing everyone else from having access to the city.

The canal street ferry, shuttling internally displaced traffic across the mississippi river, was circled through the day by coast guard boats fully armed and ready to fire mounted machine guns, in full show of force and what bush intends to mean by 'security,' we on the docks agreed was menacing and intimidating. the imminent, historic, and nation-altering meeting about to take place between the leaders of the "free world'' is being met with little, hardly any, noticeable resistance. Due at least in part to the crippled condition of new orleans, where 3 years after the hurricanes people continue to face daily struggles to survive, with no surplus resources, time, or active community members to lend to what would likely be, in any other city in the hemisphere, an equally historic People's protest to the executive meeting.

Civilian resistance and protest to massive free trade agreements seems to be planned for more by bush than by the american public or the "progressive left", and so new orleans is the perfect backdrop for the announcement of the spp: sweeping decisions adversely affecting millions of people are met with a strangled cry, gone unheard by the rest of the nation.
Trade Summit Sparks Economic Controversy
Evening Bulletin, PA - Apr 22, 2008
A broken border in the American Southwest. Loss of US manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Suppressed wages. An increasingly unpopular North American Free Trade ...

Calgary Herald
North American Leaders Conclude Summit in New Orleans
Voice of America - 16 hours ago
In this he was joined by the other North American leaders, who cited figures showing benefits to their nations. Mexican President Felipe Calderon said the ...
North American leaders head into formal joint session at summit Xinhua
Paul Uses North American LeadersSummit To Announce Stronger ... FortBendNow
Harper, Bush, Calderon discuss importance of NAFTA
Xinhua - Xinhua
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Slow Progress, Frustration Mark SPP Summit
Embassy, Canada - 2 hours ago
By Michelle Collins As North American leaders wrapped up the fourth annual sSecurity and Prosperity Partnership leaders' summit in New Orleans yesterday, ...
3 leaders advised by members of business elite The Times-Picayune -
The Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement continues to ... Rright Side News
Joint Statement by President Bush, President Calderon, Prime ... Business Wire (press release)
WorldNetDaily - Straight Goods
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North American Leaders' Summit
Globe and Mail, Canada - Apr 21, 2008
Please let us know if this reader’s comment breaks the editor's rules and is obscene, abusive, threatening, unlawful, harassing, defamatory, ...

North American leaders rebuff White House hopefuls on trade
AFP - 17 hours ago
US President George W. Bush berated the Democrats vying to succeed him, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for criticizing the North American Free Trade ...
Bush, NAFTA partners urge Colombia pact
Boston Globe, United States - 8 hours ago
Trade and economic issues dominated the fourth annual meeting of the three North American neighbors, whose leaders are bucking protectionist sentiment at ...
North American leaders give symbolic boost to free trade agreement Xinhua
NAFTA fine as is, summit leaders say Los Angeles Times
Bush: Now is not the time to renegotiate or cancel NAFTA The Associated Press
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North American leaders meet on NAFTA
AFP - Apr 21, 2008
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AFP) — The leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States were meeting here Monday for an annual summit with the North American ...

Meeting with Mexican, Canadian leaders at 4th annual summit
WorldNetDaily, OR - 19 hours ago
Opening the fourth North American Leaders' Summit, Bush lamented the decision of the House of Representatives to table the administration's proposed ...
Business group sets and gets its agenda Toronto Star
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New Orleans gears up for North American Leaders Summit
International Herald Tribune, France - Apr 18, 2008
AP NEW ORLEANS: Authorities are preparing for the two-day North American Leaders Summit, which is scheduled to start Monday and will include the leaders of ...
Amigos' summits are wearing thin
Toronto Star, Canada - 5 hours ago
Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a message Americans need to hear yesterday, as the North American Leaders' Summit wrapped up in New Orleans: Canada ...
Teamsters Dispute 'Three Amigo' Claims on NAFTA PR Newswire (press release)
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Bush rejects renegotiating North American trade deal
AFP - 20 hours ago
"Now is the time to make it work better," Bush told a news conference during a summit here with the leaders of NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada. ...
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