Saturday, April 19, 2008

''Condi seeks authority to train, equip, and outsource foreign militaries for the NWO''

The NWO you've been waiting for and I'm leaking it here on Liveleak........this is in memory today as
a token those who died at Waco 0n 4/19. This is to you.... 'Branch Dravidian's', who showed us how to become Saints through the love of Love Christ and defeat the New World Order.

The 'Branch Dravidian's' were trying to warn the world of the Coming 'One World Government Reptilian Beast System'. as they waved their banners to the world out the window of Mount Carmel in a desperate attempt for a plea of help, that someone would come and save them from becoming the 'Slaughter of the Lambs'.

Rep. Jim Saxton Republican from New Jewsy leaks out those words to Condi it's a 'New World' (Order...Squint Squint, Winkie Winkie) as they are discussing hiring Foreigners to train, equip, and outsource foreign militaries for a NWO''' because they have failed at their illegal & immoral war the neo-cons have started, they have offered foreigners U.S. Citizenship if they join the NWO. They will put foreign troops in US uniform and viola you have something like the map in the Video. Real American troops will be overseas and foreign troops will be here! We must call out Congress critters to say we don't want foreign troops in US uniform!

Another question is why is the U.S. diverting funds from Americans to protect their country instead of spending it on the next Obama Bin Laden?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged Congress on Tuesday to grant the Pentagon permanent authority to train and equip foreign militaries, a task previously administered by the State Department, and to raise the annual budget for the effort to $750 million, a 250 percent increase.

Gates said that rapidly building up the armed forces of friendly nations to combat terrorism within their borders was "a vital and enduring military requirement" — and one that should be managed by the Defense Department.

Representative Ike Skelton, the Missouri Democrat who is the Armed Services Committee chairman, voiced apprehension over "what appears to be the migration of State Department activities to the Department of Defense."

First is the matter of accountability. PMCs profit
from taxpayer money but effectively lie beyond the
purview of congressional or Pentagon oversight.
And unlike U.S. soldiers charged with crimes, U.S.
private contractors in Iraq have been immune from
prosecution since the start of the war; it was
only a new provision in the 2007 defense
authorization bill that reversed Bremer's
2004 order granting immunity to contractors in

Many assume that private military companies, or
PMCs, are a product of the modern age. Indeed,
they experienced a boom under the Bush
administration, which saw them as the perfect
vehicle to privatize services that the military
would otherwise handle. In turn, the process of
military 'transformation and downsizing
could accelerate, freeing up funds for more
high-tech weapons and fewer boots on the ground.

In fact, history both ancient and modern
tells a different story. The tradition of
private armies goes back to the Roman Empire and
had something of a heyday in the Middle Ages, when
soldiers-for-hire fought on behalf of any baron or
bishop who would pay them. It was only during the
emergence of the modern nation-state, which
depended on control over the military for its
existence, that mercenary armies fell out of
favor. Now that PMCs have staged a comeback, they
pose a new tangle of legal and political issues
that lawmakers are only beginning to grasp.

The broader question, on which only touches, is
the implication of PMCs for U.S. foreign policy
or indeed, the foreign policy of any
democracy with a volunteer army.

A government can use a PMC as a non-bureaucratic
shortcut to achieve certain goals; under President
Clinton, a PMC advised the Croatian Army in 1994
and 1995 while Congress stalled on further
engagement in the Balkans.

But that option leaves no room for effective
oversight or genuine legitimacy among voters. This
administration and its successor, as it forges a
post-Iraq foreign policy, will have to decide just
how much it can privatize national-security
operations while maintaining global engagement and
who's loyalty they can temporarily purchase for
the short term commitment.

Also the issue is when the country is broke and
can't pay their private mercenaries anymore, will
those Mercs still serve the country of America or
will USA end back up like we did training and
equipping Saddam and Afghanistan's freedom
fighters who evolved into Al'cia'dia back in the

The US military downsized during the nineties and
now we have to hire expensive foreigners to
protect the good 'ole USA NWO, when we have our
own militia for the job if only they would pay

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