Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chomsky: The Pied Piper of the Left
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Chomsky may be the head gatekeeper,
but he works alongside a Network of Fellow Globalist Assets
like Amy Goodman who do their best to APPEAR RADICAL
while avoiding all the hardcore issues
and deliberately Leading the Left into Oblivion.
Chomsky’s hero status is further amplified
by Left Gatekeeper publications like Z Magazine,
Democracy Now! , The Progressive, and The Nation

Chomsky dispels 9/11 conspiracies with sheer logic

Amy Goodman to Celebrate Community Activism
UNM Today, NM - Apr 14, 2008
Amy Goodman and David Goodman are celebrating 12 years of broadcasting of "Democracy Now!," which airs on KUNM weekdays at 4 pm, and the release of their ...


CU Columbia Spectator
Radio Host Goodman Criticizes ‘Corporate Media’
CU Columbia Spectator, NY - Apr 10, 2008
... and political activist Amy Goodman called on the mainstream media to do what she feels it’s not—showing the public what she says it needs to see. ...

9/11: Truth and Movement
Pacific Free Press, Canada - Apr 9, 2008
Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon and others are now regularly heckled at speaking events, and denounced on websites as "gatekeepers. ...

The truth about the 9/11 "truth movement"
Rabble.ca, Canada - Apr 2, 2008
Goodman, Chomsky, Solomon and others are now regularly heckled at speaking events, and denounced on websites as "gatekeepers." They are seen, it seems, ...

Book Review: The Essential Chomsky by Noam Chomsky
Blogger News Network - 17 hours ago
And if there is one scholar which has consistently spoken up for the underreported side of life, it is Noam Chomsky. From The New Press, one of the most ...

The Official Commitment To Terrorism
CounterCurrents.org, India - Mar 18, 2008
As American intellectual, Noam Chomsky correctly noted, all policy planners agreed that the greatest threat to the US dominated world order were ...

Inside Indonesia
Review: Masters of terror
Inside Indonesia, Indonesia - Mar 30, 2008
Added is a forward by Noam Chomsky, a revised introduction by Hamish McDonald and Richard Tanter, and an afterword by Gerry van Klinken, all of which help ...

Blather (satire)
The Assassination of Noam Chomsky: Which Flying Saucer Acted Alone?
Blather (satire), Ireland - Apr 13, 2008
Feared academic, writer, rambler and digressionator, Noam Chomsky was killed by a lone flying saucer in Antarctica, alongside his many lawyers. ...
Circumcision: What's a Non-Practicing Jew to Do?
AlterNet, CA - 17 hours ago
Or Noam Chomsky in English. Being the secular sort myself, picking and choosing what defines my Jewishness on any given day has never been much of a problem ...
We are not yet freed from our old slavish traditions
Williams Lake Tribune, Canada - 1 hour ago
Is it a matter of manufacturing consent, a matter of manufacturing content as Chomsky observes of our current affairs? Are we still a quasi-democracy, ...

Boston Globe
The chimp who tried to talk
Boston Globe, United States - Apr 12, 2008
Project Nim was begun in 1973 by Columbia University psychologist Herbert Terrace in response to MIT linguist Noam Chomsky's belief that language is ...

The People's Voice
Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth
The People's Voice, TN - Apr 11, 2008
Well now… it seems that my mention of Chomsky and Raimondo, as well as Palast (but no one chimed in to defend Palast) touched a nerve here and there. ...
Noam Chomsky urges nuclear disarmament in Cabot lecture
Tufts Daily, MA - Apr 10, 2008
Renowned linguist, philosopher and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Noam Chomsky argued last night that countries possessing nuclear weapons ...

The Age
Global Haywire
The Age, Australia - Apr 9, 2008
Genre Documentary, Animation Run Time 80 minutes Rated M Country Australia Director Bruce Petty Actors Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, George Monbiot. ...
Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey - Apr 11, 2008
In a visit to the United States recently, Tuncel met with well-known socialist, linguist and writer Noam Chomsky. During their talk, Chomsky and Tuncel ...
What happens when you dress a chimp in overalls and try to teach ...
Boston Globe, United States - Apr 5, 2008
At the time, linguist Noam Chomsky and psychologist BF Skinner were locked in a debate. According to Chomsky, the ability to develop language is what ...

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Howard Zinn, Mordecai Briemberg, J9 ...
Pacific Free Press, Canada - Apr 13, 2008
... David Barsamian, Rhoda Berenson, William Blum, Luciana Bohne, William Bowles, Vincent Bugliosi, Helen Caldicott, Noam Chomsky, Michel Chossudovsky, ...


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