Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Tech Herald
Peru meteorite may rewrite rules
BBC News, UK - 11 hours ago
By Paul Rincon A meteorite which ploughed into the Peruvian countryside last year should have broken up in the atmosphere long before reaching the ground. ...
Swarm of meteorites may solve Peru impact mystery New Scientist (subscription)
Peru meteorite may rewrite rule books ABC Science Online
Peruvian meteorite confounds scientists United Press International
FOXNews - Science Daily (press release)
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Meteorite pair may be remnants of a destroyed dwarf planet
New Scientist (subscription), UK - 11 minutes ago
The two meteorite pieces, called GRA 06128 and GRA 06129 after the Graves Nunataks area of Antarctica where they were found together in 2006, show evidence ...
Museum may upgrade security after meteorite slice is stolen
Munster Times, IN - 1 hour ago
LAKEVILLE, Ind. - The proprietors of a space museum are considering upgrading security after the theft of a slice of meteorite from the collection. ...
Turkey Property Fethiye meteorite sent for analysis
Nirvana International, UK - 11 hours ago
A meteorite which landed in the Fethiye district - the home to the yachting centre of Gocek - has... An internationally-renowned Spanish singer has lifted ...

CBC New Brunswick
Astronomers searching for meteorite that crashed in Ontario
CBC New Brunswick, Canada - Mar 11, 2008
Astronomers from the University of Western Ontario are searching for a meteorite that landed in central Ontario last week. The "large fireball" was captured ...
Meteor falling near Pointe Au Baril caught on camera
Meteorite Lands in Ontario CCN Magazine
Canadian astronomers tape meteor fall United Press International
Western News -
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Umatilla Man Hunts for Meteorite
KEPR 19, WA - Mar 11, 2008
He’s one of many who want to get their hands on the meteorite that streaked through the sky last month. No one has yet reported finding a piece of it on ...
Scientists looking for meteorite in Eastern Oregon
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Mar 9, 2008
Meteorite scientist Dick Pugh says Chicken Little may have had a point: The sky really is falling. Well, part of it, anyway. At a recent talk here he urged .

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