Monday, March 3, 2008

Air Force Deploys troops for EF-3 tornado Storm clean up

This story is directed towards the "NWO Rat Masters Zap Bama with 'Radar Ring Flash' Killer Storms" , I mentioned that there were going to be another round of Twisters that Killed.

Here is the proof that we have another conspiracy/cover-up in the making as a twister struck and the MSM media down graded the Tornado disaster to a 'Macro burst'.
It's exactly this kind of Dis-Information TPTB use to Brain Wash the Masses into believing what the want them to.

The MSM once again gets caught broadcasting Disinformation to the public.

I collected and documented all this in my blog, but some twits would rather play games instead of following directions to read my proof of the NWO's Killer Tornado Weaponry.

Why did the Military deploy Troops to the Front lines if this wasn't "Weather Weaponry Warfare'??

City work crews, homeown­ers and volunteers continued at midweek the process of picking up the pieces -- literally tons of pieces -- left behind when an EF-3 tornado ripped across resi­dential and commercial dis­tricts on Prattville's eastern side Sunday afternoon.

Mayor Jim Byard announced Tuesday night that the city must absorb the cost of removing the rubble that was once homes, apartments and stores.

"We found out today that there will be no federal financial assistance for debris removal," Byard told city council mem­bers. "It will all have to done by city crews."

The mayor said the city has diverted manpower from sever­al departments to aid in the cleanup effort, which also in­cludes future military officers.

"Our street department is working with our sanitation de­partment," he said. "We have folks from all our public works departments removing debris. All our leisure services guys are out there, and we have about 180 Officers Training Corps students from Maxwell Air Force Base. Debris removal teams are going through the neighborhoods, asking people what they want left and what they want carried to the curb."
The gargantuan effort also features Tad Agoglia, a volun­teer from New York who drove his giant boom truck to Pratt­ville from Tennessee, where he had been helping with a torna­do-relief effort there.

"All our boom trucks are op­erating out there," the mayor said. "We also have a huge boom truck out there. The owner is from New York, and he's driv­ing along with our guys, helping clean up."

City officials are asking that residents and volunteers refrain from placing hazardous materi­als -- including propane tanks, herbicides, fertilizer and simi­lar items -- at curbside where other debris is piled.
"We have an on-site hazard­ous waste deposit in the parking lot at Overlook Memorial Park," he said. "We have a big roll-off container there, and we are asking citizens to bring those types of materials there."

The debris removal effort got under way Tuesday, and the first-day effort resulted in re­moval of more debris than crews normally are able to handle in seven or more days.

"On a normal day in the city of Prattville, we would pick up -- on our heaviest days -- about 180 or 200 cubic yards of debris," Byard said. "On Tuesday, we picked up 1,500 cubic yards of debris. Our people are doing a tremendous job."

Even if crews are able to con­sistently remove such amounts of storm rubble, the cleanup ef­fort won't be completed any time soon, he added.

"State and federal emergen­cy management people tell me that their assessment is that it will take 4-6 weeks," he said. "It's going to take longer than that, and we know it. But we have a plan, and we're working on that plan.

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