Saturday, March 8, 2008

Experts baffled by orange UFO
Gold Coast News, Australia - Mar 6, 2008
He said police were fairly confident the object was not a plane but that it may have been a meteor. "We've got no craters or anything like that," he said. ...
Tweed record shocks police Gold Coast News
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CBBC Newsround
In pictures: Meteor crashes into school field!
CBBC Newsround, UK - Mar 3, 2008
Pupils at a school in Birmingham were amazed when a meteor crashed to earth during their PE lesson. Satifaa, 12, said they're still getting over the shock! ...

CBC Prince Edward Island
UFO group finds no answer for PEI mystery
CBC Prince Edward Island, Canada - 16 hours ago
A UFO research group in Manitoba has been unable to identify a mysterious sighting in the sky over PEI on Boxing Day. The long, smoky spiral was videotaped ...
Mysterious object no UFO: expert StarPhoenix
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Shiny Review: Miidio UFO Speakers
Shiny Shiny, UK - 15 hours ago
The UFO speakers are the mid-range option at £70, and they're surprisingly heavy to the touch. Despite being small, they feel like solid metal; ...
Experts baffled by orange UFO on the Gold Coast
Geelong Advertiser, Australia - Mar 6, 2008
Annette Van Zetten is not exactly sure what she saw shooting across the Tweed skyline on Wednesday evening, but it certainly grabbed her attention as well ...
Secret UFO Meeting At The United Nations
American Chronicle, CA - Mar 6, 2008
12/02/2008 GILLES LORANT is present at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, on other business observing UN operations, unaware of the secret UFO meeting. ...
Quasi-governmental UN/UFO Body Now Needed
OpEdNews, PA - Mar 6, 2008
by Ed Komarek Page 1 of 1 page(s) In this article I would like to address the need for a International Quasi-governmental UN/UFO body. ...
The truth is out there, online
Jakarta Post, Indonesia - Mar 6, 2008
In Indonesia, however, UFO and alien fan clubs have blossomed with the rising use of the Internet in the past few years. Communities of UFO hobbyists all ...

UFO Yacht Controlled by Joystick
io9, CA - Mar 6, 2008
The Tribolis is a futuristic yacht that can house six people comfortably. It even has a high-grade acrylic underwater viewing globe for those who want to ...

What's it like ... to see a UFO?
Frederick News Post (subscription), MD - Mar 5, 2008
The national -- and local -- mystery around UFOs and his own sighting sparked a lifelong interest for Chester. But he didn't give the subject a serious look ...

BBC News
MoD release confidential UFO file
BBC News, UK - Mar 4, 2008
Confidential Ministry of Defence (Mod) files on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are set to be made public. Hundreds of documented sightings of UFOs ...

Robbie spots aliens instead
The Sun, UK - 4 hours ago
Robbie says the third UFO appeared as he stood on his bedroom balcony after writing a song about alien contact. He said: “This big ball of gold light turned ...

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