Monday, March 10, 2008

NWO Simulated Fake Cyber Attacks begin

"Firesales' is not just the stuff of movies like Die Hard IV, it is a very real and very destructive crime that is on the rise globally.
A massive international exercise called Cyber Storm II is taking place - it is organised by America's department of homeland security and also involves government agencies and large companies from the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
Roly Smoldon, from MPA Technologies talks about Cyber Storm II

UN Observer - Mar 7, 2008
2008-03-07 | The website has suffered a huge DOS attack this evening. Obviously, certain parties did not approve of the fact that I ...

Chinese Hackers Say They Accessed Pentagon
Chinese Hackers: We Tapped into Pentagon..

TV3 News
Cyber Storm II: An attack on worldwide cyber terrorism
TV3 News, New Zealand - 19 hours ago
A massive international exercise called Cyber Storm II is taking place - it is organised by America's department of homeland security and also involves ...
Cyber Storm II Set To Begin Slashdot
NZ to battle cyber attack
NZ taking part in cyber terrorist exorcise TV3 News
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Cyber Storm II challenges banks, telcos and government
Computerworld New Zealand, New Zealand - Mar 9, 2008
Attacks on the digital infrastructure of various companies and industry sectors will be role-played nationally and internationally in the Cyber Storm II ...
4 nations conduct counter terrorism war games
Xinhua, China - 13 hours ago
The exercises, codenamed Cyberstorm Two and involving security officials and businesses, simulate coordinated cyber attacks on critical infrastructure such ...
Tweak $70 billion war on terror Toronto Star
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NZ braces for Cyber Storm
Computerworld New Zealand, New Zealand - Mar 7, 2008
New Zealand will join five other countries in facing down Cyber Storm II, a series of simulated attacks against critical digital infrastructure, ...
Cyber Storm II offers proactive IT security
Secure Computing, Australia - Mar 6, 2008
"Cyber Storm II promotes a collaborative working relationship with industry and government stakeholders so that we can better understand and more ...

Pentagon cyber attack more serious than previously assumed
Heise Online, Germany - 1 hour ago
The cyber attack on parts of the Pentagon network last June may have had more serious consequences for network security than previously publicised. ...

Nato: Cyber-terrorism danger equal to missile attack
ZDNet UK, UK - 6 hours ago
Nato's cyber-defence chief has warned that computer-based terrorism poses the same threat to national security as a missile attack. ...

How gov't projects (like NBN and Cyber Ed) get overpriced, Philippines - Mar 9, 2008
By Manuel A. Alcuaz Jr. I have been studying the Cyber Ed project for the past few weeks. All of a sudden one night last week it dawned on me--proponents of ...
Nato Sees Cyber Warfare Threat, OR - 20 minutes ago
By Christopher Nickson If you don’t think cyber warfare could be a major problem in the future, then Nato would like to change your mind. ...

Cyber laws in India
Merinews, India - 6 hours ago
The centre must take some effort to streamline Indian cyber laws so that the laws are strong. Although the government has proposed some amendments to the ...

Dealing with the threat of bullies - the cyber factor
Hagerstown Morning Herald, MD - 4 hours ago
By ERIN CUNNINGHAM ( A new type of bullying, called "cyberbullying," is becoming more common. (Chad Trovinger/Graphic Designer) School ...
Impact of bullying can last a lifetime Hagerstown Morning Herald
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China Denies Cyber-Attack to US
Prensa Latina, Cuba - Mar 4, 2008
Qin affirmed the Chinese government is not involved in attacks against computing networks around the world, as the US Department of Defense claimed. ...

The Tech Herald
Pentagon hacks and Google Maps
InfoWorld, CA - 54 minutes ago
Now it turns out that the hack was a wee bit more serious than Gates let on. quotes Dennis Clem, CIO for the office of the defense ...
CIO talks about Pentagon and OSD network attacks The Tech Herald
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of sensitive ...

Officials worry China is trying to hack into US military computers
CNN - Mar 3, 2008
The annual report from the Pentagon to Congress says China's total military spending in 2007 was between $97 billion and $139 billion, but it is hard to ...
egs. ...

Bihar Times
Govt website hacked: Deputy CM
Bihar Times, India - Mar 7, 2008
However, the deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi, later clarified that the website has probably been hacked, which is why it got linked to a private ...
Award website hacked on eve of ceremony, Australia - 20 hours ago
By Andrew Ramadge, Technology Reporter March 10, 2008 02:00am THE website of the Annual Weblog Awards, nicknamed the Bloggies, appears to have been hacked ...

Posting Publicly Available URL Claimed a "Hack"
Slashdot - Mar 7, 2008
I don't think they realize how the internet works. If I type in a URL in a browser, I'm sending a request for data back. It's up to mobitv what to return. ...
Legal team scrambles to suppress MobiTV addresses shared in the clear BetaNews
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structure, ...
World Cyber Games Underway, OR - Mar 7, 2008
You should be in Hanover, where the Samsung Euro Championships, part of the World Cyber Games, got underway yesterday at the CeBIT exposition. ...

Public Private Partnerships - InfraGard
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - Feb 9, 2008
"At the national level, we are actively planning for the March 2008 national cyber exercise, Cyber Storm II, which follows the highly successful cyber storm ...

FIA can apprehend cyber criminals
The Post, Pakistan - Mar 8, 2008
Section 13 of Cyber Stalking Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance allows FIA to look into such offences and register FIR where such breach of Cyber ...
Tories get tough on cyber-crime, UK - Mar 7, 2008
The Conservative Party has announced a range of measures aimed at tackling cyber-crime and tightening data protection in the UK. ...

NSW Govt pushes new police cyber powers
ABC Online, Australia - Mar 5, 2008
Mr Campbell says the measures are needed to address the changing nature of cyber crimes. "As computer technology improves and becomes more sophisticated, ...

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Gizmodo Australia
Air Force Cyber Command Wants Intarwebs Supremacy
Gizmodo Australia, Australia - Mar 7, 2008
The Air Force Cyber Command, headed by Major General William T. Lord (from now on to be referred here as Sir Lord Darth Vader Von Ham—or Jeff) has released ...

AF cyberstrategy to focus on disrupting attacks
Washington Technology, DC - Mar 7, 2008
The Cyber Command’s vision is to develop capabilities to defend against cyber attacks, to “create effects” in cyberspace against hostile attackers and to ...

Study targets 'toxic' cyber-bullying, Australia - 18 hours ago
THE West Australian Government will spend $400000 on a world-first five-year study into cyber-bullying, amid growing concern about the damaging effect on ...
World first study to examine 'cyber bullying'
Scopical, Australia - 20 hours ago
A world first study in Australia is to examine the prevalence of so called 'cyber bullying' in practice throughout many forms of technology. ...
State to crack down on cyber-bullying
The West Australian, Australia - Mar 8, 2008
Education Minister Mark McGowan has set his sights on the growing scourge of “cyber-bullying”, today announcing a $400000 State Government grant to research ...
Politicians and the Cyber-Bully Pulpit
Slashdot - Feb 21, 2008
Regular Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton has cyber-bullying on his mind; that and the laws proposed to deal with it. His article begins: "The authors ...

New bully in town is on Internet
Schenectady Gazette, NY - Mar 8, 2008
By Michael Goot (Contact) CAPITAL REGION — Bullies used to be on street corners, waiting to take kids’ lunch money with the threat of their fists. ...

Dealing with the threat of bullies - the cyber factor
Hagerstown Morning Herald, MD - 5 hours ago
(Chad Trovinger/Graphic Designer) School officials from Springfield Middle and Williamsport High School talk about bullying: what it is, where it occurs and ...
Impact of bullying can last a lifetime Hagerstown Morning Heraldall 10 news articles »

Calls for action on cyber-bullying
ic Wales, United Kingdom - Feb 22, 2008
The Government has issued new guidance to schools on tackling cyber-bullying, but Mrs James said more was needed. She suggested a ban in schools of all ...

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal
WTVQ, KY - Mar 5, 2008
By Kellie Wilson Kentucky Representative Tim Couch filed a bill this week to make anonymous posting online illegal. The bill would require anyone who ...
Keen: Douse the online flamers
Austin American-Statesman, TX - 11 hours ago
Today, too many anonymous Internet users post hateful content. Those who have been flamed by faceless critics online are intimately familiar with the ...

News & Observer
Suicide followed anonymous jabs
News & Observer, NC - 10 hours ago
AgencySpy, which is written by an anonymous advertising industry employee, was perhaps the most biting. In a posting Feb. 19, the site quoted excerpts from ...
Ky. lawmaker seeks ban on anonymous Internet posts
Louisville Courier-Journal, KY - Mar 6, 2008
An Eastern Kentucky lawmaker wants to ban Kentuckians from anonymously posting information on the Internet. Rep. Tim Couch, R-Hyden, filed a bill that would ...


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