Saturday, March 8, 2008

Illuminati 'Super Torch' Ritual Exercises angers N. Korea

Mar. 8 - North Korea has denounced annual U.S.-South Korean military exercises, saying it prepares the south for a pre-emptive attack.

The U.S. and South Korean troops have staged a street fighting exercise as part of an annual military training drill to deter a North Korean attack. North Korea denounced the training, saying it was preparation for an attack.

Cyber Storm II Set To Begin
Slashdot - 7 hours ago
The Department of Homeland Security has already analyzed the results of the games, and plans to hold 'Cyber Storm 2' in March. ...

US takes defense to outer and cyberspace
United Press International - Mar 3, 2008
Chilton said enemies of the United States "constantly" try to hack into government computer networks and Pentagon officials are trying to develop strategies ...

Chinese hackers: No site is safe
CNN - Mar 7, 2008
By John Vause ZHOUSHAN, China (CNN) -- They operate from a bare apartment on a Chinese island. They are intelligent 20-somethings who seem harmless. ...
He steals company data, but he ain't no hacker
Rediff, India - Mar 6, 2008
Hackers have a lot of fancy names for the technical exploits they use to gain access to a company's networks: cross-site scripting, buffer overflows or the ...
Tall stories from Chinese hackers, UK - 3 hours ago
There's an interesting interview with the leader of a Chinese hacker group on CNN. Xiao Chen makes a number of claims: that his group is paid by the Chinese ...
Chinese Hackers Take On the World with Ease
DailyTech, IL - 19 hours ago
“No website is 100% safe,” says Chen Xiao, member of a team of hackers that operate from a bare apartment just off the coast of Shanghai. ...
Chinese Hackers Say They Accessed Pentagon
Newsroom America, New Zealand - 20 hours ago
A group of intelligence Chinese hackers who reside in a spartan apartment on an island say they have gained unauthorized access to a number of high-security ...

China Daily
Olympic torch to stay 2 hours at Tiananmen Square
China Daily, China - Mar 6, 2008
BEIJING -- The Olympic torch relay will stop for two hours at Tian'anmen Square in central Beijing on the eve of the Olympic Games, a Chinese official said ...

Beijing torch available to Olympic fans
Malaysia Sun, Malaysia - 21 hours ago
The Beijing Olympic torch replica will be sold to the public in a limited number. The Beijing Organising Committee of the 29th Olympic Games released the 29 ...
Torch replica to hit market
Xinhua, China - Mar 5, 2008
BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Olympic torch replica, made of the same steel as the "Bird's Nest", will hit the market with a limited number on ...

Volkswagen promises 'green' motorcade
China Daily, China - Mar 6, 2008
"It is a great honor for Volkswagen to have been chosen as the official supplier for the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay," said Dr Winfried Vahland, ...

Italian-Canadian carries Torch of Life
Tandem, Canada - Mar 6, 2008
Perotta wants to raise her torch as high as possible in order to spread her message of hope to as many people as possible. Walking next to her, ...

ic Wales
Welsh troops to torch the White House!
ic Wales, United Kingdom - Mar 3, 2008
CANADIAN enthusiasts are preparing to celebrate a museum re-opening by re-enacting a battle from a war which saw Welsh troops set fire to the White House. ...

This is London
Olympic torch set for Wembley welcome
This is London, UK - Mar 5, 2008
The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch will arrive in Wembley Stadium on 6 April, ready to begin a tour across London. The torch relay takes in 22 cities on ...


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