Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Since "Terrorism" was defined, TPTB have been systematically expanding the true meaning.

Now the Terrorism Rhetoric seems to be anything that is not submitting to Authority, their Perverted Power Addiction, and their Corruption.

Anyone who seems to threaten them or stand up and say whatz wrong.

It was an excellent plan in the USSR to keep themselves in power by conditioning everyone to
fear everyone and thus it was for the safety of society to make it easy to keep terrorist from harming others, when confined and watched like cattle.

Today in the newz, internet charter is mentioning websites, being shutdown, Spitzer's 9/11 Investigation was silenced , Wall St. credit Feds for Stocks Rising Sharply.

So does this all figure into as more in the same Strategy of the Cyberstorm Wargame Homeland Security Anti-terror Fear Tactics?

What else can State Sponsored Terror do to acquire more Authority?

"Firesales' is not just the stuff of movies like Die Hard IV, it is a very real and very destructive crime that is on the rise globally.
A massive international exercise called Cyber Storm II is taking place - it is organised by America's department of homeland security and also involves government agencies and large companies from the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
Roly Smoldon, from MPA Technologies talks about Cyber Storm II

Will Alternative websites be the next NWO 'Enemy Combatants' as their links disappear?

Economic Times, India - 18 hours ago
The last few months have seen hackers attack the website of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Indian Railways, Department of Telecom, ...
Official websites under attack Economic Times
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Should You Hire A Convicted Hacker?
InformationWeek, NY - 7 hours ago
By Mathew Schwartz What happens when hackers who have served time in prison or home confinement are released? The very skills that can land them behind bars ...
Hackers jump queue for hottest tickets
Canada.com, Canada - Mar 9, 2008
By Kate Webb, The Province Ticketmaster says it's "fighting like the dickens" to stop online hackers from line-jumping in order to get the best seats first. ...

Wall Street Journal
Terrifying Computer Users Part VII
Wall Street Journal - 5 hours ago
Hackers broke into the computer systems at MTV, stealing names, dates of birth and social-security numbers for 5000 employees, the company revealed last ...

US Department of Homeland Security (press release)
Cyber Storm II gets started
FCW.com, VA - 17 hours ago
That dark side of cyberspace is the backdrop for this week’s Cyber Storm II exercise, the Homeland Security Department’s second massive cyber war game, ...
US, UK and friends have cyber-war party Register
Cyber terror: Australia faces the storm ZDNet Asia
DHS Holds Cyber Storm II Exercise to Further Cyber Security ... US Department of Homeland Security (press release)
Market Wire (press release) - New Zealand Herald
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Command chief outlines future of cyber warfare
Air Force Link, DC - 21 minutes ago
11, 2001, attacks, in which the cyber domain played a key role. He also referred to last year's cyber attack on the country of Estonia that nearly shut down ...
Pentagon cyber attack more serious than previously assumed
Heise Online, Germany - Mar 10, 2008
The cyber attack on parts of the Pentagon network last June may have had more serious consequences for network security than previously publicised. ...
Nato: Cyber-terrorism danger equal to missile attack
ZDNet UK, UK - Mar 10, 2008
Nato's cyber-defence chief has warned that computer-based terrorism poses the same threat to national security as a missile attack. ...
Schoolgirl's battle with cyber bullies
Flintshire Standard, UK - 6 hours ago
"I think if someone is found to be doing cyber bullying they should be made to feel that they are going to be punished. I think even the police should come ...

Zee News
The ugly face of cyber world
Zee News, India - 4 hours ago
With the ever-increasing number of users, the number of cyber crime has also gone up, and flesh traders have not shied away from using this mode of ...

CNET News.com, CA - 4 hours ago
Recent evidence suggests that the NSA has been focusing on widespread monitoring of e-mail messages and text messages, recording of Web browsing, ...
NSA's Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data Wall Street Journal
NSA's Warrantless Spying Recreated Banned Data Mining Project, WSJ ... Wired News
Massive NSA operation exposed as Congress prepares vote on ... World Socialist Web Site
Bay Area Indymedia
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Creeping totalitarianism: The NSA, personal data and you
ZDNet - Mar 10, 2008
It’sa must-read, whether you think we need this kind of police agency or not. as well as the content of any transaction recorded by a computer that the NSA ...

NSA Spies Widely US Citizens
Free Market News Network, FL - 21 hours ago
"The central role the NSA has come to occupy in domestic intelligence gathering has never been publicly disclosed," The Wall Street Journal's Siobhan Gorman ...

Cyber Storm II Set To Begin
Slashdot - Mar 8, 2008
The Department of Homeland Security has already analyzed the results of the games, and plans to hold 'Cyber Storm 2' in March. ...

TV3 News
NZ taking part in cyber terrorist exorcise
TV3 News, New Zealand - Mar 8, 2008
So much so, a simulated attack called Cyber Storm 2 will be orchestrated tomorrow involving the governments of the United States, Britain, Australia, ...
Technology war game tests US readiness
Ventura County Star, CA - Feb 11, 2008
The government is organizing "Cyber Storm 2." Among the mock disasters confronting officials in the previous exercise: Washington's Metro trains shut down. ...
Officials not ready to say China is the source
Dark Reading, NY - Mar 10, 2008
In announcing that Australia's participation in Cyber Storm II, an international simulation designed to test government and private defenses, ...


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