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New Class of Meteorite Discovered in Antarctica; Did It Come From Planet-X?

from Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

A pair of meteorites discovered in Antarctica are in a class all of their own, a major space conference has been told. Studies of the extra-terrestrial rocks have revealed qualities that set them apart from any meteorites previously known to science.

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Researchers are pondering where in our Solar System the meteorites could have originated. An origin on Planet Venus has been discussed, but now looks unlikely.

The notion of a meteorite hailing from this hothouse world is highly contentious. As yet, nobody has found one, probably because it is very difficult for rocks to escape Venus' thick atmosphere and strong gravity.

Several scientists propose that the Antarctic meteorites broke away from a previously unrecognized reservoir of asteroids before falling to Earth. When statements such as "break away" are made, it could lead to numerous scenarios.

One of which is the Planet-X mystery. Another is Dr. Tom VanFlandrens "Exploded Planet Hypothesis". http://metaresearch .org/solar% 20system/ eph/eph2000. asp

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