Monday, March 24, 2008

This headline is plastered all over the MSM over the weekend and I had been reporting this scoop about the Future Trucking Industry role in Economic Domestic Terrorism if they Threaten Corporate Investors revenue. I have been playing a major role on the C.B. over the years and have been in touch with most of the Trucking Industry as my daily C.B. Radio show has been providing them the info about this economic problem. I began posting info about this and alerting the Truckers of the Patriot Act plans a few years back on before they banned me from my blogging. So check out my past info that I collected through out this link.

Homeland Security to Declare Martial Law on Domestic Trucker Rebellion Flashback

National Ledger
Trucker's Strike Looming: Fuel Cost Protest in April, Real or Hoax?
National Ledger, AZ - 8 hours ago
By Gene Byrd A trucker's strike may be looming on the horizon. Many independent over the road truck drivers are fed up with rising fuel and insurance costs ...

Fleet Owner (subscription)
Hunkering down
Fleet Owner (subscription) - 1 hour ago
The high price of diesel is also sparking talk of a nationwide trucker strike on April 1, this time being organized online by Dan Little, an owner/operator ...
Truckers Strike
CBS 21, PA - Mar 21, 2008
On Saturday, March 21st, a crowd of at least 500 people, mostly truck drivers, is expected to rally against the rising diesel prices. At a later date, ...
Climbing diesel costs fuel truckers' anger The Patriot-News -
Truckers fire up rigs to gather for fuel-cost rally Lebanon Daily News
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Local Truckers On Strike Over High Gas, PA - 4 hours ago
Monday morning, several truckers have turned off their engines to protest the over $4 a gallon they are paying for diesel. The strike began at midnight and ...
No April Foolin’: Independent Truckers Talking One Day Protest/Strike
HNN, USA - 7 hours ago
According to a Quad Cities, Iowa published report, the price of gasoline will bring many independent truckers to a stop April 1. The newspaper quoted Dan ...
Fuel prompts call for call for strike, PA - 5 hours ago
That has some truckers calling for a strike to force the government to help them out. Just about everything we buy, from food to clothing to gasoline, ...

Truckers Planning Strike
WKRG-TV, AL - Mar 22, 2008
Some truckers say they are so fed up with the cost of diesel fuel, they are going to strike April 1st. Todd Wiggins is one of the owner operators planning ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Neverknwo... Yea I knew this was going to happen. I stocked up on food, actually back on September 14 because that was supposed to be a false flag nuke attack. I started growing my own food too. I hope you prepared Neverknow. I've got just about everything to be self sufficient. Wind Generators, solar pannels, electric bicycle, LED lamps and other energy efficient devices, I even got special virus filters the same kind the US Military uses in their bio labs where they create catastrophic viruses and diseases. Please tell me you prepared, there's not much time if you haven't.

neverknwo said...

Let's just say,

lead will be worth more then gold.