Thursday, March 27, 2008

ESOTERIC Agenda The Most Shocking Video of TRUTH You will ever see!

This is the most important video that you will ever see!
I am starting to realized that everything I was ever taught is a Lie.

From watching this documentary, and haveing an open mind. I see we are heading in to World War 3.
This Documentry is very shocking!!!!
Please watch with an open mind, and set alot of your beliefs aside for a moment while watching this film.
This Documentary is 2 hours long so maybe watch a little bit at a time.
Its a lot to take in.
I am still in shock! and I dont know what to do, but to spread this video every where.
Before any one post in here please watch the entire video.
If this video is a lie We, or I need some proof.
  1. Too Many Lodges In The Broth

  2. The Elders Of Zion

  3. Masonry Equals Freedom

  4. The Rothschild Family

  5. The Meetings Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

  6. Jewish Anti-Semitism

  7. The Talmud – What A Lovely Book!

  8. The “Strict Observance

  9. The Bavarian Illuminati Of Adam Weishaupt

  10. The Battle Of Waterloo

  11. Who Was Kaspar Hauser?

  12. The Freemasons In America

  13. Karl Marx

  14. The Plan For A World Government

  15. The Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan

  16. The Black Nobility

  17. The English Royal Family And The Opium Trade In The 18th Century

  18. Background Of The Bolshevist Revolution

  19. Skull And Bones

  20. And Thus Endeth Freedom In America

  21. The Rothschild Towing Service

  22. Cecil Rhodes And His Knights Of The Round Table

  23. How To Stage A World War

  24. The First World War As Seen By The Illuminati

  25. The Ochrana (Former Russian Secret Service)

  26. Russian Oil

  27. The Balfour Declaration

  28. The Americans “Want” To Fight, Too!

  29. The Rockefeller Ministry Of Foreign Relations (CFR)

  30. Preparing The Second World War

  1. Adolph Hitler Offers A Cure
  2. Adolf Schicklgruber And The ‘Thule-Gesellschaft

  3. The “Vril-Gesellschaft” Or Not All Good Comes From Above

  4. The Second World War

  5. What Happened In America?

  6. Germany Wants To Surrender

  7. The American Support For The Soviets During The War

  8. The Protocols Have To Be Fulfilled

  9. What Was Achieved By The Second World War?

  10. Germany Did Not Simply Lose The War !!

  11. The Foundation Of Israel

  12. The CFR Gains Strength

  13. The Kennedy Assassination

  14. The Knight Of Jerusalem

  15. What About The Vatican?

  16. The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

  17. Information Control

  18. Bio-Psychological Warfare

  19. Energy As A Weapon

  20. The CIA And The Shah

  21. Saddam Hussein And “Desert Storm

  22. What Does The Future Hold For The Conflict-Torn Near East?

  23. Germany Reunited (To Fall)

  24. What About The Serbs?

  25. The Present Situation

  26. George Soros And The Rothschild Connection

  27. L. Ron Hubbard And The Church Of Scientology

  28. A List Of The Main Known Organizations Of The Illuminati

  29. 666 (Six, Six, Six)

  30. Summary


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