Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The professional organization for engineers who build the nation's roads, dams and bridges has been accused by fellow engineers of covering up catastrophic design flaws while investigating national disasters. After the [Bush] 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the levee failures caused by Hurricane Katrina [explosives] in 2005, the federal government paid the American Society of Civil Engineers to investigate what went wrong. Critics now accuse the group of covering up engineering mistakes, downplaying the need to alter building standards, and using the investigations to protect engineers and government agencies from lawsuits.

Engineer Society Accused of Cover-Ups
The Associated Press - 8 hours ago
"He talks about the supposed cover-up," Riley said. "Well, our people live here in New Orleans ... We don't stand behind our work. We live behind our work. ...
Cover-Up Claims Come Way Of ASCE
WGNO, LA - 25 minutes ago
New Orleans — The American Society of Civil Engineers is again taking heat for findings on Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. ...
Engineers Accused Of Cover-ups After Katrina, 911
WDSU, LA - 7 hours ago
... of covering up catastrophic design flaws in probes of national disasters. At issue are the society's investigations into the 2001 World Trade Center ...

Organizational Factors Affect Worker Responses to WTC Attacks
NewsBlaze (press release), CA - 1 hour ago
Two-thirds worked within 1½ miles of the WTC. About half were directly affected by the attacks-for example, they were in or near the WTC. ...

Controlled Demolition of the WTC: No Big Deal.
OpEdNews, PA - 10 hours ago
And rising out of this sea of miasmic upside-down thinking comes the news that the World Trade Center was demolished on September the 11th, 2001. ...

Engineers accused of cover-ups in Katrina, WTC investigations
Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA - 4 hours ago
After the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the levee failures caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the federal government paid the American Society ...

One Down (Spitzer) - 100 More 911 Kingpins To Go
OpEdNews, PA - 21 hours ago
Added Hicks, of the shady deals behind the 911 tragedy: "Silverstein put up only $14 million of his own money, (to acquire the WTC complex) and his friends ...
JPMorgan rejects plans for WTC headquarters; move to Bear Stearns
Newsday, NY - Mar 18, 2008
NEW YORK - JPMorgan Chase & Co. is abandoning plans to move its downtown headquarters to the World Trade Center site in the wake of its deal to acquire Bear ...BSC - JPM
JP Morgan Shifts Plans to Move Its Investment Bank to WTC Site
Wall Street Journal - Mar 17, 2008
By ALEX FRANGOS JP Morgan Chase has scrapped its plans to move its investment banking operation to a new building planned for the World Trade Center site in ...LON:JMI - BSC

Trading Privacy for Security in a Post-9/11 World:
IPD Group (press release), DC - 12 minutes ago
Since 9/11, Americans have struggled to agree on an acceptable balance. The War on Terror has raised questions about protecting civil liberties and privacy ...
September 11 was a third-rate operation
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - 7 hours ago
On to middle management: Ramzi bin al-Shiba, would-be pilot and hijacker, but for a US entry visa, became instead the 9/11 liaison between the Hamburg cell ...

9/11 Workers Allowed To Have Their Day In Court
dBTechno, MA - 5 hours ago
Boston (dbTechno) - There are thousands upon thousands of 9/11 workers who will now have their day in court. This comes after a Manhattan federal appeals ...
Court rules 9/11 health risks can air New York Daily News
Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit New York Sun
Appeals Court Ruling a Victory for World Trade Center Rescue Workers Newsinferno.com
Asbury Park Press - WCSH-TV
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9/11 responders can sue
Metro.us, NY - 13 hours ago
Feal’s organization, The FealGood Foundation, helps 9/11 responders claim government benefits for their injuries and distributes public donations to the ...
9/11 CIA plot
The Post, Pakistan - 18 hours ago
Is there some more to come, since the myth 9/11 alleged masterminds, al Qaeda’s bin Laden and al-Zawahiri are still alive? Has the CIA-Mossad objectives ...

Hillary Makes Up Chelsea's Whereabouts on 9/11
Wonkette (satire), DC - 20 hours ago
On today's agenda: that time Hillary Clinton said Chelsea was hanging out by the Twin Towers on 9/11, and how she wasn't at all. She said that Chelsea was ...
Obama Richardson 2008~ American Chronicle
Karl Rove Talks About the Increasingly Negative Campaign RealClearPolitics
'Special Report' Panel on Change of Topic for Barack Obama FOXNews
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Seeking a safe zone Woman who survived 9/11 seeks new home
Hudson Reporter, NJ - 21 hours ago
By Al Sullivan She spent more than 30 years working for the American Stock Exchange and other firms, maintaining a quality home and life in Bayonne with her ...

After A Nuclear 9/11
Washington Post, United States - Mar 24, 2008
By Jay Davis The appearance of nuclear weapons materials on the black market is a growing global concern, and it is crucial that the United States reinforce ...


WTC Cleanup Workers' Cases Can Proceed
The Associated Press - 18 hours ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Lawsuits can proceed on behalf of thousands of workers who say they were not properly protected as they cleaned up the World Trade Center ...
Court Rules City Not Immune To Health-Related WTC Lawsuits NY1
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Court Rules WTC Workers' Lawsuits Can Proceed
WNYC, NY - 20 hours ago
by Fred Mogul NEW YORK, NY March 26, 2008 —A federal appeals court says lawsuits can proceed on behalf of thousands of World Trade Center workers who say ...

NYPD In Negotiations To Take Over Security At WTC Site
NY1, NY - Mar 26, 2008
The NYPD is pushing to take over all security operations at the World Trade Center site from the Port Authority. A Port Authority spokesperson says that ...
Ground Zero's OUR territory not NYPD's, Port Authority union chief ... New York Daily News
NYPD pushing to run all security at Ground Zero New York Daily News
Citizens Hammer NYPD Commissioner Kelly on Street Safety StreetsBlog
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