Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lincolnshire Echo, UK - 7 hours ago
Strange lights spotted in Lincolnshire's skies may have been a warning of the earthquake which sent tremors across Britain. Several sightings of lights ...

Glowing lights around an earthquake's epicentre
Times Online, UK - Mar 14, 2008
In fact, there have been many reports of “earthquake lights” throughout history. Residents of Tangshan in China, for example, were awakened one night in ...

Click here to see a video of Earthquake Light in Peru in August 2007

Mysterious 'lightning' spotted as 'quake hit Louth
Louth Today, UK - Feb 29, 2008
Did you spot any lightning during the Lincolnshire earthquake? Email us and tell us what you saw. By Sean Topham MYSTERIOUS types of lightning were seen by ...

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