Thursday, March 27, 2008

A 'New World Order' for Conservatives?
GOPUSA, TX - 13 minutes ago
... campaign to make a note that trying to fundraise among conservatives on the same day you give a "new world order" speech is not really a great idea. ...

Educating Consumers - A New World Order for Real Estate Professionals (press release), CT - 14 hours ago
It is a new world order for many real estate professionals and educating or qualifying buyers and sellers has renewed importance. ...

IASB: Barriers fall as new world order fast emerges
Financial Times, UK - Mar 25, 2008
By Robert Bruce For the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), success is producing headaches as well as plaudits. It was set up in 2001 with the ...
A War of Ideas
Capitol Hill Blue, VA - 22 hours ago
A few very wealthy and powerful men want to impose a way of life on us they like to call a New World Order. Many people throughout the world, ...

Global warming supporters back New World Order
Daily News Journal (subscription), TN - Mar 22, 2008
This then will be The New World Order and you will neither be able to buy or sell without the mark (blessings) of this economic Beast.
Kevin Eubanks: New World Order, TX - Mar 21, 2008
"New World Order" is indeed jazz-inflected world music. Flutist Jordan and an acoustic Eubanks flutter to and fro before a crooked Eubanks arpeggio ushers ...
The US Hegemony, Failed State and the War on Terrorism ...
Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey - Mar 25, 2008
With the end of the Cold War, there emerged an impressive celebration of and welcoming to a ‘New World (Order)’ which would be free from any kind of ...
Chinese revolution: private sector, open society, entrepreneurship ...
Indymedia Estrecho, Spain - 22 hours ago
George Zhibin Gu, author, business consultant and investment banker in his latest book, China and the New World Order, brilliantly reflects on how ...

Emediawire (press release), WA - 6 hours ago
"On the contrary, it is Satan's master plan to drive world leaders to unite in a New World Order," she says. "That makes it easier for him to control and ...

Four-Digit Gold Sets a New World Order
Seeking Alpha, NY - Mar 17, 2008
Well nobody who’s been a believer in gold prior to 2002 is surprised that gold has finally poked through the $1000 mark, with futures now fetching $1007 ...
Britain, France Calls For UN, World Bank, IMF Reformation
AHN - 22 hours ago
To recall, early this year, Brown already said in a speech while in New Delhi that the UN, WB, and the IMF no longer reflect 'the new world order'. ...

The Born Again Conspiracy
American Chronicle, CA - Mar 21, 2008
What if this New World Order is a horrible experiment that involves man acting as God? If the elites are trying to create a man-made Armageddon in which to ...

The People's Voice
Spitzer and the Bush Bankers
The People's Voice, TN - Mar 23, 2008
But these affronts to true individual freedom are of absolutely no concern whatsoever to our Israel and communist New World Order-supporting MSM. ...

A New Asian-African Alliance? China supports Sudan's Economic Growth
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Mar 23, 2008
... there is a fundamental fallacy in the approach embraced by those who envisage a new world order, in which the leading Asian economies, as well as Russia ...

Return to the Future Past of "Gamma World"
io9, CA - Mar 21, 2008
And of course the nail in the coffin is the post-Reagan New World Order itself, which let the air out of our collective investment in a grim post-nuclear ...


Canadian National Newspaper
New Age Meditation reveals an apparent Hidden Agenda: Humanity ...
Canadian National Newspaper, Canada - Mar 22, 2008
... are genetically linked to European royal families and the god-engendered lines of divine-right kings) call this future society the New World Order. ...

India Today
The future of communications & its role in globalisation
India Today, India - Mar 21, 2008
What we see today is just the basic platform of what a very new world order is going to emerge in the coming 10 or 15 years. Whatever was the wow factor of ...

McCain Backs `League of Democracies' to Defend Values (Update1)
Bloomberg - 20 hours ago
By Edwin Chen and Hans Nichols March 26 (Bloomberg) -- John McCain called for a new ``League of Democracies'' to advance western values and said he'd ...
McCain says US can't go it alone Washington Times
Big Mac's Blazing Saddle Diplomacy Huffington Post
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McCain proposes League of Democracies
MSNBC - 18 hours ago
“We have to strengthen our global alliances as the core of a new global compact -- a League of Democracies -- that can harness the vast influence of the ...
McCain Calls For 'League Of Democracies'
Evening Bulletin, PA - 1 hour ago
He also used the speech to call for a "League of Democracies," a new global compact "that can harness the vast influence of the more than 100 democratic ...
A Century in Iraq, Replacing UN With 'League of Democracies ... Bay Area Indymedia
McCain foreign policy speech calls for global engagement USA Today
McCain outlines his foreign policy goals in LA speech Los Angeles Times
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John McCain: US should lead "League of Democracies", UK - 5 hours ago
"We have to strengthen our global alliances as the core of a new global compact - a League of Democracies - that can harness the vast influence of the more ...
McCain: Radical Islamic Threat Is 'Central Challenge' NPR
McCain Shuns Bush's Global Tactics, But Not His Goals Hartford Courant
McCain: Collaborate More With Allies The Associated Press
The Age - Sydney Morning Herald
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One Problem With A "League of Democracies"
UN Dispatch - 14 hours ago
In proposing a "League of Democracies" -- an idea that, interestingly, resembles a Bush administration proposal from September 2005 -- McCain's speech very ...
'Special Report' Panel on the Economy and McCain's Foreign Policy ...
FOXNews - 2 hours ago
JOHN MCCAIN (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We have to strengthen our global alliance as the core of a new global compact, a league of democracies that can ...

CBS News
McCain proposes new global coalition
Boston Globe, United States - 9 hours ago
John McCain called yesterday for a more cooperative foreign policy enshrined in a new League of Democracies and declared that the prison camp at Guantanamo ...
US: Losing Europe ISN
Global Cooperation: The Candidates Speak Foreign Policy In Focus
On War and the Economy, McCain Provides a Clear Contrast Washington Post
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The Fed's New Cut and McCain's League of Democracies
Council on Foreign Relations, NY - Mar 19, 2008
... calls on Americans and Europeans to strengthen their transatlantic alliance as the core of a new global compact, what he terms a League of Democracies. ...


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