Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WLFI.com, IN - 1 hour ago
AP - March 18, 2008 9:14 PM ET FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) - A standing-room-only crowd greeted former President Bill Clinton tonight at the Grand Wayne Center in ...

Clinton, ...
Clinton Arrives Tonight
Indiana's NewsCenter, IN - 11 hours ago
By Jessica Toumani In less than 24 hours, former President Bill Clinton will be right here in Fort Wayne, a place a president hasn’t stepped foot in in more ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Neverknow, I like your videos, especially when I get to hear your voice. My friend dnHooligan is from Fort Wayne too.

NeverKnwo, have you heard the Kokomo Hum? or seen the FEMA Camp in Beech Grove Indiana?

Also, here in New York we have had a cluster of Earth Quakes, 9 in 24 hours, Friday and Saturday. This is from the Government doing underground drilling for the secret tunnels. There is also a FEMA Concentration camp near there as well by Middletown NY.

So you might want to check into that when you get a chance, hopefully before Friday, cause the USGS will take down those Earth Quakes, they leave em up for only a week.

neverknwo said...

Yes I have heard about the Kokomo Hum
and I have been to the FEMA camp, too.

Just outside of Fort Wayne is an 'ole Detention Camp for WW2 Japs that is also another possible FEMA Camp.

Lately FEMA has been utilizing Stadiums as FEMA detention Centers too, that maybe one reason why they are building a new one in downtown Fort Wayne.

I check into the earthquakes scoop, ty.

Anonymous said...

Rense did a story a while ago;

The (9) Earth Quake Swarms near the FEMA Concentration camp, quakes caused from underground drilling and blasting;

There's approx 4 tunnel entrances, FEMA Concentration camp is in Otisville, near Middletown, near the quakes. Scary stuff in my own local area.

The Earth Quake Faults, one is in Cooperstown (between Binghamton and Albany [no where near Middletown]), one major one is in Batavia, south of Rochester, and one up towards the Northern Adirondacks.

Thanx for looking into this and your reply. Best Blog site ever ;)